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    PervTherapy: Scarlet Skies and Jay Crew in "Aversion Therapy"
    Released: 2021-08-06
    Duration: 0:51:22

    Story and quotes: Scarlet Skies visits therapist Dr. Jay Crew to hopefully fix her fear of men. Dr. Crew records their session and proposes they do a few tests to explore her feelings toward men. Scarlet gets blindfolded and Dr. Crew starts touching and undressing her, explaining that the best way to conquer her fear is to experience it firsthand. Scarlet believes this makes sense and lets Dr. Crew fuck her fears away!

    Scarlet's father left when she was very young. Her mom always gets upset, when she talks to boys. Scarlet resents her mother for being so strict. She is anxious, moves around a lot, spreads her legs, and closes them again immediately.

    Jay: "Are you feeling comfortable talking to boys?"

    Scarlet: "No. I am very shy. I have a deep fear of intimacy ... touch ... everything ..."

    "But you are talking well to me ... is it -"

    Scarlet interrupts him: "This is a professional setting."

    "Ah, I see."

    Scarlet describes her relationships with other girls as normal. Some girls make fun of her for never kissing a boy or having a boyfriend.

    Jay: "So, sexual experiences ... Little? None?"

    "Not really, not too much ... No ... definitely not."

    "And when you were in an intimate setting ... was there fear there during it?"


    Dr. Crew tells her how to overcome fear. They discuss techniques and if Scarlet is open to some tests. She is willing to try anything, she really wants to overcome her fear.

    "I would like to blindfold you."

    Scarlett starts giggling. Dr. Crew tells her why this is important. She can use her other senses, taking one step at a time. She trusts Dr. Crew and he blindfolds her with his tie. Afterward, he touches her and she touches him. He puts her hand in his crotch.

    "What do you think?"

    "Is that what I think it is."

    "I don't know, you have to tell me ..."

    Dr. Crew is already hard as a rock.

    "Is it your cock?"

    "Yes, it is."

    She feels a little bit uncomfortable and laughs bashfully.

    "Is this part of the exercise?"

    "It's part of our treatment."

    Scarlet cannot let go of his cock. Dr. Crew pulls down her right camisole strap, revealing her tits. Scarlet has wonderful tiny tits and extremely hard nipples. She instantly feels threatened.

    "Are the cameras still on?"


    "But no one is gonna see this, right?"

    "Nobody will ever see this."

    Dr. Crew slides her dress down a little bit further, completely showing off her tits. Scarlet panics a little bit and she pulls up her dress.

    "This is your treatment. To be intimate with a boy, you have to get naked at some point. And you have to be comfortable being nude in front of a man, starting with me. You have to trust me."

    "This is a little bit unorthodox", she says. "And the cameras ... nobody is going to see -"

    "No, they are just ... let's just see them!"

    "Ooookaayyyyy ...", she says. Unsure of herself, she touches the blindfold but removes her fingers instantly. She sighs. "You have good reviews, so I do trust you."

    He removes her dress completely.

    "Want to touch it again?"

    Scarlet moves her hand back to his hard cock, stroking it softly and carefully through his trousers.

    "I am a little bit nervous."

    "That's normal, but let me assure you ... you are very beautiful."

    "Thank you. So are you ..."

    She smiles.

    Dr. Crew removes her blindfold. Touching his hard cock is relaxing. And she feels her pussy getting wet. It makes her calm being so close to him.

    "Are you aroused?"

    "Maybe", she smiles.

    They kiss.

    "Now I'm feeling a little bit uncomfortable."

    Scarlet understands. His cock must be hurting from the restraint of his pants.

    "Then we are on equal grounds."

    "Yes, we are."

    Dr. Crew removes his shirt.

    "Do you want to take off my pants?"

    "If it helps ..."

    "I think it will."

    Scarlet has trouble with his belt, so goes down to her knees. And she wants to see his cock up close. The young girl removes his pants and his big dick jumps right in her face. She smiles ... half shy, half self-confident. She likes his cock very much.

    "Wow! I was not expecting that ..."

    "That is what you were holding onto and you were very comfortable onto it ..."

    "It's true."

    "You can hold it again."

    Scarlet wants to see this beautiful penis more closely. She puts her hand around his shaft.

    "Like this?"

    "Yeah, like that."

    "It's not so bad."

    "Nothing to be afraid of."

    She touches it gently, looking at it.

    "You like what you see?"

    She looks away and smiles shyly.

    "Yeah", she says with a big grin on her face. "Maybe a little ..."

    "A little?"

    "Maybe more than a little ..."

    "What do you wanna do?"

    "I wanna play with it some more ... if that's ok?"

    "Oh, that's more than ok."


    She opens her mouth and licks the tip of his rock-hard cock. Dr. Crew desperately wishes to put it deep into her mouth, fucking it and spraying his hot cum all over her face. But he has to restrain himself. Scarlet has to make the next move. And she does by engulfing his glans with her hot mouth, sucking the tip gently.
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    BadMilfs: April Aniston and Olivia Austin - Family Bonding Over A Boner

    April has the hottest StepDad (Romeo Price) ever. She was adopted by him and his wife Olivia, when she was 15. They had a rough start. April tried to push her boundaries very hard in the beginning. She smoked pot everywhere in the house. "It smells like a fucking drug dungeon in here," Olivia screamed at her. April just stormed off and slammed the door behind her.
    The next few month were uneventful. April tried hard to become head-cheerleader and trained day and night. This went on for almost three weeks. One day April came home and she slammed the door so hard, the glass shattered. For some reason she had been kicked off the team. April was furious. Wheat and parties were back and she was nearly 18 now.
    The incident Romeo remembered the most, was a week before Halloween. April fucked her boyfriend in the living room after a party. Romeo woke up because he heard muffled sounds. It was late at night, but moonlight illuminated the room, so April's dad could see everything. Some black guy was fucking his daughter's ass. Romeo couldn't believe it. His daughter was able to take this huge cock up her ass and she loved it. These images didn't leave his mind. He could try to forget them, he could masturbate ... nothing helped. Thinking about April's nude body made him hard everywhere, in the bus, in the shower, even at work. Romeo had to get this out of his system by any means necessary.

    One day after April's 18th birthday her principal called. To make a long story short, April got suspended from school. After they visited the school's counselor a couple of times (as a family), it slowly got better.

    But today everything is fine, and it has been for a couple of month.

    Their "Father-Daughter-Thing" started about a year ago. That's when the teasing started. April walked to the shower, already topless because she thought her parents were not home. Romeo stepped out of the shower, and they met in the hallway. They looked at each other. No one said anything. Romeo turned around and took off the towel. April could see his bare ass and his muscles. She felt the urge to touch his muscles on his back and his ass. Then her StepFather turned around, holding the towel in front of his crotch. He started to dry this area, showing his StepDaughter nothing. She got a glimpse here and there, but his cock was never fully on display. Suddenly, Romeo used the towel to dry his hair. April let out a little gasp. Her dad's penis was big ... and it was semi-hard. April took off her panties, showing off her shaved cunt. Then she walked to the shower, closed the bathroom door, and masturbated like crazy. The young girl came in front of the shower. Then April stepped in the shower, washed her hair, and since her cunt was still itching, she masturbated again.

    A game about nudity and silence came into play. A week later, April silently went to the bathroom with her father. Romeo was washing his hair and face, so he could not see anything. He realized his StepDaughter was with him (butt-naked!) when she moved into the shower stall with him. They did not touch. Both liked to enjoy the view.

    Nothing happened ... until today.

    April loves to tan in the nude. She teases her dad all the time with it and running around naked. But today her StepMom is tanning with her and nudity is out of the question.
    Romeo wants to play by the rules like always. He didn't even give in last week, when April asked him to rub sun lotion on her naked body. She even asked him to rub it in. Her bare ass was very distracting and he sometimes could even get a good look at her 18-year-old cunt. But when she turned around and offered her perfect teenage-tits to him ... that was a different story. He got a huge boner, but April wasn't embarrassed. She just said: "I can take care of that, daddy." Romeo's young daughter touched his penis. It was covered by his swimming-trunks, but still ... he got the hell outta there.

    Romeo regrets last week. Not the incident itself. He had the opportunity to massage April (everywhere!) and he did not use it. Romeo has a huge urge to touch his StepDaughter. And he will do it now. It will be a risky, because his wife is right next to her, but no risk no fun. The risk factor makes it more interesting and more fun. April's dad moves outside.

    Romeo: "You girls must be burning up. Do you need some sunscreen?"

    April: "Yeah, we are. That'd be great."

    Olivia: "Yeah, you want to help us out with that?"

    "Yeah, of course I do."

    Rubbing the sun lotion in, Romeo has an idea. He pulls April's bikini bottoms aside and rubs some sun oil on her perfect asshole. She gasps, but doesn't say anything.
    >What has gotten into him? Is he really doing that?<
    After her ass-cheeks are all shiny and her young teenage-cunt is sopping wet, her StepDad inserts a finger in her pussy. April cannot help herself, she starts to moan. The young girl should stop her dad, but it just feels too good.

    "Do you want to put some on me?" Olivia asks.

    "Oh, yeah, sure."

    "Upps ... I'm out. Maybe just flip over. I'll get you next time, baby."

    "Are you for real?"

    "I'll get you next time. You know I got you."

    Later that day, April walks to her parent's room. Her StepDad sits on the bed.

    "Hey, can I come in?"


    "It's me."

    "I just wanted to talk to you."

    "So earlier when we were at the pool you started touching me and you never touched me like that before, soooo


    "I really liked it."

    "You did?"

    "Yeah, I did."

    "That's good that you liked it."

    "Yeah and what about mom though?"

    "Just don't say anything to her."


    "Just keep it between us okay?"

    "Yeah for sure."

    April's straddles her dad and they kiss. The start to make out and Romeo touches his daughter's back. She touches his face, kisses him again and gets lost in the passion. April is hot for her dad. Her father pulls her top down revealing her breasts. He gently pinches her nipples. April moans in his mouth, kissing him more passionately. Romeo takes one of her nipples into his mouth and sucks on it. He loves his daughter's tits.

    "OMG, dad! That is so good."

    "You are perfect, baby."

    "Oh, daddy."

    They kiss again.


    Olivia searches her husband. Father & Daughter hear footsteps and April quickly hides under the bed. Romeo's wife wears red lingerie.

    "You look gorgeous. WOW!"

    "Thanks, but I have been a very unhappy wife lately. I do not get enough attention from you."

    Olivia kneels in front of her husband and starts sucking his cock.

    Work in progress ...

    On April's 19th birthday, Romeo bought her a car. April was so happy and a sunshine all day. Late that night she sneaked into her parent's room. She made her StepDad wake up and took him into her room.

    "I want you to fuck my other hole. I tried to stretch for you so that I can take your big cock up my ass."

    Romeo knew April's pussy was tight, but her ass was even tighter. He wanted to "calm down" during a blowjob, but April's oral skills had improved so much over the last couple of weeks, that he blew his load in her mouth and onto her face.

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    Addison Vodka, Peter Fitzwell & Ellie Tay - OMG! We Gotta Wash Your Dick!

    Ellie told Peter about a surprise today. He will meet his StepDaughter (Addison) for the first time. She will come to dinner later that evening. Mr. Fitzwell is often called "The old man" in his company, because his is wise and calm in every situation. He will put on his best suit for Addison and his girlfriend. But then he meets his StepDaughter Addison by accident. Addison is outside by the pool just wearing a bikini.

    Addison: "Hi! You must be Peter!"

    Peter: "Yes. Yes, I am."

    "Hi! It's so nice to meet you."

    "Hello! Welcome to my home! But I didn't know you would be out here."

    "Sorry, my mom allowed me to use the pool. I hope that is okay."

    "Of course, of course, it is."

    "What are you up to?"

    "Your mom and I invited some friend over at the weekend. We want to make BBQ. I need to check the grill for gas and everything."

    "Oh, I see."

    Addison talks about Peter's and Ellie's relationship. They met at a library. Things are going good, but they are not living together.

    Ellie told her daughter to be as friendly as possible. Addison tests the waters by asking her StepDad (I know, not yet!) to put some oil on her. It's Japanese oil very good for her skin and it also helps relaying the muscles. Some of it spills over Peter's pants.

    "You need to put soap and water on it, right away."

    "Why? I just wash it later."

    "No, that's not what I meant. We have to check out your ... your ..."

    "My what?"

    "Your penis. The oil comes with specific instructions. We have to make sure it's just your pants and not your penis."

    "Ok. I will handle it."

    "No. The whole thing is my fault. I will help you."

    Addison and Peter go inside the house into the shower. She rubs soap and water on his trousers and removes them as quickly as possible. Peter is very embarrassed because he has a hard-on. Addison is surprised.

    "I am so sorry."

    "No. It's fine. It's even better this way, because I can clean it all the way now."

    "I really can do it myself."

    "Don't be silly. This is all my fault."

    Addison puts soap and water and "washes" his cock by stroking it up and down.

    "By the way, you have a really nice cock. I bet my mother likes it a lot."

    "I ... um ... I don't know, if I ... OMG!"

    "Is it the oil? Am I hurting you?"

    "No. It feels amazing. Thank you for being so loving and caring."

    "Of course, everything for my new StepDad."

    It's a joke and Addison smiles, but Peter is about to cum, so he just groans. He wants to prevent an orgasm at all costs. What will Addison think and explaining this situation to Ellie will be difficult enough.

    Ellie comes home and soon she wonders where Peter is. She hears the shower running and strips naked. The MILF enters the bathroom, sees her adopted daugther stroking her boyfriends huge cock.

    "Addison what the fuck are you doing? And you Peter?! You are letting her jack you off?"

    "Woah! Woah! Woah!" Addison intervenes. "I'm not jacking him off."

    "It really looks like you are stroking his penis to jack him off."

    "I'm cleaning his penis with soap and water."

    "That's the dumbest thing I've ever heard."

    "You really think I would jack your boyfriend off? No. He got my Japanase oil on his dick. Do you remember my Ex? We had to drive to the hospital."

    "This happened before?"

    "Not this way. My Ex wanted to surprise me with his hard cock, so he masturbated and put some oil on his penis. It was the wrong oil. He said, it was the most pain, he had ever felt."

    "And how did you oil ended up on my BFs dick?"

    "It spilled. It's a long story. You know this oil should not be used on sensitive skin."

    "Yeah, it was really bad with her Ex. Are you in pain, Peter?"

    "No, it feels quite good right now."

    "Did we get it all off?"

    "Most of it."

    "I mean ... let me help."

    "That's a good idea, sweetie. We don't want to leave oil on there."

    Peter is in heaven.

    "I never would have guessed, that this would happen today. Two beautiful girls are stroking ... eh ... washing my dick."

    "We are not stroking, Peter! We're doing the best we can to save you."

    "It was a joke, okay?"

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    MyPervyFamily: Ellie Tay and Johnny Love - My Dad Picked A Great Wife

    Johnny Love appreciates his new stepmom Ellie Tay, and always tries to be helpful around the house. But Ellie is such a good housewife that she does all the chores herself. Johnny is feeling a little down as he knows he should be moved out by now, but his new stepmom Ellie consoles him and tells him she enjoys his presence at home. Then, Johnny's stepmom lunges for his cock right there in the kitchen, Johnny is a little freaked out, so his stepmom tells him to grab something from the garage. In the meantime, Ellie strips down into just an apron and awaits her horny stepson. Johnny is nervous when he sees her, but his stepmom pushes his face into her big, juicy tits. She drops to her knees and sucks Johnny's eager cock. He returns the favor and licks his stepmom's pussy on the kitchen counter. Johnny fucks his stepmom while she is standing up, face-to-face. He bends her over the counter and porks her horny MILF pussy hard! Ellie rides her stepson, making herself cum repeatedly on his stiff dick. Johnny keeps plugging away at his stepmom's pussy until he pulls out and nuts all over her tummy!

    Johnny: "How is your day going?"

    Ellie: "I'm lonely, to be honest."

    "Yeah, I understand. You miss Dad and I miss my Ex. I'm kinda lonely, too."

    "We could hang out. What do you think?"

    "That's a good idea. Do you want to watch a movie?"

    "Maybe later. I had something different in mind."

    "Like what? Play a board game or something like that?"

    Ellie places her hand on Johnny's penis. The bulge in his pants was distracting all day.

    "I was thinking maybe something else."

    "Oh ... um ..."

    "It seems you are at least a little excited about it ..."

    Johnny starts to sweat. Ellie is the hottest MILF he has ever seen. Countless orgasms and masturbation sessions were dedicated to her. He doesn't know what to say. He is overwhelmed by the situation.

    "Maybe 'little' is not the right word. From what I can feel it's the opposite."

    "I don't know about all of this. You are my StepMom."

    He gently pushes himself away from Ellie. Johnny is a little freaked out.

    "Could you grab me some soap from the garage?"

    "Yes, of course."

    In the meantime, Ellie strips down into just an apron and awaits her horny StepSon. Johnny is nervous when he sees her, but his StepMom pushes his face into her big, juicy tits. She drops to her knees and sucks Johnny's eager cock. Ellie takes his semi-hard cock deeper into her mouth than any other girl before her. After she sucks his big dick up and down a couple of times, she tries to deep-throat it ... with success. Johnny's StepMom swallows his huge rod on the first try. Her nose hits his pubes. After a few seconds, Johnny is fully erect. Ellie tries to deep-throat him again, but now his penis is too big. Ellie gags, and she removes her son's penis from her mouth. She looks her son in the eyes, smiles and swallows the tip of his penis. Ellie uses her tongue in a skilled way. Johnny throws his head back and groans very loud.

    "No hands, please."

    Ellie takes her hands away. She opens her mouth wide so she can fuck herself with her son's huge cock. Gagging and slurping sounds are filling the kitchen. Afterwards, Ellie makes smaller movements, her lips tightly wrapped around Johnny's dick. She is a pleaser, and she loves to suck cock.

    "Does that feel okay?"

    "It feels so good."

    More pics ...
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    PureTaboo: Alexis Fawx and Arya Fae - The Perfect Son

    Jessy and Adam, two 19-year-old college sweethearts, are in love, but the situation is kinda tense. They sit awkwardly at a dining room table. The couple, who met at school, have been dating for several months and tonight Adam has brought the girl home to meet his StepMom, Mrs. Curtin. Arya is an outspoken, liberal arts student, a sharp contrast to Michael, who dresses conservatively, studies economics, and still lives at home. But the two are in love and, despite Michael's reservations, Arya has been the one pushing to meet his family. She is very serious about him and wants to take things to the next level. So, under the table, she squeezes his hand and assures him that everything will be ok.

    When Mrs. Fawx enters the room, carrying a tray of food, Michael drops his girlfriend's hand and stands up to help his mother. She is dressed immaculately and seems friendly but fragile -- there is something about the way she carries herself that is almost frantic. But she also has a perfect body, very athletic with giant fake-boobs, but some men like that.

    While her son dutifully helps her set the food down, Mrs. Fawx smiles and tells Arya about what a good man Michael has become. Ever since she came into his life when he was a young boy, he has been just like a real son to her -- a perfect son. Arya, bright and bubbly, tells Mrs. Fawx in turn all about how she met Michael and how much she likes him. His mother smiles and feigns interest, but you can tell she is very preoccupied with her boy. In fact, she interrupts Arya whenever she can. Alexis is rude to Arya throughout the dinner.

    The moment he starts to move back over to Arya's side, she comes up with some reason for him to come back to her. Michael seems aware of this and awkwardly tries to defuse [entsch?rfen] the situation but, after a certain point, Arya begins to feel uneasy. She excuses herself to the bathroom. Once alone, Arya closes the bathroom door and presses herself against it. She stares off into space ... something is very strange about Michael's mother!

    Arya washes her hands and stares at herself in the bathroom mirror before returning to the dining room. She finds Michael sitting alone. He seems nervous and agitated. She asks him where his mother went but, before he can really reply, Arya starts to candidly talk about how weird dinner has been. She can't believe how overbearing and clingy Mrs. Fawx is, especially since he is a grown man. Why is she treating him like a coddled child and why does he have to drop everything to care for her?

    "She is a lot", Arya tells her BF.

    Arya starts talking to Michael. She is so focussed, she does not hear the slurping sounds. Michael listens to his girlfriend, but his eyes are tightly closed. His whole body is tense. But Arya ignores it at first, since she needs to say, what she has to say.

    It must be so annoying to still live at home; no wonder he is always so serious! As she laughs, she nudges closer to Michael to kiss him when she looks down and notices that Mrs. Fawx is under the table sucking her StepSon's dick. Alexis takes his cock all the way down her throat, without gagging and she looks Arya right into her eyes as if she were to say: "Can you deep-throat him, too? Can you take my son's massive cock into your mouth ... all the way?"

    Arya jumps back in disgust and, after cursing at her boyfriend and his mother for being sick and disgusting, she storms out of the house.

    As she runs to her car and starts struggling to open the door, Michael follows apologetically after her. He begs her to stop and listen to him, he can explain everything. It's not what it looks like. It's not cheating and he doesn't consider it sex ... well not exactly ... he just has to take care of his mom this way. When Arya accuses him of being a pervert, he reminds her that Mrs. Fawx isn't actually his biological relative ... she's just been his mom for most of his life. His father was horribly abusive and made their life a living hell so, ever since they split up, Michael has had to step in and take care of her.

    Mrs. Fawx is emotionally fragile and will spiral into panic attacks if he doesn't do things with her sometimes, especially when she is feeling threatened. Then he licks his mother's pussy until she climaxes. Without delay, Alexis either wants her son's cock in her mouth or as deep in her cunt, as it might go.

    "I can't believe your cock was in your mother's mouth just seconds ago."


    "And that makes it better?"

    "No ... yes ... I don't know."

    "This is betrayel of the worst kind. You are not only fucking another woman, you are fucking your mother. And WHY THE HELL ON EARTH ... why are you telling me all this crap?"

    "You wanted the truth! Please don't be mad, please!"

    "That's so gross! It's beyond disgusting to fuck your own mother!"

    "But she is happy afterwards. Every time she is at peace, she does not cry for hours. She is her normal self. You would like her like that."

    "I would like her after you fucked the **** out of her? Thanks, but no thanks!"

    "I know ... I understand ... but ... but I tried to stop once before. After our first date, I told her I had met the woman of my dreams ... I wanted to stop."

    Michael starts to cry. He sobs uncontrollably.

    "What happened?"

    "She cut herself. She lay naked in the tub, and there was blood everywhere. And she said >Let me die, just let me die< ... I took care of her ever since."

    He cannot talk anymore, sobbing and crying. Streams of tears are running down his face, and Arya hugs him. She is still mad, but she feels what kind of burden and responsibility this must have been.

    Michael explains his situation further. It seems unorthodox but it is just how his family functions now. While Arya cries and struggles to understand how her boyfriend could keep such a secret, Michael keeps trying to reassure her.

    "I promise you I don't consider it sex," he tells her. "I just consider it being a good son. I'm helping her keep calm. Nothing else has ever worked. Please, don't reject me because of this. I love you and I want to be with you. I swear!"

    Arya asks if he will stop. Michael tells her he wants to stop and that's why he invited her over ... she is the first girl he's ever brought home. He begs her to just come inside and, together, they can explain to his mother how in love they are. Surely, she will understand that it's time to let him go. The frazzled [zerzaust] Arya finally agrees and follows him back inside the house.

    Mrs. Fawx is waiting silently in the living room when the couple arrives. Arya is standoffish and Michael must plead with her to get her to sit down beside him. Arms crossed, she coldly tells him to start talking.

    Michael turns to his mom and meekly tells her that their affair will need to stop. As she hears this, Mrs. Fawx starts to cry and curls up in a ball on the couch. Michael rushes to her side to comfort her, but she fends him off. The worst betrayel has happened and Michael knows it. Arya stands up in protest. She tells him that she's leaving right now if he doesn't make a choice. Michael looks desperate and conflicted.

    Through her tears, Mrs. Fawx makes a proposal: If her perfect son is going to choose Arya over her, she needs to at least understand why. She needs to see what Arya has that makes her so special. She needs to watch them fuck together!

    "No way! There is no way in hell I'm going to fuck him in front of you."

    "If I had to prove my love for him, I would fuck him in front of the Pope himself, if I had to. So you are afraid?"

    Arya knows she is being played, but she also loves Michael and this might be the only way to get him out of this trap.

    "I don't need to, he told me ..."

    "What did he tell you? I bet you have a sweet little cunt between your legs, but he can put it in all of my holes. Did he ever fuck you in the ass? Did you let him cum all over your face? I do, and I swallowed his sperm many times. I bet he never came on your face. You never tasted his semen. Am I right? I'm his mommy. I'm the one for him. He shoots gallons of sperm in my ass, my pussy, or my mouth. I let him cum wherever he wants to. Can you say the same?"

    "MOM! STOP IT!"

    Arya is about to throw up. But she also sees what Alexis is trying to do: Make her leave. If she leaves, the war might not be over, but the battle will be lost. This is not going to happen.

    "Ok, Michael. You prove to me, that she is special. You will lick her sweet little cunt and you will fuck it ... right now."

    Arya is determined now. This is the most depraved thing, she has ever done. And it's not helping, that his mom whispers weird stuff in his ears.

    "I fucking love her, Mom!" Michael screams.

    His mother backs off.

    "Yes, tell me, that you love me. We will get through this."

    "I love you so much ... I love you more than everything."

    Alexis whispers in his ears again. Arya has had enough.

    "You want me to suck his dick? Right here and now? I will show you how much he will cum over my face, not yours."

    "Yes! Do it! Fuck him! Right here and now!"

    Arya helps Michael to pull down his pants. She wastes no time and starts to suck his limb cock. It never has been limb before, but Arya does not blame him. This situation must be overwhelming for him. But like always, Michael gets rock-hard in her mouth. And this shuts Alexis up for the first time.

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    ImNotYourMommy: Athena Fleurs, Fiona Frost, Jayden Marcos - It's Healthy Sexual Behavior

    Fiona Frost has come to Athena Fleurs' place to interview for a position taking care of things around the house. The interview has just begun when Athena's stepson Jayden Marcos wanders in. He greets the ladies and allows Fiona to introduce herself before just going to work on Athena's hot body. As Athena lets Jayden feel her boobs up and then slide his hands down to her ass, Athena explains to Fiona that Jayden's mom thinks this is healthy sexual behavior and that she has agreed to it but Fiona wouldn't have to.

    Just as Jayden decides to lean Fiona over the counter and slide his dick right into her from behind, Fiona realizes that of course, she wants this. She leans in nice and close for Athena to make out. Pulling Fiona's dress down, Athena sucks her new housekeeper's pierced nips. When Athena offers to have Fiona help her suck Jayden's dick, Fiona can't agree quickly enough.

    The girls move into a double blowjob that sees them taking turns sucking the cock and balls. Then Athena lets Jayden put her up on the island and sink all the way inside her cum loving pussy. Athena has Jayden climb onto the island next so she can ride him in reverse cowgirl. The trio finishes with Fiona leaning forward, her moans buried in Athena's pussy as Jayden dicks her down from behind. When Jayden pulls out and nuts on Fiona's ass, she agrees between kissing Athena to take the job.

    Jayden: "Hi, Mom! Is today a 'FreeUse' day?"

    Athena: "Yes, Sweetie. Of course."

    Fiona: "What is that? I never heard the term."

    "Oh, you'll see in a minute."

    Jayden pulls his pants down. He is already hard. The well-hung stud loves fucking his hot, young StepMom. He waited all day for her to return. Fiona is interested, horny and a little bit disgusted - all at the same time.

    'This is bizarre behavior. I've never seen anything like it. He has a really nice cock, though.'

    More pics ...

    Jayden rubs his cock over his mom's vagina. Even though Athena's pussy is still covered by a thong the feeling is intense.

    "His mom thinks it's healthy sexual behavior, and I agree. It's better all of this stays in the family before he catches some STD or worse."

    Jayden removes his mother's panties and sticks his hard cock into her shaved, wet cunt. Athena moans.

    Fiona always has been bi-curious. She never has been with a woman, but she loves the woman-figure and female breasts in particular. Athena's tits jiggle back and forth as her son fucks her from behind. Fiona's new boss is moaning and looking at her. The two lovers are very attractive, both of them. The tall woman looks at Athena's face and her beautiful breasts. Fiona is getting wet, but she does not dare to make a move to join them. Then Fiona's curiosity takes the upper hand. She takes a look at Jayden's cock fucking his mother.

    'This looks so hot. I wish he would fuck me too.'

    "Do you like what you see?"

    "Yes, ma'am."

    "Since you literately are looking at my cunt, you should call me Athena."

    Fiona blushes.

    Download video ...
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails ImNotYourMommy_AthenaFleurs-FionaFrost-JaydenMarcos99.jpg  
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    FamilyStrokes: Natalie Brooks and Ricky Spanish in "College Goes By In A Flash"

    Natalie Brooks is having a great time at college, and she wants to share all the fun she has been having with her loving StepBro. He picks her up in his car, and she tells him all about it. It turns out, her favorite part of the whole thing has been the flashing! Of course, when Natalie gets home, she tells her mom a whole different story. But when she and her StepBro finally get a minute alone, Natalie assures him he has nothing to be nervous about when it comes to college. She shows him all he needs to know by offering him a helping hand like she used to. She pulls out his cock, and boy has it grown! She spits on it and goes down for a sloppy, slobbery blowjob. Then he admits his cock right into her tight collegiate slit for some rough cramming before the cum test. Finally, he makes the grade by cumming all over his stepsisters face. Too bad mom found out in the end!

    Ricky is excited to drive the new "Family-Mercedes" and to use it, to pick up his sister. She sits on the bench outside the train station. Both of them have big smiles for each other as they hug.

    Ricky: "Hey, Sis. It's so good to see you."

    Natalie: "Hi, StepBro! I missed you so much."

    "I missed you, too."


    "Yes, really."

    Ricky puts Natalie's large back in the trunk and off they go. They talk about college and having fun.

    "So sis, how was college? I'm sure you have crazy ass stories."

    "Yeah! It was amazing. It was so much fun. There were so many cool parties. So many hot guys. It was awesome."

    "Hot guys?"

    "Oh, yeah! And I had fun with a few."

    "Yeah, what do you mean you had fun with a few?"

    "There was this one guy who was like ginormous and I took him back to my dorm and I gave him a blowjob. He was so big, I almost couldn't fit him in my mouth. Most guys I can deep-throat ..."

    "But not him?"

    "No. The 'Throat-GOAT' finally met his match."

    "Goat? Like the animal?"

    "No, Silly. GOAT like 'The Greatest Of All Time'. The call me 'Throat-GOAT' in college because I am able to make all guys cum with just my mouth. No hands."

    "Wow! I'm impressed."

    "Ah, your just saying that."

    "No, that never happened to me. All girls I met are too slow or do not have the right technique. Often times I cannot cum at all."

    "Not even in their pussies?"

    "Pussy always works."

    "Ah, ok."

    "He is not in my Top3 though."


    "Mr. BBC, the guy with the ginormous dick."

    "Why not?"

    "I love sucking cock so much and I don't want to worry about hurting my holes. If I can deep-throat a guy right away, that's definitely a plus for the guy."

    "So the smaller the better?"

    "No, not necessarily. A huge dick looks good and is fun to stroke, but smaller cocks fit more easily in my butt ... and I like to suck them. I don't know ... I guess, I don't have a preference."

    Both StepSiblings are thinking about their previous hookups.

    "However, my roommate was still there. She was sleeping, but woke up as the guy came. He shot his load in my mouth, so I did not notice her. She was a little bit pissed the next day, because she overslept."

    "What is your favorite part about college?"

    "My favorite part? If you want me to be honest, I would definitely say the flashy."

    Natalie pulls her shirt up and shows off her tits.

    "Sis, you have beautiful tits."

    "Thank you, Bro."

    "But I would put them away, because we're almost there. And if mom is out on the porch, it might not look good, if your tits are hanging out."

    "Oh, OH! You are absolutely right."

    Natalie and Ricky arrive at the house. Natalie's mom is thrilled to see her daughter and have her back. They ignore Ricky completely and go to Natalie's room.

    "I kept your room the same."

    "I love it, Mom."

    "Except for the new TV."

    "Yes, that's awesome."

    "And we have the extra bed now. So when you have friends come over, you guys can just stay in here and crash."


    Ricky enters the room.

    "Hey, Sis. I just wanted to know if we could finish catching up."

    Ricky's StepMom stands up.

    "I'll let you guys catch up, okay? You kids have fun."

    "Sis, I need your help."

    "What's up?"

    "I'm a little nervous about college."

    "You shouldn't be."

    "I mean, I'm just not confident. I don't feel like I'm gonna be able to impress any girl."

    "Can I tell you something?"

    "Yeah, definitely."

    "I think it's kind of cute. And ... you know ... I helping hand like I used to."

    "What do you mean?"

    Natalie starts rubbing her hand over his pants, over his crotch and finally over his penis.

    "You see pleasing a woman isn't always about the size. What you have to do is make sure you don't come."

    His StepSis frees his hard cock.

    "Wow! Top3 dicks, little brother."

    "Thank you."

    "Is it okay if I suck on it?"

    "Yeah, definitely."

    Natalie takes her brother's dick in her mouth.

    More Pics ...
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    MySistersHotFriend: Reyna Belle and Tyler Cruise in "Co-ed hottie Reyna Belle has a sexy reunion with her crush from high school"

    Sexy Latina Reyna Belle is visiting her high school friend on her break from college. Reyna had a platonic crush on her friend's brother Tyler. Tyler's sister is still at work, but as Tyler gets home, she knows she has time to fuck the one that made her wet.

    Tyler: "Oh, I did not hear you coming up."

    Reyna: "Downstairs you said something about dinner, but you did not give me your number ..."

    "I'm only wearing a towel, should I change first?"

    "No. I don't mind. I really dig your tattoos."

    "You do?"

    "I always had a crush on you."

    "Me, too!"


    "Yes. And now you tell me, after you moved thousands of miles away."

    "You could also have made a move back in High School, you know? At least, you are the man."

    "Yeah, but we do not live in the stone age anymore. Do you wanna know a secret?"

    "What secret?"

    "Women have the right to vote now and they are equal to men in every aspects of life."

    Reyna punches Tyler playfully. He stumbles back like he has been shot and cries out in fake-pain. His towel drops to the floor and his semi-hard dick is on full display.

    "Oh, what do we have here ..."

    Tyler doesn't know what to do, as Reyna drops to her knees in front of him.

    "I can help you with that ..."

    "Are you sure?"

    Reyna starts stroking his cock.

    "I'm positive. You promised me dinner, remember? Let's make a deal, ok?"

    Tyler has a hard time concentrating, since Reyna is very good with her hands.

    "A deal?"

    "You'll fill my mouth with an appetizer and I'll be a good girl swallowing everything."

    "You will swallow?"

    "Spitters are quitters."

    Reyna licks the tip of Tyler's penis. Then she moves her tongue along his shaft, opens her mouth wide and engulfs half of his dick on the first try. Her head moves back and forth until his glans hit the back of her throat.

    "Oh my, you are big. I cannot get all of it in my mouth."

    "Has a guy ever fucked your mouth?"

    "I'm not sure ..."

    "Ok, open your mouth wide and stick out your tongue. I will help you."

    Reyna does as she is told. Tyler gently grabs her head and slowly inserts his cock into her mouth as far as it will go. Then he picks up the pace. Reyna loves it.
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    MommysBoy: Pristine Edge and Jay Romero in "Her Date For The Night"

    Romero finds his StepMother, Pristine Edge, dressed up for a night out and looking excited. But then she gets a text message, and after reading it she becomes sad. When Jay asks Pristine what's wrong, she explains that her husband (Jay's other parent) was supposed to take her out to a nice dinner for their anniversary. But Mike (her husband) is such a workaholic that he has canceled their plans ... again. Jay is upset on Pristine's behalf. His mind is racing, and then he gets an idea. Jay tells Pristine to keep her date clothes on and join him in the kitchen in an hour. He then leaves, and Pristine is curious. An hour later, Jay calls Pristine into the kitchen. As she enters the room, Jay presents to her a bouquet of flowers and a candlelit dinner. The food looks delicious. Pristine knows it must be takeout because her son is not the best cook. Jay is dressed up in a suit that's slightly too big for him, but Pristine appreciates the effort. Jay says he still wants this occasion to be special for her and offers to be her date for the night. Pristine is deeply touched, and gladly accepts. After dinner, Pristine is very thankful for Jay's kindness, though innocently reflects on how Jay can't do EVERYTHING that she'd like to feel special on the date. Jay asks: "Why not?"
    Pristine admits that she hoped to be intimate with her husband that night. Jay becomes bold and insists that he wants to go all the way with Pristine, to give her the whole date experience. Pristine is stunned and aroused, accepting his offer. They kiss, and Jay eats out Pristine's pussy. She strokes and sucks his cock, and then he fucks her beautiful pussy in different positions, giving her the attention and pleasure she deserves. If Pristine's husband won't treat her right, then Jay is happy to fill that role. And Pristine would love another date night with him ... all inclusive of course.

    Pristine married Jay's dad exactly three years ago. She is ready for her third anniversary and therefore a special date night. She took the day off, went to a hairstylist, and got her hair and make-up done. She sits on the couch, anxious and even a little bit nervous. Her husband is already 20 minutes late, but she is used to that. She hoped today would be different, though.
    The phone beside her beeps. Pristine fears reading the text, sighs, takes a look at her phone, and is immediately very disappointed.

    Mike [text]: "I won't make it. I'm sorry."

    Pristine: "Son of a bitch!"

    Jay: "What is it, Mom?"

    Pristine throws her phone on the couch in anger.

    "Nothing, Sweetie, nothing."

    Pristine is so upset, that she can't even cry. Jay jumps on the couch beside her.

    "Hey, what's wrong?"

    "Nothing. Nothing's wrong."

    "Can't be nothing."

    Jay looks at his mother, but she pouts in silence. Pristine is deeply hurt. Like always, there is a struggle between heart and mind.

    "I mean, I just saw you throw your phone, and you don't look very happy."

    "You know, it's your father and I's third anniversary. We had an extravagant dinner planned, a whole date night, and I got all dressed up. And now he cancels at the last minute. He has to work late. I'm just kind of bummed."

    "Sorry to hear that. It's not cool of him to do that, especially since you got all ready, and I mean, he did this with my real mom, too, and she wasn't very happy about it."

    "That's okay."

    "No, it's not."

    "Maybe you are right, but you know how he is. I mean, he's just, you know, trying to provide for us. He works so hard it's easy to forgive him."

    "I guess, but I mean you got all dressed up and it's your anniversary. It's a pretty big night. I kinda get my dad, but it's not all about stuff and money. He just doesn't understand some things in life - the most important thing in a relationship for example."

    Pristine smiles for the first time this evening.

    "And what is that, young man?"


    "Listen to you, only 18 years old and so wise. I'm so lucky to have you as a StepSon."


    There is a moment of silence.

    "Do you remember the day my Ex stood me up?"

    "Yes. We went to 'Typhoon Lagoon' and had a blast."

    Jay will never forget. His StepMom looked insanely hot and sexy in a bikini. Especially the bikini panties did not hide much.

    "Mom, I never really thanked you for it. It was one of the best days of my life."

    "Don't mention it."

    "Well, you made me happy that day, and tonight is my chance to return the favor."

    "What are you saying?"

    "I have an idea. Why don't you meet me in the dining room in an hour?"

    "What?" Pristine asks confused.

    Jay kisses his mom on the cheek. He whispers in her ear: "Dining room. One hour. And don't be late."

    One hour later everything is set. Jay magically created a romantic dinner table out of thin air. He had help from a local delivery service, which cost him a fortune.

    >Did I forget something? No. I think I got it. Wine, candles ... everything.<

    Jay looks at the dinner table one last time. All has to be perfect. He hides the flowers behind his back.

    "Alright, you can come out now. Here we are."

    "You did all this?"

    "Yeah, do you like it?"

    "Of course."

    "I got you these, too."

    He hands the flowers to his mother.

    "Oh my gosh. They are beautiful."

    "Would you have a seat?"

    He pulls a chair back for his mother, and she sits down.

    "You have the chivalry."

    Jay sits down as well.

    "Listen, I know an anniversary is supposed to be celebrating a romantic occasion, but today also marks the day that I got the best new amazing StepMom. I wanted to make sure I showed you my appreciation."

    "Jay, this means so much to me. Seriously."

    They eat, laugh, and have a good conversation. They have a lot of physical contact without noticing it.

    "You did a great job, Jay."

    "Thank you."

    "That was so good. It was delicious."

    "I just wanted to make sure you had the full experience."

    "I was looking forward to being intimate with your father tonight."

    "Oh. Wow. I mean, I'm sorry that he didn't show up to give you that."

    "That's okay."

    "Again, it's not. But I mean, I can help you out if you want."

    "Do you understand what you're saying?"

    "Yeah, I think so. You know ... I've had sex-ed before."

    Pristine laughs.

    "And you think that you could give me the full experience?"

    "I mean, I'm willing to try."

    Pristine stands up takes Jay's hand, and pulls him up.

    "Where are we going?"

    "Dance with me."

    Pristine presses a button on her phone, and soft music fills the room. She turns off the light. The moon illuminates the room. It's very romantic and even a little bit erotic.

    They dance slowly. Pristine presses her head against her son's chest.

    "Did you mean what you said? That you will give me the full intimate experience?"

    "Anything you want. It's your day."

    "Anything? I'm so much older than you are ..."

    "Mom, I saw you in a bikini. You have a perfect body, a beautiful face, and most important ... the most amazing soul I have ever encountered. You are sweet, intelligent, kind, and everything a man could ever dream of."

    Pristine is speechless. Love and desire take over, and she takes Jay's face into her hands and kisses him on the mouth. Afterwards, she hugs him tightly.

    "That is the most beautiful thing anyone has ever said to me."

    They look at each other, and this time Jay kisses his mom. She returns the kiss. Jay grabs his mom's ass, raises her, and she wraps her legs around his waist. They feverishly kiss on their way to the sofa. The young boy gently lays Pristine down on her back. They look at each other with so much love and passion. They kiss again.

    "I can't believe my dad passed this up. You look so amazing."

    "Thank you."

    Jay kisses his mother and slides a hand under her dress. Her slip is wet from her pussy juice. The young boy wants to see more of her. So he spreads her legs, to reveal her red panties and crotch to his hungry gaze. Jay puts his hand on her panties. Then he gently rubs his hands all over her pussy and vulva. The young teenager kisses his way from her thigh down to her vagina. He pulls aside the slip and licks his mother's cunt up and down with his tongue. Pristine moans uncontrollably and pushes pussy into her son's mouth.

    Jay can't wait to fuck his mom, so he lets go of her wonderful cunt and takes off her slip. Then he removes her shoes and sucks on her toes a little bit.

    Pristine loves it. She had a lot of controlled lovers over the years. Her son is the opposite. He acts by instinct - which adds to his oral skills.

    While Jay is busy with her left foot, she uses the right, to stroke his dick. It slides over the bulge of his jeans.

    >My son has a big one. I can feel it.<

    Jay fumbles around on his belt. He is so eager to fuck, that he cannot open it. His mother raises and removes the belt and jeans. She gives him a short kiss and is eager to see his huge cock for the first time. Jay's penis is rock-hard.

    >This must be the most beautiful cock I've ever seen. It's perfect.<

    Pristine smiles at her son, because she feels like Christmas. Another short kiss, but then it's time for the "BJ-Queen" which was her nickname in college.
    Even as a young woman Pristine loved sucking dick. She could do it all day for a person she loves. And she loves Jay a lot.

    Jay has never felt anything like it. It is by far the best blowjob he has ever had.



    Pristine licks the underside of his cock very slowly and sensually. Then she engulfs the tip and does a fast sucking motion. After two minutes of slow sex with her mouth, Pristine feels like she swallowed gallons of pre-cum. Her son is very aroused, and that makes her wet as well.

    "I like and slow and fast. What would happen if I did it faster?"

    While they are talking, she carefully strokes his cock up and down.

    "I would cum in your mouth."

    "That wouldn't be a bad thing ..."

    "It wouldn't?"

    "No, on the contrary. I love sperm. And I love to please."

    "If I cum in your mouth right now, we would have to wait for a second round ... and I want to fuck you ... real bad."

    "Ok, then."

    Pristine pushes Jay onto his back and straddles him. They fuck in various positions. When Jay fucks his mom hard from behind, she moans - almost screams - with uncontrollable lust.

    "Yes, YES! FUCK ME! Fuck my tight little cunt!"

    The hot MILF rubs her clit and has a most powerful orgasm. She goes on her knees and sucks her son's cock. He was right. After only a minute of fast sucking, Jay floods her mouth with semen. Pristine tries to swallow his load, but it's too much. A large portion of semen escapes her mouth and runs down her chin.

    Jay moves behind her to spoon. He inserts his semi-hard cock into his mother's cunt again. It's very gentle, very slow now. Jay kisses her back and caresses her arm.

    "What a great first date."

    "I'm glad my dad stood you up."

    "That's one way to put it. Oh gosh."

    "Can't wait for our next anniversary ..."

    "Our next anniversary? Our first?"

    "I will show up though."

    "We don't have to wait till then."

    "We don't or we won't?"

    "You want to make me happy, right?"

    "Very happy."

    "Then keep the following in mind: Happy wife, happy life."

    Jay laughs.

    "Ok, then. What are you doing tomorrow? Do you want to see a movie?"

    "Yes. And afterwards, we'll check into a hotel."

    "A hotel?"

    "Yes. I want to find out how many orgasms I can have with you in one night."

    "And I want to lick your pussy again ... and your ass."

    "My ass? You are a naughty boy," Pristine smiles. "I like it."
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