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    Lightbulb Some people still like reading (erotic stories)

    The idea is based on a video like that one:


    PervTherapy: Tristan Summers, Penny Barber and Jay Romero

    StepSiblings Tristan Summers and Jay Romero get sent to do a therapy session with Dr. Penny Barber after their mom caught them doing inappropriate things together. Dr. Barber lets them know that she'll be recording the session and starts getting them to open up to her. After Dr. Barber encourages them to do a little reenactment, pretty soon things get naughty between the StepSiblings.

    Tristan and Jay are StepSiblings. Their parents caught them kissing.

    Penny: "And you had a girlfriend?"

    Jay: "Yes, but it only lasted a couple of days."

    Tristan: "I hated her."


    "Jay always spends time with me and then ... nothing. He was always hanging with her."

    "Ok, let's go back to the kiss. You both liked it?"

    Both nod.

    "How did it happen?"

    "Tristan plays soccer in High School. She might get a scholarship, so we practice a lot. This time, it was just for fun, with grabbing, teasing and stuff. I planned to shoot the ball between her legs, but instead, I hit her stomach and I -"

    "You hit my tits."


    "No problem! Talk as you like. Just be honest."

    "I went over to comfort her and hugged her. Tristan snuggled against me, I could feel her tits ..."

    "I wasn't wearing a bra."

    "I stroked her hair. Tristan looked up at me, and then it happened."

    "How much did you like it?"

    Both siblings look down.

    "You can speak freely. This is a safe space."

    The three of them are concluding to re-enact the whole scenario ... touch and kiss each other. Tristan is anxious. She is worried and tense.

    "What happens if they see the tape?"

    Penny assures them, that nobody will see the tape.

    "We have to figure out if you have the problem or if your parents have a problem."

    Tristan sighs.

    "I know you are worried, Tristan, but again ... this is a safe place."

    Tristan and Jay start touching each other. Dr. Barber suggests that Jay starts with touching Tristan's arm using just his fingertips. Jay's StepSis is very shy. She feels guilty, especially if someone is watching.

    "Just pretend I am not here", Dr. Barber says.

    They kiss again.

    "How did it feel kissing your brother?"

    "It felt normal ... like it was supposed to happen."

    "And Jay?"

    "It felt good."

    The StepSiblings kiss even more and finally, they allow themself to feel it. They are now fully commited into making out with each other and enjoy their feelings.
    Dr. Barber suggests, that Jay should take the lead since Tristan never had a boyfriend. Both put their hands on each other's chest, but Jay is hesitant to remove her top. Penny encourages him to expose her breasts.

    "They are so beautiful", he says.


    "Can I take your nipple in my mouth?"

    Tristan nods.

    "How does it feel?"

    "It does feel pretty nice, but what would mom say, if she could see us now?"

    "Your mom is not here and actually ... it's none of her business."

    Tristan and Jay kiss each other again and Jay kneads Tristan's breasts real hard now. His sister told him once: "They are not made of sugar, you can squeeze them harder."
    ... and Jay did.

    Tristan feels her juices are starting to flow. Her pussy is itching. She gets very horny now.
    When Dr. Barber suggests for Jay to remove his shirt, his sister looks away. She is shy and horny at the same time. It takes a little time, but finally, Tristan understands, she is allowed to look. Her brother is easy on the eyes. Penny encourages Tristan to get naked.

    "The panties too?", she asks.

    "Yes, please. It's important to get rid of these meaningless barriers."

    Jay wastes no time. He felt her cunt through her panties before, he is eager to touch her naked pussy now.

    "It feels so good to be inside her. She is really wet."

    "It feels pretty nice", Tristan says.

    They kiss again.

    "Jay, we talked about reciprocating ... giving back. How do you feel about that?"

    "Oh, I am sorry ... should I get naked, too?"

    "No need to be sorry, and yes. How can your sister reciprocate, if you stay in your jeans?"

    Jay stands up to undress. Tristan immediately puts both hands over her eyes.

    "I have never seen one."

    Jay reveals his semi-hard cock and Dr. Barber gasps: "OH MY!"

    Dr. Barber is soaking wet now. First, they kissed, then Tristan's perfect body, her shaved cunt ... and now this beautiful huge teenage cock. Her blood is flowing, her cunt oozes pussy-juice in her panties. Penny must have his dick in her mouth. But now it's not the time, first Tristan has to touch it.

    Tristan instinctively understands that this "OH MY" was related to her brother's cock. She takes a peak and feels a tingle in her teenage-cunt. She subconsciously presses her legs together.

    "I apologize, that was unprofessional, but your penis is really great. Pretty impressive", says Dr. Barber, a little embarrassed.

    "It's really big", Tristan adds.

    "I was not expecting that. It's quite beautiful. Trust me, Tristan, you may not have anything to compare it to, but it's very beautiful. It's gorgeous."

    "What now?", Jay asks, stroking his dick.

    In the next few minutes, Tristan and Penny stroke Jay's penis. For the first time, Tristan smiles. She starts to relax more and more.

    "Doctor, do you think I could try it?"

    "Yes, of course. It's gorgeous and it feels good. The skin so smooth ..."

    Tristan starts stroking it again. She already learned something from Dr. Barber about cocks. This is fun. More daring they ask Dr. Barber to undress. Not entirely sure, if that is the right call, Penny removes her dress but stays in her underwear.
    Dr. Barber pretends Jay's cock needs more lube on it, but in reality, she just wants to stroke it again. With her quick hands, she brings Jay to the verge of cuming. Penny sees it in his face and slows down.

    "You have nice boobs, Doctor!"

    "You can't say >boobs< ... she is a doctor", Tristan says.

    "I don't mind, but thank you for standing up to me."

    "You are really pretty", Tristan says.

    Penny's cunt is twitching. She might just orgasm from watching this young, inexperienced teenage couple. But her lust for this gorgeous penis grows and grows. She must suck it ... NOW!

    "Jay? Can I try something else, you might like?"

    "You are the doc, Doc."

    Dr. Barber licks it with her tongue and then puts the head into her mouth. His cock easily slides into her hot experienced mouth, like it was meant to be.

    "Oh my goodness", Tristan says in awe.

    The MILF starts moaning around his rock-hard cock. She starts to fuck his penis with her mouth. The doctor enjoys sucking it so much. It's probably the most beautiful cock she has ever seen, and now she is sucking it. Her head bobs up and down, up and down.

    >I need a single session with Jay. I want him to fuck me so bad ... and I want his sperm in my mouth.<

    Dr. Barber sucks Jay's huge-cock, fantasizing about taking control over his body, his lust and making him cum with her mouth. Penny touches her clit and has her first orgasm of the day.

    More pics ...
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    Perfect Sorority Girls - Mochi Mona and Hadiya Honey

    Hadiya and Mochi are so excited about the start of their college lives! The girls have just started and want to be in a sorority so badly because they want to live the full college experience. Both girls are desperate to get into one, so they ask Juan for some advice. What is hazing like? Can we prepare for the process? Do we need to learn special skills? Those questions are burning in their heads.

    Juan tells them that every sorority girl knows how to follow directions, especially sexual ones. The lucky bastard convinces Mochi and Hadiya to give him a good blowjob and let him fuck them, all for the sake of becoming the best sorority girls!

    Juan walks through the door. He puts down his rucksack and waves to the girls.

    Mochi: "Hey, big brother! Come sit with us."

    Juan: "Hey, girls!"

    He sits down, and both girls hug him. It's not the first time they've worn skimpy clothes around him. One time, Juan saw both of them naked. Their prom was only a few days away, and they could not afford a new dress. So, Juan offered to do a "Special-Runway-Show" and he would be the judge. Both girls were excited (almost ecstatic) to do that. After the second dress, the girls were annoyed about the stairs. They had to run up the stairs, change, walk down carefully, and then do the runway.

    "Can we change here? I have four dresses to show you and four sets of shoes." Mochi asked.

    "You have shoes for every dress?"

    "Of course, silly. I cannot wear white shoes to a black dress. I probably want to wear a red dress and red shoes."

    "But the white ones would fit perfectly as well," Hadiya interjects.

    "That's true!"

    "You go, get your stuff, and I present my dress."

    Juan always liked Hadiya's figure, especially her tits and ass. Hadiya knows this, and therefore, she starts to undress right in front of his eyes. The ebony girl is so close he can actually smell her pussy.

    'Hadiya is wet. I can smell her cunt juice. Awesome!'

    The runway was fun for everybody. But after the third dress, Mochi asked about her choice of lingerie.

    "I hope to get laid," she laughed.

    First, she presented a classic set - black and lace panties with a matching bra. She then stripped again and put on pink lingerie, which was almost transparent. In the meantime, Hadiya undressed as well, and she "accidentally" touched her cunt lips from time to time ... right in front of Juan's face. Hadiya put on a show for Juan.

    By the time they were almost done, Mochi needed a bathroom break.

    "I want to show Juan one last thing."


    After Mochi left the room, the butt-naked Hadiya wasted no time. She knelt between Juan's legs, pointed at his boner, and said: "Let me help you with that."

    It was the best BJ of Juan's young life. In less than two minutes, he was about to blow his load in Hadiya's mouth.

    "Let's fuck," he said.

    Hadiya positioned herself in doggy-style, and Juan entered her from behind. When Mochi came back, she let out a shriek of surprise.

    "What the actual FUCK?!"

    "I'm not going to stop, Sis. It's all your fault."

    "My fault?!"

    "Yes. My dick is rock-hard because of you."

    "Well, that's fair. I have seen your boner. It made me horny, too. I almost touched myself in the bathroom."

    "Join us," Hadiya suggested.

    Mochi was a little hesitant at first, but when Juan licked her cunt (laying on his back), and she saw his huge-cock pistoning in and out of her best friend, she started to cum. After that, she was down for anything.

    Juan tells them that every sorority girl knows how to follow directions, especially sexual ones. The lucky bastard convinces Mochi and Hadiya to give him a good blowjob and let him fuck them, all for the sake of becoming the best sorority girls!

    Juan walks through the door. He puts down his rucksack and waves to the girls.

    Mochi: "Hey, big brother! Come sit with us."

    Juan: "Hey, girls!"

    "It feels so good to be back home."

    "And it's so nice to see you, so nice to have you back home with us."

    Hadiya nods heavily. Just thinking about Juan's huge cock makes her wet. Hadiya wants to fuck. She has not had sex for over a month.

    He sits down, and both girls hug him. It's not the first time they've worn skimpy clothes around him. One time, Juan saw both of them naked. Their prom was only a few days away, and they could not afford a new dress. So, Juan offered to do a "Special-Runway-Show" and he would be the judge. Both girls were excited (almost ecstatic) to do that. After the second dress, the girls were annoyed about the stairs. They had to run up the stairs, change, walk down carefully, and then do the runway.

    "Can we change here? I have four dresses to show you and four sets of shoes." Mochi asked.

    "You have shoes for every dress?"

    "Of course, silly. I cannot wear white shoes to a black dress. I probably want to wear a red dress and red shoes."

    "But the white ones would fit perfectly as well," Hadiya interjects.

    "That's true!"

    "You go, get your stuff, and I present my dress."

    Juan always liked Hadiya's figure, especially her tits and ass. Hadiya knows this, and therefore, she starts to undress right in front of his eyes. The ebony girl is so close he can actually smell her pussy.

    'Hadiya is wet. I can smell her cunt juice. Awesome!'

    The runway was fun for everybody. But after the third dress, Mochi asked about her choice of lingerie.

    "I hope to get laid," she laughed.

    First, she presented a classic set - black and lace panties with a matching bra. She then stripped again and put on pink lingerie, which was almost transparent. In the meantime, Hadiya undressed as well, and she "accidentally" touched her cunt lips from time to time ... right in front of Juan's face. Hadiya put on a show for Juan.

    By the time they were almost done, Mochi needed a bathroom break.

    "I want to show Juan one last thing."


    After Mochi left the room, the butt-naked Hadiya wasted no time. She knelt between Juan's legs, pointed at his boner, and said: "Let me help you with that."

    It was the best BJ of Juan's young life. In less than two minutes, he was about to blow his load in Hadiya's mouth.

    "Let's fuck," he said.

    Hadiya positioned herself in doggy-style, and Juan entered her from behind. When Mochi came back, she let out a shriek of surprise.

    "What the actual FUCK?!"

    "I'm not going to stop, Sis. It's all your fault."

    "My fault?!"

    "Yes. My dick is rock-hard because of you."

    "Well, that's fair. I have seen your boner. It made me horny, too. I almost touched myself in the bathroom."

    "Join us," Hadiya suggested.

    Mochi was a little hesitant at first, but when Juan licked her cunt (laying on his back), and she saw his huge-cock pistoning in and out of her best friend, she started to cum. After that, she was down for anything.

    The tiny spinner fucked her StepBro again. A few weeks had passed, she was drunk, and he was in the shower. She stripped naked and went to shower with him. He protested at first, but Mochi just went down on her knees and started to suck his cock. Her brother fucked her real good in the shower. Juan came all over her face that night.

    Today, all three of them sit on the couch. They talk about sororities.

    "Our biggest concern is hazing," Mochi admits.

    "Yes," Hadiya says.

    "Have you experienced hazing? Have you witnessed it? We want to know everything."

    "You have to prepare yourself. But most of it is fun. The horrible stuff only happens in movies."

    "Prepare yourself? How?"

    "Be prepared for anything. Screaming like in the military, Truth or dare, making out with another girl, that sort of thing."

    They talk about typical hazing stuff. Mochi is afraid she won't make it into a sorority.

    "Final question. We want to join a sorority ... badly. What is the best advice you can give us?"

    "You have to be really good at taking directions. I could show you, I mean ... we could practice together."


    "Yes. We'll skip the first part."

    "How would that look like?"

    "They will shout at you, make you do easy stuff. Pour water over your head, make you strip, sent you around the house naked, push you in the shower, turn on the cold water ... stuff like that."

    "Why would they do that?"

    "Some girls won't be serious about the sorority. They will quit after a few minutes of humiliation. But you will go through with it, right?"

    "Of course."

    "Ok, so let's skip that part. You are now prepared to take directions?"


    "Ok. How about ... Hadiya gives me a blowjob, and you will unpack my bag. That's a good start, right?"

    "Ok," his sister says. She is a little bit disappointed, Juan chose Hadiya for the BJ.

    Hadiya is so happy she will be first in this process. While Juan takes off his pants, the ebony girl kneels down. She wastes no time and starts to suck his cock. She missed his big dick so much. Her mouth is wrapped around his hard penis while her hand strokes his shaft up and down.

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    PervTherapy: Scarlet Skies and Jay Crew in "Aversion Therapy"
    Released: 2021.08.06
    Duration: 0:51:22

    Story and quotes: Scarlet Skies visits therapist Dr. Jay Crew to hopefully fix her fear of men. Dr. Crew records their session and proposes they do a few tests to explore her feelings toward men. Scarlet gets blindfolded and Dr. Crew starts touching and undressing her, explaining that the best way to conquer her fear is to experience it firsthand. Scarlet believes this makes sense and lets Dr. Crew fuck her fears away!

    Scarlet's father left when she was very young. Her mom always gets upset, when she talks to boys. Scarlet resents her mother for being so strict. She is anxious, moves around a lot, spreads her legs, and closes them again immediately.

    Jay: "Are you feeling comfortable talking to boys?"

    Scarlet: "No. I am very shy. I have a deep fear of intimacy ... touch ... everything ..."

    "But you are talking well to me ... is it -"

    Scarlet interrupts him: "This is a professional setting."

    "Ah, I see."

    Scarlet describes her relationships with other girls as normal. Some girls make fun of her for never kissing a boy or having a boyfriend.

    Jay: "So, sexual experiences ... Little? None?"

    "Not really, not too much ... No ... definitely not."

    "And when you were in an intimate setting ... was there fear there during it?"


    Dr. Crew tells her how to overcome fear. They discuss techniques and if Scarlet is open to some tests. She is willing to try anything, she really wants to overcome her fear.

    "I would like to blindfold you."

    Scarlett starts giggling. Dr. Crew tells her why this is important. She can use her other senses, taking one step at a time. She trusts Dr. Crew and he blindfolds her with his tie. Afterward, he touches her and she touches him. He puts her hand in his crotch.

    "What do you think?"

    "Is that what I think it is."

    "I don't know, you have to tell me ..."

    Dr. Crew is already hard as a rock.

    "Is it your cock?"

    "Yes, it is."

    She feels a little bit uncomfortable and laughs bashfully.

    "Is this part of the exercise?"

    "It's part of our treatment."

    Scarlet cannot let go of his cock. Dr. Crew pulls down her right camisole strap, revealing her tits. Scarlet has wonderful tiny tits and extremely hard nipples. She instantly feels threatened.

    "Are the cameras still on?"


    "But no one is gonna see this, right?"

    "Nobody will ever see this."

    Dr. Crew slides her dress down a little bit further, completely showing off her tits. Scarlet panics a little bit and she pulls up her dress.

    "This is your treatment. To be intimate with a boy, you have to get naked at some point. And you have to be comfortable being nude in front of a man, starting with me. You have to trust me."

    "This is a little bit unorthodox", she says. "And the cameras ... nobody is going to see -"

    "No, they are just ... let's just see them!"

    "Ooookaayyyyy ...", she says. Unsure of herself, she touches the blindfold but removes her fingers instantly. She sighs. "You have good reviews, so I do trust you."

    He removes her dress completely.

    "Want to touch it again?"

    Scarlet moves her hand back to his hard cock, stroking it softly and carefully through his trousers.

    "I am a little bit nervous."

    "That's normal, but let me assure you ... you are very beautiful."

    "Thank you. So are you ..."

    She smiles.

    Dr. Crew removes her blindfold. Touching his hard cock is relaxing. And she feels her pussy getting wet. It makes her calm being so close to him.

    "Are you aroused?"

    "Maybe", she smiles.

    They kiss.

    "Now I'm feeling a little bit uncomfortable."

    Scarlet understands. His cock must be hurting from the restraint of his pants.

    "Then we are on equal grounds."

    "Yes, we are."

    Dr. Crew removes his shirt.

    "Do you want to take off my pants?"

    "If it helps ..."

    "I think it will."

    Scarlet has trouble with his belt, so goes down to her knees. And she wants to see his cock up close. The young girl removes his pants and his big dick jumps right in her face. She smiles ... half shy, half self-confident. She likes his cock very much.

    "Wow! I was not expecting that ..."

    "That is what you were holding onto and you were very comfortable onto it ..."

    "It's true."

    "You can hold it again."

    Scarlet wants to see this beautiful penis more closely. She puts her hand around his shaft.

    "Like this?"

    "Yeah, like that."

    "It's not so bad."

    "Nothing to be afraid of."

    She touches it gently, looking at it.

    "You like what you see?"

    She looks away and smiles shyly.

    "Yeah", she says with a big grin on her face. "Maybe a little ..."

    "A little?"

    "Maybe more than a little ..."

    "What do you wanna do?"

    "I wanna play with it some more ... if that's ok?"

    "Oh, that's more than ok."


    She opens her mouth and licks the tip of his rock-hard cock. Dr. Crew desperately wishes to put it deep into her mouth, fucking it and spraying his hot cum all over her face. But he has to restrain himself. Scarlet has to make the next move. And she does by engulfing his glans with her hot mouth, sucking the tip gently.

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    PervTherapy.23.04.22.Lilly.Bell.Lillys.Lusty.Life. XXX.1080p.HEVC.x265.PRT
    Duration: 0:49:25
    Title: Lilly's Lusty Life - Lilly Bell

    Story and quotes: Lilly has a high sex drive, so not many guys can keep up with her lusty lifestyle. She finally confides her worries in perv therapist Jack, who listens intently to Lilly's woes. Jack thinks it would be prudent to try a few things and see if he can help make some of Lilly's sexual fantasies a reality. She's beyond excited, so she starts sucking his cock right away. It turns out a little PervTherapy might just be what Lilly needed all along.

    Jack: "Hello there! You must be Lilly."

    Lilly: "Yes, I am. It's so nice to meet you."

    "The pleasure is all mine."

    Lilly is 22. She just moved in with her boyfriend. Lilly's mother asked Dr. Vegas if he could check on her daughter.

    "She is so sad most of the time. I want to help her, but she does not talk to me. She was the most happy child, but puberty changed that somehow. Then she met her boyfriend, and she was really cheerful and happy. Lilly was her old self again. A few months later," her mom pauses. "Well, please take a look at her, Doc."

    Jack hates personal favors, but it sounds like an interesting case.

    Two weeks later, Lilly enters his office. Her mom warned him. Lilly has a hard time opening up. Therefore, Dr. Vegas starts the session very slowly. They talk about his life and his diploma. Afterwards, they talk about her life, her goals, her hobbies, and her relationship. When Lilly asks about the cameras, Dr. Vegas assures her that nobody will ever see the tapes. Being reassured, Lilly starts to open up. They talk about her first anal experience. Lilly turns beet-red, but she answers all of the doctor's questions. It's a little breakthrough. Slowly but steadily, Jack gets the feeling her problem has to do with sex. Lilly resents herself for her sexual desires.

    "Are you happy with your sex life?"

    "We have sex two times a week, about nine times a month, twelve if I'm lucky. It's good sex. But sometimes, he cannot keep up with me."

    That Lilly has figured out how often they have sex (down to a specific number) tells Dr. Vegas a lot. There is a problem with the number.

    "Do you like sex in general?"

    "Oh, yes. I love it!"

    'So it's not enough sex,' Jack thinks.

    "When you say >he cannot keep up with me< ... does this mean you have a high sex drive?"

    "Yes. I have a really high sex drive, and most of my boyfriends could not handle it at all. I always want more and more sex, and in the end, they could not satisfy me."

    "What could your boyfriend do to improve it?"

    "He is just too vanilla. I suggested role-play to him or to talk about our fantasies."

    "Like what?"

    "I would love to play his secretary. He is my boss, and he doesn't get any at home. Therefore, he has to use all my holes at work to get satisfied. Something like >Mrs. Bell? I will now put my cock up your ass. Is that ok?< and I would answer: >Of course, Sir.< ... free-use and not being on a first name basis during role-play-sex is a huge turn-on for me."

    "And what fantasies?"

    "Well, they are a little bit intense, I guess."

    "Tell me about it, please!"

    "I fantasize about gang-bangs. A bunch of guys fucking me, the more the merrier. Of course, my BF could participate."

    "Uff, okay ... you scared me there for a moment?"

    "Scared you?"

    "Yes, I thought >intense< could mean >extreme< like >50 Shades Of Grey< advanced edition, but a gang-bang is totally normal."

    "Really? My boyfriend gives me the feeling my fantasy is way out there ... absolutely NOT normal ..."

    "It's normal. I can tell you from experience. A gang-bang or getting DPed is really normal stuff. A lot of women sitting in my office tell me about rape fantasies. And their husbands are really scared. Just thinking about violence makes them totally uncomfortable."

    "Really? Rape fantasies?"

    "I remember one case so distinctly. The woman in question was a CEO ... making decisions every day. In bed she wanted to give up all responsibility. She had fantasies like playing a Hentai-Fuck-Doll or being raped by her husband. I would bet all my money, she did NOT want to get raped in real life. It was just a fantasy. I encouraged her to take small steps with her husband. Not only for her husbands sake, but for hers as well."

    "Why is that?"

    "I have worked with a Domina from time to time. Couple counseling is often about spicing up the couple's sex life. An experienced Domina can help with that. We often found out, that fantasy is one thing, really doing it is a completely different ball game."

    "I understand that."

    Lilly is getting wet. Her mind is racing and one hot image chases the next.

    "Can I tell you a secret?"

    "Of course."

    "From my personal experience, I can tell you: BDSM in all forms needs trust. I would never tie a woman up or spank her if I did not trust her."

    "Why is that?"

    "The most obvious answer is rape. An ONS could easily accuse me of rape if I tied her up. But I also don't feel comfortable with face-slapping or spanking if I'm not in a relationship."

    "You really understand my sexual desires? Like being DPed?"

    "Yes, I do. But I also understand your boyfriend. Jealousy is a part of almost every human being. He thinks sharing you will destroy your relationship."

    "That makes sense."

    Dr. Vegas suggests finding somebody just for her sexual fantasies. Maybe her boyfriend is not the one. Lilly has no clue how to find such a guy. All of her former BFs were conservative as well.

    In the next part of the session, they do some tests. Dr. Vegas whispers various words in her ear, and Lilly should answer without thinking. Let her instincts speak. For example, he says "ice cream," she says "dripping," he says "cocks" and she says "sucking."

    Lilly starts to open up more and more. She feels comfortable around Dr. Vegas.

    "If you would have to pinpoint a moment in your history when your sexual urges started ... what would that point in time be?"

    "College. My fantasies started to skyrocket there. So many students, beautiful females, I was horny all the time. And I was wondering what an orgy would look and feel like."

    Lilly thinks she might be a pervert, but Dr. Vegas assures her that everything is fine.

    "What was your first rejection in that regard?"

    "My boyfriend in college asked me about my turn-ons. I wanted him to pull my hair and fuck me hard at the same time ... a little bit of face smacks. I like being roughed up like that. I like my ass spanked until it's red."

    "And he didn't do any of this?"

    "No. He said he wants to respect me ... you know ... he doesn't want to slap me or hit my ass because he ... well ... respects me."

    "So all of your fantasies have been unfulfilled?"

    "Yes, pretty much."

    "The most important part about therapy is to embrace yourself ... to understand and love yourself in every way. And you are young, you are attractive, you should find somebody compatible. Indulge your sexuality with every fantasy you can imagine. What is another fantasy of yours?"

    "I love giving head, and of course ... every boy likes it, but I want to learn how to deep-throat. I need my BF to shove it in, even if I gag. It's actually a turn-on for me if I cannot breathe for a moment. I liked to be face-fucked ... and to be fucked like a doll ... but again ... that falls in the >No-Respect-Zone< ... does that make any sense?"

    "A lot of sense," Dr. Vegas pauses. He needs a moment to think about Lilly's situation. "Would you be able to search for a fuck-buddy?"

    "I never heard the term ..."

    "It's a person you trust, and you can visit just to fuck him."

    "That would be cheating on my BF!"

    "Not living YOUR sexual life is cheating on you."


    The last words hit Lilly. She starts to cry. Dr. Vegas hurries over and takes her into her arms. She calms down after a few minutes, and she smiles at him.

    "Thank you!"

    "You are very welcome! To find a fuck-buddy might be a little too complicated right now. And it would take time. I will offer an unusual solution: I could be your fuck-buddy, right here in the session. I am more than willing to help you learn and indulge your sexuality."

    "Is this normal? Do you do this for all your clients?"

    "Not all of my clients express the desire to be face-fucked."

    Lilly laughs. It's a beautiful and free laugh.

    "To be honest ... that depends on what they are here for. And I always try to help my patients."

    "I guess it's on a case-to-case basis," Lilly says. She thinks about his offer for a moment. "That means we would be having sex?"

    "Would you want to?"

    "Well ... there is no way to know without trying. Yes, Doc, I would like to try it."

    Dr. Vegas unzips his fly and gets his cock out. It's rock-hard. Lilly feels her cunt-juices flowing just by the sight of it. She wants to suck it so badly.

    "I think we will start with the face-fucking part."

    Lilly looks at him, nods, and goes onto her knees. She kisses the head of his penis and swirls her tongue around it. Lilly strokes it, looks up, and smiles at him. It's like someone lifts a heavy weight from her shoulders. Lilly feels empowered and free. She is happy, almost ecstatic.

    Dr. Vegas pushes his cock in her mouth. He is gentle, just inserting the tip. But Lilly tries to deep-throat the whole cock on the first try. Then she sucks his glans up and down. Jack takes her head and starts to fuck her mouth. Lilly opens wide to give the Doc more access.

    "Is that the face fucking that you like?"


    Lilly smiles, looking up at him. She is so happy.

    "Yeah, I love it!"

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    PervTherapy.21.12.10.Macy.Meadows.Father.Figure.R oleplay.XXX.1080p.MP4-WRB
    Duration: 0:52:23
    Title: Father Figure Roleplay - Macy Meadows

    Story and quotes: Macy Meadows makes her way to Perv Therapy for some much-needed guidance. Tommy Gunn has been in the field a long time and suggests roleplaying to get to the root of Macy's attraction to older men. Macy is instantly attracted to Tommy and takes the opportunity to suck his dick. But that isn't enough, and she needs Tommy to fuck her hard to be fully satisfied. The appointment goes so well that Macy can't wait to come back for another session.

    Dr. Gunn always takes things slow in his first session. There is a lot of small talk between him and his new client: Macy. Macy is very open and friendly. Macy needs help, because she falls for the wrong kind of men. Men, who take advantage of her, using her love and true feelings to get sex.

    Tommy: "You are 23. When you say older men, which age are we talking about?"

    Macy: "Twice my age, sometimes 50 or 55."

    Dr. Gunn feels a stir in his groin. He turned 56 yesterday.

    'Be professional, Tommy. You can't hookup with a client.'

    "I like them more than boys my age."


    "They are more sophisticated and smarter."

    Dr. Gunn writes that down.

    "Are you sexually active?"

    "Yes, of course."

    "But you have no boyfriend?"

    "Since the disaster with that married guy? No."

    "Okay, no boyfriend. Who are you sexually active with?"

    "Older guys than me."

    "So you meet older men and then what?"

    "What happens next? The whole 9 yards."

    Dr. Gunn is surprised by that answer and he starts to laugh. Macy laughs, too.

    "Please, be more specific."

    She is not comfortable talking about sex and what she does in the bedroom. Tommy lets her off the hook and they talk about her feelings. Macy loves sex and she feels great, sucking dick and having a cock inside her. But after the sex the men leave and Macy feels used, lonely and sad. They continue with a Rorschach-Inkblot-Test. Dr. Gunn looks like he sees and read these cards for the first time in his life, but Macy is too polite to say anything.

    "Next I would try some role-play. I'm your father and you are coming back from school. And you have good news, you got good grades and you want to share it with me ... your daddy."

    "Oh, goody!"

    Macy gets up and pretends to enter the room again. They continue with the roleplay. Macy is attracted to Dr. Gunn. When she sits down on his lap, she feels cunt-juice flowing in her panties. She feels guilty and does not know what to do. Tommy thinks she is just shy.

    "This is your role-play, Macy. What you wanna do, you are going to do. What you want to happen will happen next. I'm here for you."

    Images are flashing Macy's mind. Dr. Gunn licks her asshole and her cunt. Then she tries to deep-throat his cock and finally he fucks her young cunt from behind until she screams and has a shattering orgasm. But of course, she does not tell him that.

    The next scenario is a little bit different. Macy crashed Dr. Gunn's car. Nobody got hurt, but it's a big fender bender. Macy got into a street race.

    "And what would your father do in this situation?"

    "I think, he would pull my pants down and spank me."

    "Pull your pants down and spank you?"

    "I really think my daddy would do that."

    Dr. Gunn senses her need for physical touch. So he bends Macy over his knees and removes her jeans. Macy wears a pink thong, which is also removed by her therapist.

    ?OMG! This is the most perfect ass I have ever seen.?

    Dr. Gunn spanks her ass and punishes her for ruining his car. First she laughs a lot, but then they get into the role-play. Tommy gets rock-hard.

    Suddenly Macy gets up. She looks Tommy straight in the eyes. Macy wants something, but she does not speak at first.

    "I want to be the next role-play to be on a party, where I meet this sexy, older gentleman. He is a psychiatrist and he is attracted to me."

    "And you flirted with him and talked about something sexy. And now he has a boner."

    "Like you do right now?"

    "Yes, just like me. What would you do?"

    Macy opens his pants and starts sucking his cock without saying another word.

    After one of the best blowjobs he ever had, Macy asks him, what he wants. Dr. Gunn forgets about the role-play and kisses her. It's a long, sensual kiss with eye contact and then kissing again. The whole time Macy's hand never leaves his cock.

    "Ride it!", Tommy whispers in her ear.

    Macy smiles. His dick is so huge, she cannot fit it in right away. Dr. Gunn slides down on the couch, until he is between her legs. He licks her pussy and her clit until Macy has her first orgasm of the day. He bends her over and inserts his cock into her cunt. With small strokes he just tests the waters. The therapist sits down on the couch and Macy straddles him. This time she has no problem, engulfing his penis.
    Macy loves everything about Dr. Gunn ... his face, his perfect, well-trained body, everything. She fucks him in cowgirl and forgets everything, the cameras, her life, everything.
    Tommy is 56-years-old, but this is the first time in his life, he has sexual chemistry like that. He loves to have sex with his wife, but it's different. His wife is very quiet, does not talk at all during sex. Macy says things like "I love your cock so much!" or "Yeah! Just like that!" ... It takes all his willpower not to squirt his sperm into her tight cunt right away.

    After several positions and several of Macy's orgasms, Dr. Gunn is ready to shoot his load. He fucks her doggy style and rams his cock in.

    "Can I play with your asshole?"

    "You can do whatever you want with me!"

    Macy's other hole is well lubricated by her pussy-juices. Dr. Gunn puts his index finger in Macy mouth, so it gets lubricated as well. He rubs her asshole, and Macy moans. Then slowly and steadily he inserts his finger into her ass.

    "I'm close! Where can I cum?"

    "Anywhere you want."

    "Your face?"

    "Yes, doc!"

    "Will you be a good girl and swallow it all?"

    "Of course! Spitters are quitters!"

    "Ok, get down and suck my cock again!"

    In a swift motion Macy kneels in front of Dr. Gunn. She takes his cock into her mouth. At first she uses no hands and Tommy watches her beautiful face, as it fucks his cock. The therapist cannot resist and grabs her head to fuck her mouth real fast now. Macy grabs his shaft with her small hand and strokes it. The first jet of sperm squirts into her mouth. The young girl releases his cock and a big gusher hits her cheek. She opens her mouth wide, so she won't miss a single drop. Two streams of cum hit her nose and her forehead. After the Doc has finished, Macy looks like she had participated in a Blow-Bang.

    "OMG! You came so much, Doc! I'm drenched in your cum."

    Dr. Gunn's office is on the second floor. On the third floor is a gym, which is currently closed (Corona). Tommy suggests they shower together and Macy is happy to do so. The doctor licks Macy's pussy under the shower. She has her third orgasm of the day. The young girl wants to suck him off, but he declines.

    "Now I feel rejected", she says pouting.

    "My next client will arrive in 10 minutes. I have to get ready ... quickly."

    "Ok, but next week then."

    "Yes, great idea. Go to the front desk and make an appointment."

    One week later Macy comes back. Her pussy is already dripping in anticipation. She never had butt-sex. Macy is very nervous, but determined to ask Dr. Gunn, if he can help her with anal.

    Macy wants to experience all of her sexual fantasies with Dr. Gunn. It all started when her boyfriend wanted to try anal. He did not want to lick her ass or use butt-plugs on her. He just wanted to shove it in, but Macy was too scared it might hurt.
    When she first asked her Dr. Gunn, he freaked out and left the room. He only fucks his wife in the ass. Fucking a client is tricky enough, but in her ass.
    Macy waited patiently until Tommy returned. She asked him again. Finally, he agreed. It was the best decision of her life (and his too). He gently licked and played with her asshole for a long time. He inserted one finger while licking her cunt. After her third orgasm, Macy needed a break. She got down to her knees and sucked his cock until he came in her mouth.

    Today is the next session. Dr. Gunn licks her butt again. She loves that. It feels so good when he penetrates her asshole with his tongue. When she feels stretched enough, they start to use butt-plugs on her. The first size wis no challenge: In and out, no problem. Medium is a little bit harder, but with enough spit, it goes in. For the large plug, they decide to use "a **** ton" of lube. It takes a long time of probing and trying to get it in. Macy feels so stretched out. Dr. Gunn licks her cunt and her clit, but she can not cum. The pressure from the butt-plug is too much.
    But she is determined to get his big-cock in her ass, so they remove the butt-plug and inserted his penis instead. Tommy is very gentle, and he moves very slowly. Inch by inch, his huge fat dick penetrates her tiny little asshole. It hurts a little bit, but it is good pain at the same time.

    "Are you ok, baby?"

    "I'm just concentrating on breathing. Your cock is sooooo fucking huge."

    In her ass his dick feels twice the size. Finally she gets accustomed to it and Tommy can move a little back and forth.

    'She looks so hot with my cock up her ass. What a perfect ass she has.'

    After a few minutes it feels better, but then Dr. Gunn shoves it in too deep. Macy winces in pain. Tommy withdraws his penis and apologizes.

    "Try again! Stick it in my ass again!"

    Macy wants Dr. Gunn to fuck her ass real hard so he can cum. She wants for him to be the first man cumming inside her young, 23-year-old asshole. Dr. Gunn is now pistoning in and out, fucking her in the ass, but finally the pain is too much. Macy guides his dick in her pussy and Tommy comes inside her.

    "I am so so glad, I did not try any of that with my boyfriend. He would've just fucked my asshole no matter what. I liked it soooo much, Doc!"

    "I liked it too, Macy."

    They made two appointments for next week and fucked every time, but waited with anal for the weekend. The office building was deserted, which Macy liked a lot.

    'So I can moan and be as loud as I want to.'

    This time he just used his tongue and his fingers, to warm her up. After that his dick went in like it was nothing. It was slow sex, but anal slow sex.

    They started in miss (missionary). After a little slow ass-fucking, Dr. Gunn inserted his cock into her asshole from behind. She rubbed her clit and had her first little orgasm. It was so new, but so good with a cock in her ass. At one point Tommy couldn't hold it any longer and he shot his load into her butthole.

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    PervTherapy: Adrianna Jade & Sia Wood - Porn is for pleasure

    Story and quotes: Adrianna and Sia are StepSisters who do everything together. Their Perv Therapist, Dorian, is particularly interested in their porn-watching habits. Adrianna and Sia love stepsis porn and pornos where patients get fucked by their doctors. Dorian wants to make their fantasy a reality, so he initiates a bit of roleplaying and puts on porn for the two babes to masturbate - this seems like the type of therapy the girls could get used to!

    Dorian is a sex and family therapist. Adrianna is 18. She is in High School and loves cheerleading. Sia is 23 and just started college. Both girls have long brown hair.

    Dorian: "I heard there is a problem with your parents. Please tell me in your own words about it."

    Sia: "Our parents are very religious. They think we are sinners!"

    Adrianna: "And they are embarrassed about us."


    "They caught us watching porn. Maybe they even saw us masturbating."

    Dr. Del-Isla assures them, watching porn is no sin. Murder is a sin. Teachings, which suppress female sexuality are just wrong in his opinion.

    "What's with the church?" Sia asks.

    "The Pope will never be female in my lifetime, so he must be wrong about something, too. Let me be blunt: There is nothing wrong with masturbation. And if you watch porn to get going, that is totally fine."

    "Other people do that stuff as well?" Sia aks.

    "Masturbating or watching porn?"


    "I think there are billions of people doing both."

    "Billions? I thought it would be less than a thousand ..." Adrianna is surprised by these facts.

    "I would guess there are more than a thousand porn actors out there right now ... male and female, retired and active. Every country has its own porn in its own language."

    "Really?" Sia never thought about that.

    "Yes, Japan is big into Hentai ... real and animated. The Czech Republic is big in Europe."


    "You have nothing to be ashamed of."

    They talk about their fantasies. Which porn do they like? Sia loves StepSister porn and "when a doctor comes on a patient". Adrianna is into VR porn, but they only have one device, so they have to share it. And they love watching together. Adrianna is also into FFM and MMF.

    "What's that?"

    "Like a 3some ...", Adrianna explains.

    Dorian wants to know more about their habits. So he puts porn on the big screen and lets the girls choose. A 3some is unfolding its story. Two StepSisters are seducing their adopted brother.

    Sia is more daring. She spreads her legs and rubs her snatch, even though it's still covered. Sia thinks about removing her panties, but that would mean the doctor would see her pussy.

    'On the other hand, this is a safe place ...'



    "Normally we would take our panties off. Is this allowed here?"

    "You can do whatever you like ... especially, if it helps you to feel welcome and at home. The more realistic this experience is the better."

    "I don't know."

    "This is a safe place. I am not here. You do whatever you want. Please feel absolutely free, that's very important for the process."

    "Ok", Sia says.

    Both girls stand up. Sia slides down her panties and her bare ass is visible to Dorian's hungry gaze.

    "What's with the cameras? Will they stay on?", Adrianna asks.

    "Yes, but they are for my eyes only. Perhaps I will show you some of the material next session, but normally the recordings are just for me. Nobody will ever see it."

    Adrianna and Sia remove their panties. Sia is a slim girl with a perfect ass and an athletic body. She strips completely naked. Adrianna first thought she would just remove her panties. She even pulls her skirt down again to cover her ass. But then she sees her sister naked beside her. Adrianna follows her example and removes all of her clothes as well. Both sisters are butt-naked right now.

    Dr. Del-Isla watches their lovely figures and gets hard.

    "I don't know if we should be doing this here", Sia says.

    "Are you sure this is ok?" Adrianna asks.

    "It's no problem. Nobody will see this. Trust me, please."

    "We trust you", Sia says.

    "And our parents are not here, so nothing will happen to us."

    "That's right!"

    Both girls have spread their legs. Dorian can see their shaved cunts. Their pussy-lips are slightly swollen. Sia and Adrianna are really horny now.

    Dr. Del-Isla takes a long look at two pair of tits. His erection starts to hurt in his pants. Sia is less shy. She has spread her legs really wide. Her tits are gorgeous and her shaved cunt looks good enough to eat. Adrianna's bush is neatly trimmed and her fat cunt-lips are shaved, too. Sia's protruding clit and labia are already wet. Her sister has an innie-pussy.

    The Doc is fascinated by Adrianna. Her innocent face and her naked body are turning him on so much. It will be hard to decide, which girl he wants to fuck first.

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    TabooHeat: Cory Chase and Amiee Cambridge

    Luke has two StepSisters. Cory Chase is wearing a red, white, and blue bikini (USA colors), while Amiee Cambridge is wearing a solid blue bikini. Amiee is 35, and Cory is 42. The two sisters walk into the bedroom and see an untidy bed. They start to make the bed together. All of a sudden, Amiee yelps that something is pinching her, and she can't get her hands out of the bed! Cory tries to take her hands out as well, but both have their hands stuck inside the bed now! I hear yelling from the bedroom, so I walk into the room to see what's happening. I untie both of their bikini tops, and I take them off before I start to help them get unstuck. I secretly poured MILF Glue into the bed, to make them become stuck in the bed! I take off both of their bikini bottoms next, and then I take my cock out. I walk over to where their heads are, on the edge of the bed, and I put my cock in Cory's mouth first. Amiee gives me a blowjob next, and then I walk behind the two MILF's. They both have their asses and pussies exposed to me, and I decide to fuck Cory's pussy from behind first. I move over to Amiee's side of the bed next, and I fuck her pussy from the doggy-style position. I fuck Cory until her hands finally become unstuck! Then I go back to fucking Amiee's pussy from behind. Now that Cory is free to move around, she sits down right in front of Amiee so Amiee can eat Cory's pussy out while I fuck Amiee from behind. Amiee is finally able to get herself unstuck! Cory hops on top of my cock, and she starts to ride me in the cowgirl position, followed by the reverse cowgirl position. Then she switches places with her step-sister, and Amiee hops on top of my cock next. I am finally close to cumming, so I have the two MILF's get down on their knees in front of me! I tell them to open their mouths wide as I shoot my load into both of their mouths.

    Cory: "My ring is stuck."

    Amiee: "Mine, too."

    "Is our StepBrother home?"

    "I don't think so."

    "Maybe we could use force, just rip it out?"

    "No way! We will scratch the bed or maybe even damage it."

    Both StepSisters try different things. But they cannot break free.

    Luke walks home. He turned 20 a week ago. For the last few months, he had sexual fantasies with older women. He went to a swinger party a few weeks ago, where he fucked a 40-year-old lady. She was a little bit on the chubby side, but she had superb blowjob skills. Her amazing tits jiggled a lot during sex. They were huge and pretty firm for a forty-year-old. Luke titty-fucked her at the end and came all over her face.

    Three weeks later, he joined another sex party, which ended with two cougars taking turns sucking his dick. One woman deep-throated him until her nose hit his pubes. No college girl had ever done this.

    Now Luke is hooked.

    >Why should I go to expensive parties when I have two hot MILFs at home?<

    When he enters the bedroom, he sees his plan worked. He used "MILF-Glue" on the mattress and the bed. His sisters stay glued to the bed. Luke unties the knots of their bikinis. Greedily, he disrobes them. He enjoys it very much as Aimee's beautiful asshole reveals itself in front of him. From looking at her shaved cunt and her pierced clit, Luke gets an erection. He frees his hard cock in front of Cory's face and stuffs his penis into her mouth.
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    KinkyFamily: Karlie Brooks in "Teach Me About Sex"

    What do you do if your StepSister asks you to teach her about sex and give her a hands-on experience? I was fucking shocked she even brought it up, but Karlie was so determined to do it with me first I just couldn't resist. Damn, fucking my inexperienced stepsis with her nice bouncy tits, firm ass, and tight juicy pussy felt so good I just had to share this vid I secretly made online. Man, I hope Mom and Dad never find out!

    "Hey, Carly. What's up?"

    "Um, I just wanted to talk to you."

    "Um, about what?"

    Karlie is beating around the bush at first, but Tony knows her. She will come out of her shell if he is patient.

    "Well, I mean, I know you've been with your girlfriend for a while. Um, I just thought maybe you could ... like ... give me some tips."

    "What do you mean, tips?"

    "Tips on ... like, you know, intimate stuff."

    "I this some kind of riddle or joke?"

    "No, absolutely not!"

    "Ok. Be more specific then: what do you mean with intimate stuff?"

    "Well, I was thinking ... um ... I've been with my boyfriend a while too ... um ... we still haven't had sex, you know? So, I was wondering, if you could tell me about it?"

    "Whoa, I don't think this is, I don't think this is appropriate for us to talk about. I mean, you're my younger stepsister. I don't think Mom and Dad would approve of this conversation. Why don't you, like, ask a girlfriend or something?"

    "I trust you ... like a lot! And I like you ... I don't know ... you taught me a lot. So I thought maybe you want -"

    "But this is different, though. How am I going to tell you about sex? You know, I mean, of course, I can tell you, but it's a little bit weird. Don't you think it's kind of awkward?"

    "No, I don't think so."

    Karlie is a virgin. Her boyfriend has more experience than her. She is afraid of "being bad in bed" or doing something wrong. But in the middle of the discussion, Tony has to answer a call. It's his boss.

    "So you're nervous that you're not going to know what to do?"


    "So you think that you're gonna disappoint him?"


    "I mean ... listen ... it's normal to you know feel nervous and stuff and I guess ... well ... all I can say is, whatever happens happens, just be yourself. Oh, god! This is so awkward."

    "It's not. You're making it awkward. Please help me."

    "I don't know ... I mean ... I feel kind of awkward, you caught me by surprise, I don't know what to tell you, I don't even know where to begin, what do you want to know, what do you want to know?"

    "I mean, I guess the easiest way would be like hands-on experience. Don't you agree? Just to ... like ... you know, give me experience."

    "Hands-on experience?"

    "Correct. Hands-on experience."

    "That's that's what your boyfriend's for."

    "Yeah, but you know, I've never ... He's never ..."

    "Spill it out, Sis!"

    "We've never done it together. We never had sex."

    "Ok, I understand. But what do you mean by >hands-on experience< ... I don't think you want me to ..."


    "Yes, what?"

    "What you just said."

    "You are driving me crazy, Sis. I will ask you a Yes-Or-No-question now."


    "By >hands-on experience< you mean actually touching you ... like real practice?"


    Tony is tired of words. He picks his StepSister up and lays her on the table. Karlie is puzzled, but she keeps her mouth shut, as usual. Tony's sister has a problem with communication.

    Karlie's brother removes her skirt and panties. He spreads her legs wide and takes a good look at her juicy cunt. Tony is surprised. His sister's pussy is sopping wet. Her girl juices are oozing out of her vagina.

    Tony puts two fingers on her labia and gently massages it. Karlie starts to breathe harder and to moan. Her moaning is barely audible. Tony starts to lick her clit - very carefully at first, then harder. He inserts one finger in her cunt. He slowly finger-fucks his sister, when the doorbell rings.

    "Fuck! I get the door, you put your clothes back on."

    Download: KinkyFamily - Karlie Brooks in "Teach Me About Sex"
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    TeenPies: Sofie Reyez in "Pie Delivery"

    Nicky gets a hard-on because Sofie bends over in front of him. Sofie wears very tight pants, which fit like a second skin. They barely cover her ass. Nicky imagines her being nude and her ass & pussy presenting itself to him. He can't fight off the images of a naked Sofie delivering his package.

    The young girl sees his boner, and she starts to smile. It's a huge compliment that he gets a boner just for her. Sofie always had a little crush on Nicky. She often fantasizes about both brothers fucking her. She would love to get DPed one day.

    Sofie: "You look really familiar. Are you Nicky by any chance?"

    Nicky: "Do I know you?"

    "You might not recognize me in this uniform, but I am your little brother's girlfriend, Sofie."

    "OMG! It's you ... Sofie."

    They are smiling and very happy to see each other. They talk about their different hairstyles and how long they did not see each other. Sofie has grown into a beautiful woman.

    "You look great."

    "So do you. You cut your hair. I love it."

    "Your hair is longer now. It looks amazing."

    "Thank you so much."

    Sofie then confides in Nicky about problems with his brother. The young female is beating around the bush, but finally, she spills it out: Nicky's brother is shooting blanks. His sperm is not fertile. Sofie's dad will soon pass away. Sofie wants to get pregnant before that happens. Perhaps her dad will live long enough to see his grandchild.

    "I really wanna have the baby before my father passes. And I had this genius idea. You look just like your brother, exactly like him. He is not fertile. And so I thought you might be able to help out and give me your sperm. Your brother wouldn't even have to know."

    "Is this a joke? Is he outside right now?"

    "No! It's not a joke. I'm not asking for anything crazy, just your sperm."

    Sofie sees the bulge in his pants. She knows Nicky wants to fuck her, but he is struggling mentally about cheating on his brother. Sofie starts to beg, saying "please" multiple times. Nicky doesn't want to be responsible for a child right now. Sofie assures him she will never tell anyone. He will have the role of a regular uncle.

    "How can you say >No< to me?"

    Sofie looks down. She is sad and disappointed.

    "Let me think about it. I might wanna do it."

    "Really? Oh yes! Please! Thank you! Thank you!"

    Sofie jumps up and down. She is so happy.

    "I have some conditions, though."

    "Everything you want!"

    "You have to help me with my brother. I want to patch things up with him. I want my relationship with him to improve and get back together."

    "Yes! Yes! Yes!"

    "Relax! You won't tell a soul about this. I mean NOONE!"

    "Nobody will know. It's just between you and me."

    "We hook up twice a week from now on."

    "You mean like ... we'll fuck more than once?"

    "Yes. At least until you are pregnant - plus a couple of weeks more, just to be sure."

    "Great! I can't wait."

    "And I get to fuck you in the ass."

    "I would like that very much. I love anal."

    "Ok, I'm gonna do it."

    Sofie runs towards him. She kisses his face and hugs him tight.

    "OMG! I'm so happy! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!"

    The young girl tries to touch his boner. Nicky bags away.

    "Let me see it! I mean, you seem to be ready."

    "You want to do it right now?"

    "Yes. You were my last delivery."

    "Ok, I guess."

    "There is no time like the present. Show it to me."


    Nicky unzips his fly. He pulls his semi-hard cock out. Sofie looks at him and touches his penis.

    "OMG! It's so beautiful!"


    They go to the couch. Sofie removes her top.

    "Your tits are gorgeous. I honestly always thought you were hot."

    "I always thought you were hot, too. Can I be honest? I used to think about you whenever I and your brother had sex."

    "Your uniform says >Handle with care< ... I guess I will take care of you today."

    Sofie goes into doggy and pulls her pants aside. Nicky can now see her beautiful ass and her shaved cunt. She looks at him while she touches her asshole with her thumb. The horny girl rubs her sphincter a little bit.

    'I would love to fuck her ass. Do I have lube? Her asshole looks tight.'

    "Will you fuck me? I'm going to get excited just thinking about it. I always thought you were so hot."

    Sofie goes back on her knees.

    "Put your dick in my mouth."

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    PervTherapy: Getting Comfy With My StepBro - Aaliyah Love and Dharma Jones

    Stepsiblings Dharma and Elias have a therapy session with Dr. Aaliyah Love to work on their relationship. Elias claims that Dharma is always alone in her room and doesn?t participate much in family gatherings. Dr. Love decides to do some exercises to strengthen their relationship .. and it turns out things will get intimate real quick with Dr. Love?s methods!

    Elias likes sports, parties, and spending time with his friends. Dharma likes being on her phone, working on her BLOG, reading, and staying at home. Their parents adopted Elias when he was 6 and she was 11. That was twelve years ago and Elias only vaguely remembers it. The time before he cannot remember at all. He is attending junior college and Dharma is working hard to get a master's degree.

    Dr. Love quickly senses a big part of jealousy, since Dharma always gets perfect grades, which is considered normal and nothing special. On the other hand, her brother's grades are appreciated even if he does not score as high as Dharma. When Elias enters a room, all the attention shifts to him, so Dharma often times just leaves.

    Dharma wants to be recognized more. She does not get attention from her parents and even her boyfriend sometimes comes over to play video games with Elias.

    Dharma: "I want our social lives to be separate. My friends should be my friends ... especially my boyfriend."

    Elias: "When her boyfriend asks me a question ... should I say >Go away, I shall not talk to you< ... that is not realistic and I am just being myself ..."

    Aaliyah: "I see your point and your problem. I understand both points of view now. Arguing won't help and trying to change your brother or your sister won't help. But I have an idea."

    After a few exercises Dharma smiles for the first time. Her brother is playful, he smiles a lot and she finds him attractive. Elias thinks, his sister is "very pretty" and she gives him another compliment: "You are really smart."

    Dr. Love is impressed with these first steps and thinks, that both of them are making progress. When Aaliyah suggests a hug, both of them are hesitant. They finally do and again it's Dharma who has more problems with the process and the physical contact. Holding hands is a little bit easier and the resistance slowly fades away.

    "Close your eyes, feel your hands, breathe through your nose and when you open your eyes again, it's like seeing each other for the first time, not related or anything."

    "You are really gorgeous."

    "He tries to butter me up."

    "No ... no, I don't think so. He is sincere."

    Elias nods.

    "Look into your heart and don't forget ... what you resist persists." [Wenn du widerstehst, bleibt es bestehen]


    "You never met him, you see a handsome young man on the street. What do you think, what do you feel?"

    "He is attractive. Is that what you wanted to hear?"

    "I just want to hear the truth and more importantly, for you to feel the truth. You can let your hands go."

    They stop touching.

    "Ok guys, do you want to know what I think?"

    Both nod, looking at the therapist.

    "Dharma, you have bottled up a lot of feelings and you are taking it out on him."

    Dharma tries to object.

    "Hear me out Dharma, we don't want to play the blame game and we all agreed we would trust the process."

    "Ok, okay ... I am listening."

    "You, Dharma, want to have your brother's attention. And it's more than that ... you want his sexual attention, you want him to touch you, to spend the night with you."

    "NO WAY!"

    "Hear me out. You never told him, that you find him attractive, right?"


    "You never told him any of those compliments before?"


    "You never told him or anyone before?"



    For the first time, Dharma is speechless. She does not know the reason. Maybe it was not important, maybe ... Dr. Love interrupts her thought process.

    "I am an expert. I testified in court as an expert. In my expert opinion, I tell you: You are attracted to your brother. You want to get intimate with him."

    "Ehm ..."

    "I can prove it."


    "I will suggest an experiment and you will be the one, who tries to resist it."

    "I don't think so, but ok."

    Dr. Love starts to unbutton her blouse.

    "Elias please remove your shirt."

    Elias does not hesitate and he is standing there topless in no time. Aaliyah is topless a few seconds later.

    "It's your turn now."

    "I will take off my sweater ... is that enough?"

    "Are you afraid of being topless in front of your brother?"

    "I would not say afraid ... but I have reservations."

    "Ok, you are topless, washing your hair and your sister comes in. Would you cover yourself?"

    "No, of course not. But he is male, not female."

    "From my point of view, this is not the issue. You do not want to get naked in front of him because it would mean three things: First, it makes you vulnerable, second, he might find you unattractive and you fear that, and third, most important, you might see him in a sexual way and he might, too. In your former life, you would have done anything to avoid seeing him in a sexual way. But today your new life starts. Why? Because someone, who is dedicated so hard to avoiding something is secretly seeking just that. You want to have sex with your brother."

    That is checkmate. Dharma does not want to admit it, but she touched her brother for the first time in ages, she sees him topless for the first time ever and she can smell him. His odor is intoxicating. Conscious or not, admitting or not, she feels her pussy creaming into her panties. Dharma is really wet right now, even though she does not want to admit it ... not even to herself.

    "As your doctor, I recommend you take off your shirt."

    Dharma takes off her shirt and reveals her tits to her brother for the first time.

    "I feel weird."

    "I feel fine", Dr. Love answers. "Tell me once again, how you feel about your brother."

    "Mostly he sucks, but he is cute, he is very smart and I think he is attractive. And since I have nothing more to lose, I am woman enough to say that."

    "It's funny, you would say that because we should lose our skirts and trousers right now."

    "Ok, you go first, I will go last."

    Elias and Dr. Love strip naked. Elias takes a secret look at Aaliyah. She has perfect small breasts and a great bush between her legs. Her womanly figure turns him on and his penis gets semi-hard.

    "Oh, you guys make it seem easy."

    "We are just human beings with bodies and skin. And I told you ... you will resist the process because you hide your true feelings, like putting them in a closet. My advice: Stop resisting, let go!"

    ?Fuck it?, Dharma thinks. She gets naked, too.

    They do more touching experiments. Dr. Love guides her hands to his chest and vice versa. Elias could touch her chest gently, but he goes for her boobs instead. He trusts Dr. Love completely and he has seen enough evidence. His sister wants to fuck him and that seems to be the goal of this session. Aaliyah is working towards that goal and he is ready to stick his cock inside his sister's cunt.

    "Take a look below. Look at his penis ..."

    "I already saw it, it's there and I will look at it again, because you say so."

    "It's a really nice penis, don't you think?"

    "Ok ... fine ... it's a nice penis, are you happy?"

    "It really is nice. Elias do you have anything to say about your sister's body?"

    "She is gorgeous, perfect body."

    Elias looks at his sister's tits and her trimmed bush and his erection gets so hard, that his foreskin pulls back on its own.

    "Instead of admitting your true feelings, you get angry. Because that's easier than handling the truth, the burning attraction for you brother. The truth is: You want his dick."

    "Where? In my mouth?"

    "Well, you said it, not me. So ... since you said it, we will start with a blowjob."

    "No. I cannot do that, it's wrong."

    "Let's get your feelings un-bottled. Now it's time to pop that cork right off and let it all out. So I think, you should get your brother's penis hard ... with your mouth."

    "You think I should blow him?"


    "Brother ... how do you feel about it? I mean, it's your penis ..."

    "I am all for it. I mean, if she thinks it will help us ... I trust her."

    "I want to be happier, so I am willing to try."

    "Dharma, it's really important to let go of all these walls and barriers you build for yourself."

    "Ok, so fuck it. YES! I want his dick in my mouth. Is that what you wanna hear?"

    "Again ... it's not what I want to hear ... you can say anything, but it should be the truth."

    "Yes. I'm gonna do it."

    "We are so proud of you, Dharma."

    Dr. Love sits down. She is turned on by this young teenage-cock.

    'I really hope, she will share this beautiful penis with me. I definitely want some of that, too. But first let's see if Dharma is really going through with it. But if she won't suck it, I will.'

    "Ok, you are sitting down, taking a closer look, so can I ..."

    "Yes, of course", Dr. Love answers.

    Dharma gets on her knees and takes his cock in her hand.

    "And remember, Dharma ... that's something you always wanted to do, so just let it out."

    Without further notice, she starts to suck her brother's cock, very gently at first. Her mouth engulfs the tip, sucking it gently, swirling her tongue around, and playing with her brother's penis.
    Instantly she loves it. Dharma loves the feeling of it growing as his cock fills her up and her tongue swirls around it. She takes more than half of it into her mouth without gagging. Dr. Love was right ... she loves her brother's dick.

    "And how does that feel for you, Elias?"

    "It's so amazing!"

    "Maybe you always wanted her to do it, too?"

    "Oh yeah!"

    "Just let it all out. All the tension you build up over the years, let it all out."

    "You have such a beautiful cock, brother ... it feels so good in my mouth. I am so happy I can finally do this, and admit my true feelings. I always wanted to do this. I always wanted you."

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