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    PropertySex: Jill Kassidy - The Job Interview

    Chuck is impressed with interviewee Jill Kassidy's resume and her cheerful attitude, but he wants to be sure she's got what it takes to work for his real estate company, because his realtors have to be prepared to do whatever it takes to close the deal, even if that means sucking the prospective buyer's dick! Jill shows him what she's got with some role play, getting naked and fucking him on the couch. Jill definitely knows how to seal the deal with her new employer when she takes his cum all over her chest!

    Jill enters the room. Chuck is impressed by her beauty and her style.

    Chuck: "Hello, who do we have here?"

    Jill: "Jill Kassidy."

    "Hi, Jill! Chuck nice to meet you."

    "Nice to meet you."

    "Is that your resume?"


    "Oh, thank you so much."

    "What's the camera for?"

    "Actually, I hope you don't mind here have a seat I actually film all the interviews. Just so we can go back, you know when we're making our decision on who to hire. So that the other partners can see what you're like - if that's okay with you."

    "Okay, yeah, that's fine."

    "You comfortable in front of the camera?"

    "Yeah, I understand."

    "Okay, cool."

    "Yeah, let me just make sure I got you there."

    "You're looking lovely today."

    "Where are you coming from?"

    "Thank you."

    "I'm coming from Long Beach."

    "Oh, okay."

    "It's a little far."

    "So, if you got this job, would you mind that commute or might you be willing to relocate up here?"

    "No, I'd be good with the commute."

    Chuck asks some more questions. Jill went to Harvard. She studied hard to get a shot at "DayLee & Wesson Real Estate". Chuck is impressed, but his dick is already hard. He wants to get to the fucking-part of the interview. The CEO talks about his business, what's in store for Jill and what they expect in return.

    "You did cheer-leading and tennis at Harvard?"



    From her short answers Chuck can tell, Jill is very nervous. The CEO sits back and tries to relax. Perhaps his calm voice will calm her down, too.

    "Um, and, oh, an internship at Smith and Kurtzman?"

    "that's a fantastic fantastic Real Estate spot did that for two summers. What did you learn there?"

    "Um, I learned a lot about sales and ... ehm ... yeah."

    Jill laughs nervously. She lost her train of thought.

    "We're still we're still rolling so you learned about sales. How long have you been doing sales?"

    "Since my first job was at a makeup store."

    Jill's parents were in sales, too. She always wanted to sale stuff to people and make them happy.

    "Again, our agents get the highest commission by far. That's why we have so many people applying here. So many people that want to work here, as you can see it from the line out there, it's highly competitive. I guess how badly do you want it?"

    "More than anything, you know, I've always dreamed of working here."

    "Okay, great. Well, I guess would you mind standing up for a moment?"

    Jill frowns. That is a strange request.

    "Yeah, just stand on up. The partners need to see what you look like. It's part of the business. A lot of our real estate agents are attractive females."

    Jill is not sure what to expect, but she just stands up and even turns around to show off her body to the camera.

    "Okay, you can sit back down."

    Jill sits back down.

    "Well, I'll be straight with you. And you did sign the non-disclosure out there, right, with the secretary?"


    "Okay, so nothing that we say here can leave this room, and if you do not get the job, I'd appreciate you, you know, still continuing to honor that non-disclosure agreement. The reason we're so successful is because we have attractive female real estate agents that kind of wow these really rich guys, rich older guys, into buying these big mansions. And it's not all just looks, it's personality, it's chemistry, it's the way you connect with these buyers. Do you understand what I'm saying?"

    "Not really."

    "Okay. How shall I put it? Our real estate agents are willing to go that extra mile. You said you're willing to go that extra mile, right?"


    "So sometimes, in closing the deal, our real estate agents do sexual favors for the buyers."

    "I don't know what to say."

    "Well, you could say that you're okay with that."

    "I don't know. It doesn't seem right."

    "Doesn't seem right?"

    Jill shakes her head.

    "Well look, we are commercially successful, ethically, we just don't give a fuck. The ends, we're very Machiavellian, the ends justify the means as far as selling houses as far as we're concerned. And if it takes a girl sexually servicing the buyer to sell the house, we're willing to have that be done. Is this making you uncomfortable?"

    "Yeah, maybe a little bit."

    "Well, maybe, I mean, that's fine to each their own [means that everyone has the right to their own opinion], but maybe you just don't have what it takes to work here. I could certainly recommend you, uh, for Schmitco."

    "I still want to work here."

    "You do want to work here?"

    "Yes. I wanna work here.


    "Well, maybe we can test that. You know, as if you're selling a house. Okay? So, if the guy's on the fence, the first thing that you would do would be to do like ... a sexy strip tease."

    [Being on the fence means you really just can't decide. It's as if you're sitting on the fence because you can't decide which yard to play in. If you can't decide whether to take a job or not, you're on the fence. If you don't know which basketball team to root for, you're on the fence.]

    "I don't know."

    "You don't think so?"


    "Um, well, look, again, time is money and there's a long line, so maybe you can just, I'll show you the door, if you don't mind."

    "Well, I mean, I guess ..."

    "Look, if you don't feel comfortable, you don't have to do it, but I just would ask you to leave."

    "I guess I could do it."


    Chuck stands up and gets his handheld camera. He wants some close-ups of her tits, ass and cunt. The CEO is not sure, if Jill will go through with spreading her legs for him, but jacking off to this young piece of ass is still on the menu.

    "Let's pretend I'm a buyer we're at a mansion and I'm on the fence."


    "Okay? So what would you do?"

    Work in progress ...
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    FantasyHD: Ariana Marie and Bruce Venture - An Afternoon By The Pool

    An Afternoon By The Pool with Ariana Marie ends with sex. That's because the brunette beauty was feeling horny and thought it would be a great idea to get laid outdoors. She got her pussy sexed just as she wanted to, and then a messy cumshot on her pretty face.

    Ariana comes home from school. She is 18 but still likes to act like a little girl sometimes. The young girl tries some rope-skipping. But then someone is coming. She hides at first, but it's just her StepBrother. Bruce is a professional athlete who trains for the next Olympics.

    The StepSiblings started teasing each other about a year ago. Ariana walked to the shower, already topless because her parents were not home. Bruce stepped out of the shower, and they met in the hallway. They looked at each other. No one said anything. Bruce turned around and took off the towel. Ariana could see his bare ass and his muscles. She felt the urge to touch his muscles on his back and his ass. Then her StepBrother turned around, holding the towel in front of his crotch. He started to dry this area, showing his StepSister nothing. She got a glimpse here and there, but his cock was never fully on display. Suddenly, Bruce used the towel to dry his hair. Ariana let out a little gasp. Her brother's penis was huge ... and it was semi-hard. Ariana took off her panties, showing off her shaved cunt. Then she walked to the shower, closed the bathroom door, and masturbated like crazy. The young girl came in front of the shower. Then Ariana stepped in the shower, washed her hair, and since her cunt was still itching, she masturbated again.

    A game about nudity and silence came into play. A week later, Ariana silently went to the bathroom with her brother. Bruce was washing his hair and face, so he could not see anything. He realized his sister was with him (butt-naked!) when she moved into the shower stall with him. They did not touch. Both liked to enjoy the view.

    Nothing happened ... until today.

    Ariana sees her StepBro's muscles and the bulge in his swim trousers. She pulls her panties aside and touches her pussy. The teenager likes to masturbate slowly and gently until the very end. Then she often would stick a finger up her ass and frig her clit. Ariana likes to take her time.

    Bruce leaves the pool and walks towards her. Her bald pussy makes him horny. He touches her hips and kisses her on the lips. Ariana has her eyes wide open.

    >What is happening?<

    Ariana is a little bit scared. Her brother is hard and he wants sex for sure. Bruce grabs her chin and "forces" a little innocent kiss. His sister smiles for the first time.

    Bruce opens her school uniform and reveals her breasts. Bruce StepSis tries to hide her tits but he takes her hands away, placing them on his crotch. Then he sucks on her nipples and kisses her neck. The young girl does not resist.

    Ariana is curious, she goes down on her knees and Bruce pulls his cock out.

    >It's the most beautiful cock, I have ever seen. And it's huge!<

    Bruce still does not talk. He moves his cock in position so it touches Ariana's mouth. She had dreams about giving him a blowjob, but this is all so frighteningly real.

    "This is my first time."

    No answer. The young girl opens her mouth a little, and Bruce rubs his glans over the tip of her tongue. He gently grabs her head and encourages her to go further. Ariana understands and takes the tip of his penis into her mouth.

    More pics:

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