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    DadCrush: Bang One, Get One - Dick Chibbles, Danni Rivers and Rosalyn Sphinx - Trailer (15 sec)

    Richard "Dick" Chibbles is in the kitchen. He cannot decide how he wants his eggs. Rosalyn enters the kitchen with a white T-Shirt on. >NO BRA CLUB< is written all over it and her StepDad can see her nipples poking out. It is so distracting, he destroys the eggs and he decides to do scrambled eggs ... or something like it.

    Rosalyn wants his signature for a school trip, but she has been disrespecting her mother lately. Her grades are bad, too. She goes on her knees and starts begging. Rosalyn sees his penis in his pants. It is semi-hard. Without thinking about it, she starts touching it.

    "Please, Dad!"

    "No, I can't ... what are you doing?"

    "Please, let me go ..."

    In the meantime, Rosalyn pulled his cock out of his pants. She pulls back his foreskin and puts it in her mouth. Rosalyn sucks it for a little bit and takes it in deeper on every try. Her StepDad is helpless. It feels very good, but it's wrong.

    "I always wanted to do that. You have a perfect cock."


    She starts fucking his cock with her mouth. After a few strokes she deep-throats it. Her dad almost shoots his load right then and there.

    'I bet she would swallow it all.'

    "You see, it has the perfect size. It fits completely in my mouth."

    Pre-cum drips from the head of his dick onto her tongue.

    "Oh ... somebody likes it."

    She shoves it in her mouth again.

    "What are you doing?"

    "Just let me go on the trip."

    His daughter is sucking his cock relentlessly. Never breaking eye contact. Richard never had a blowjob like this before. He is so close to flood her hot mouth with sperm.
    He grabs her hair and removes his dick, but it's to late. One stream of sperm hits her face. She opens her mouth wide and the next glob of cum hits her tongue.

    "Oh, daddy, just what I wanted."

    Since it's not a real orgasm, he stays hard. He grabs his daughter's head with both hands and starts to fuck her mouth.

    "That's what you want, isn't it?"

    Rosalyn loves it. She tries not to gag, but finally she coughs.

    Richard lets her breathe for a a little while. Rosalyn spits into her hand and rubs the saliva all over his dick. Then she starts to suck his dick again.

    "Are the eggs down yet?", asks his wife.

    Luckily for both of them, Rosalyn is hidden behind the counter. She slows down, but his cock is still in her hot mouth. Dick and his wife talk a little bit. He tries not to move. His wife leaves the kitchen. Rosalyn puts both hands on his legs. She is just sucking the tip now. But now and then she deep-throats it again, making loud slurping noises.

    Rosalyn can see her dad is in heaven. She is determined to suck him off. Dick has never felt anything like it. His daughter's lips are wrapped around his cock, moving her head up and down ... never breaking contact. And she does not even uses her hands. She fucks his cock with her young, teenage mouth looking him in the eyes constantly.

    "I am close, don't stop", he groans.

    Rosalyn is so hot for his sperm, there is no way she will ever stop. Even if her mom would enter the kitchen and see her husbands cock buried in her mouth, she would not stop.

    She looks at her dad. His eyes become dreamy, lost in her eyes. Rosalyn bobs her head up and down ... up and down.


    Richard floods her mouth with sperm. It's like a firehose is turned on. Rosalyn tries to swallow, but it's too much. She lets go of his cock and semen splashes onto her face. But she wants more. She puts his cock back into her mouth, just sucking the tip. Now she manages to swallow all of his cum.

    Dick looks down. His daugther has a very beautiful face and it's covered with globs of semen. He closes his eyes, to swell in the feeling of his orgasm, while Rosalyn continues to suck his cock. She wants every last drop.

    After they are done, his wife comes to check on them once again. Luckily she does not see his sperm on her face.

    Secret Nap Time

    Rosalyn and Danni are sleeping on the couch side by side. Dick starts stroking Danni's ass. She has very soft skin. He touches her tits through her top. Richard tries to make her nipples hard and he is successful after a while. He touches her pussy over the fabric of her sleeping pants.

    His penis is so hard and he is so turned on, he needs a drink. He returns to the living room holding a glas in his hands, but Danni is gone. She startles him.

    "Oh Jesus Christ!"

    "What was that?"

    "Ehm ... it's not what you think."

    "That was creepy!"

    "What do you mean?"

    "You were just feeling my ass."

    "I thought you were sleeping ..."

    "Well, I was not. But since you touched my ass and my tits, you can also sign her permission."

    "Which permission?"

    "To go on a field trip."

    Dick explains how Rosalyn got in trouble lately: Her grades, her disrespectful behavior and so on. Danni explains, why Rosalyn has to go ... she is her BFF and Danni would be bored without her. Danni gets close to her bestie's dad. He can see her beautiful green eyes clearly and she smells good.

    "I like you Danni, you have been friends like forever and -"

    "Can you just sign the paper?"



    "It's not right."

    "Well ... I can probably think of something that will make you sign it ..."

    They go back and forth. Neither of them is really backing off. Danni drops down to her knees and puts her hands on his cock.

    "Please sign it and I will do something for you, too. I have seen the way you look it me."

    Danni feels his erection in his pants, but she suppresses the urge to suck it. He has to make a promise first.

    "Jesus Danni, what are you doing?"

    "I want her to go on that trip."

    Danni frees his cock, puts her tongue out and licks the underside of his hard cock. She starts to suck ... slow and gently. The blowjob is so good, Dick's knees start to feel weak. He sits down.
    Danni puts his cock back in her mouth and she picks up the pace. Her head is bobbing up and down, as her hot mouth fucking his cock. She looks into his eyes, which turns him on even more. After a minute of this, Richard is about to cum.

    "Don't move, don't move!"

    He holds her head in place and shoots a little bit of sperm into her mouth. Danni swallows it and swirls her tongue around his glans. She lets go of his dick, which is still hard and she slaps it against her tongue. Afterwards she stands up.

    "So ... are you going to sign the permission?"

    "Ok ... ok ... I'm starting to think about it."

    "I can convince you some more if you want."

    Danni turns around and drops her pants to the floor. Dick can see her ass and her pussy. She has the most gorgeous, firm ass, he has ever seen. It's perfect.

    "She is sleeping. Don't worry! And you have such a beautiful, hard cock. It would be a waste, not to use it."

    "I don't know ..."

    "I bet, my tight pussy will feel so good for you, that you will sign the permission."

    Danni positions her HOT-ass over his cock like giving a lap dance. She grabs his penis and puts it into her young teenage-cunt. Dick cannot believe what is happening. He sees his cock slowly invading her pussy until it's all the way in. Danni moans. She grinds on it a little bit, then she starts with a fucking motion, going up and down. Mr. Chibbles spreads her ass cheeks, so he gets a better look. His cock is sliding in and out of her cunt. He loves it and so is Danni.

    After he fucked her like that for a while, Danni stands up.

    "What are we doing now?"

    "I can lie down and we switch."

    Danni lays on her back and spreads her legs wide. Richard takes a good look at her shaved cunt, which is glistening from her girls juice.

    'There is nothing like the sight of a fresh fucked, young cunt', he thinks.

    He puts a finger on her clit and Danni moans loudly in response.

    "What do you want?"

    "I want your cock back in my tight pussy."

    His hard dick enters her cunt with no problems at all. Mr. Chibbles starts to fuck it slowly. But then his urge to cum overwhelms him and he really starts pounding his daughter's bestie.


    "You want it harder?"

    "Yes, daddy, please."

    "You are such a little slut ..."

    "Yes, I am a slut, your slut, daddy."

    Dick grabs her face and puts his thumb in her mouth. She sucks it. Afterwards he puts his hands on her throat. Mr. Chibbles fucks her as hard and as fast as he can.

    "Yes, fuck my little cunt, use it! Fuck me hard!"

    These words and her tight pussy put Dick over the edge. He shoots his sperm into her vagina.

    "Fuck ... did you just cum in me?"

    "Yeah, I did!"

    "You better sign that permission now."

    "Let me sleep on it."


    "Let me sleep on it."

    "You are not going to sign it after that?"

    He does not answer the question and leaves for a hot shower.

    Double Trouble

    Danni and Rosalyn enter Richard's room. His wife is already gone. Danni is holding a plate with food in her hands and Rosalyn is right behind her with a cup of coffee. Both of them are wearing see-thru-nighties. Danni wears light-green and Rosalyn pink. Their panties have a matching color and from the looks of it, they are see-thru as well.

    "Good morning!"

    "Good morning, daddy!"

    "What the hell are you guys doing?"

    "Breakfast ... I brought you danish ..."

    "And I have coffee for you", says his daughter.

    "For what?"

    "Danni told me what happened yesterday."


    "What did you expect, she is my best friend."

    "Besties tell each other everything."


    They get closer to him and he can see their nipples. He never saw his daughter naked, but images enter his head. Rosalyn on her knees sucking on his cock, never breaking eye contact. His penis disappearing all the way into her mouth, as she deep-throats it. Mr. Chibbles tries to think of something else, but his cock gets semi-hard.

    Both of them look lovely. Their innocent and cute faces alone would be enough to make him hard, but their smell and their outfits give him the rest. Dick is rock-hard now.

    He tries to buy time with asking a couple of silly question. They still want to have him sign the permission. They start stroking his cock through his pants. Danni pulls his dick out.

    "See you are already hard ..."

    Dick puts his pants over his penis again and he tries to fend them off. But his cock is betraying him and the girls know it.

    "Come on, you want it", says Danni.

    "I already know you really want to fuck us ... you already creampied my best friend ..."


    "And she already sucked your cock though ..."

    "Come on ... we will do this for you and you can sign the papers for her ..."

    "Come on, dad ... you can fuck me, too ... and then you allow us to go on this trip."

    The argue back and forth while rubbing his cock under his pants. Rosalyn pulls his dick out this time. Both girls won't admit it, but they are hungry for his cock. Danni described in all details, how good her dad is with his cock and how long he can last. Yesterday was the best fuck of her young life ... nobody ever fucked her that good. Hearing her story, Rosalyn got soaking wet and she cannot wait to put her dad's cock into her pussy.

    Danni is holding his hard penis in her hands.

    "How about, you let Danni suck your dick, daddy?"

    Danni smiles, puts her tongue out and licks his shaft. Both girls take turns on his dick. If he signs the papers, they are willing to do this again in the future. The girls get rid of their panties and Mr. Chibbles sees his daughter's firm ass for the first time.

    "What are you willing to do for the papers?"

    "We can do more than just blow you ..."

    "What do you have in mind?"

    "You just watch and enjoy the show ..."

    They both suck his cock until he is about to come. To slow him down they kiss each other. And then they take turns fucking him. Richard just has to lay down. After a couple of positions, his dick hurts, he is so hard. He is ready to burst and to shoot his load.

    "I'm close ..."

    Both girls get off him and Rosalyn grabs his cock at the base. She puts it in her mouth again, while she looks at Danni.

    "Are you going to sign the papers?", Danni asks.

    Mr. Chibbles is on the verge of cumming. His daughter just has to suck a little bit faster, but she lets go of his dick, just holding it besides her beautiful face. Rboert groans in frustration.

    "Are you?"

    "Yeah, yeah ... I'll sign it ... I'll sign it!"

    "Will you?"

    "Yes, I'll sign it."

    "Are you sure?"

    "Yes, I am positive."

    Danni puts his penis in her mouth, sucking just the tip. His daughter's tongue swirls around the shaft of his cock and his nuts. Then his daughter deep-throats him for the first time this day. Danny sucks his balls, while Rosalyn fucks his cock with her mouth.

    "Uhhh ... OOOOHHHHH ... OH YES!!!!!"

    Mr. Chibbles shoots his load in his daughter's hot mouth. She swallows it all.

    "You know what, bestie?"

    "What I really like about your dad ... he stays hard after he just came ... so I can fuck him some more."

    Danni puts his cock back inside her pussy, riding and grinding it. Since she likes it hard and fast, he is about to cum a second time within minutes.

    "Suck my dick, please! I need it!"

    "Yes, daddy, of course."

    Both girls taking turns sucking his cock again. When Rosalyn deep-throats him, she looks him in the eyes. Her lips are wrapped tightly around his cock, just like she did in the kitchen. Danni takes over and sucks just the tip. But then she starts fucking him with her mouth.

    "Stroke it! Stroke it!"

    Danni strokes his dick up and down as fast as she can. She wants to see how he cums, how his sperm shoots from his cock. Rosalyn licks his balls.

    "Here it cums! Here it cums!"

    Danni strokes it and his daughter licks his glans with her HOT-tongue. Rosalyn opens her mouth wide, Danni sees that and aims his cock at her mouth. Rosalyn gets lucky and a glob of sperm shoots in her mouth. Danni strokes his cock and she is rewarded with a lot of cum running all over her stroking hand. She tries to lick some of it, but Mr. Chibbles is not done, so resumes concentrating on his dick. A big stream of semen flies into the air and another wad of cum follows. Danni can't stand it anymore, she puts her mouth on the tip of his cock and sucks out the rest.

    "Lick it off my fingers!"

    Rosalyn takes her whole finger into her mouth and sucks it clean. Danni licks the rest of his sperm from her hand. Both girls have swallowed his sperm.

    "Are you signing it now?"

    "Yes, I'm signing it."

    "Are you sure?", Rosalyn asks.

    To punish him, she squeezes and strokes his cock hard.

    "OMG! Oh Jesus!"

    "Is it sensitive?", Danni asks.

    "YES! It's very sensitive!"

    His daughter picks up the pace to punish him even further. Her dad screams.


    He grabs his daughter's hand and holds her still. Since she cannot stroke his penis anymore, she puts it in her mouth again.

    "Please, stop! I promise I will sign it."

    They both stand up, leaving his room butt-naked. They have perfect bodies and their cute asses will stay in his mind forever.

    "Thank you, daddy", both are girls are chirping.

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    PervTherapy: Getting Close With Stepsis - Rayveness and Fiona Sprouts

    Stepsiblings Fiona Sprouts and Ricky Spanish visit therapist Dr. Rayveness to try and solve some of their issues. Fiona says she?s feeling uncomfortable with Ricky?s pervy behavior towards her lately, so Dr. Rayveness suggests they do a few exercises to explore each other. Taking the lead, Dr. Rayveness walks them through a few naughty steps that lead them to grow close as Ricky bangs both Fiona and Dr. Rayveness.

    Fiona missed some panties in her drawer and her laundry. She finds out her brother is sniffing her panties. He looks at her under the shower and she finds that gross. Overall his behavior is perverted and strange.
    Dr. Rayveness tells her, everything Ricky does is normal. But she will help both of them. She finds out, that Ricky is very shy ... and very curious. But he tries to suppress all of his feelings because he cannot "fuck them out". Without a GF or a fuck-buddy, he has no realistic way, to have sex or even touch a woman.

    Rayveness: "So you never touched a woman's breast before?"

    Ricky: "No."

    "How do you feel about touching mine?"


    "But you are a therapist ..."

    "Yes ... a therapist who deals with sexual issues. So I am here to help you get through this."

    "I feel awkward."

    "Ricky, it's simple. If you will never touch a sexual organ or body part you really will not get over this through this?"

    "But what happens if I enjoy it if I get an erection?"

    "Then I will feel flattered that I am attractive for a good-looking young boy like you. It's ok to enjoy it ... I certainly will ..."

    Dr. Rayvness and Fiona joke a little bit and the therapist tries to reduce Ricky's tension. He is very nervous. But finally, he touches her tits. For the first time in his life, he feels real breasts.

    "Squeeze them ... Yes ... that's good."

    "Am I here to watch my brother squeeze your boobs?"

    "I want to help your brother get over his anxiety, I want to give your brother confidence, so he can talk to a real woman, have sex with a real woman ... in the end he will not sniff your panties again or spy on you in the shower. Wouldn't that be great?"

    "It would."

    "If it helps your brother to get through this, then yes, that's exactly what you're here for. You do wanna help him, right? Or do you want him to act out as he is doing already?"

    "No, I don't."

    They talk about supporting her brother and that Fiona would like to have her friends over again. She stopped inviting them, because Ricky would weirdly look at the girls. Fiona smiles and laughs as she dreams about the prospect of a normal life.

    "No, I don't."

    They talk about supporting her brother and that Fiona would like to have her friends over again. She stopped inviting them because Ricky would weirdly look at the girls. Fiona smiles and laughs as she dreams about the prospect of a normal life.

    "Ok, then let us make this about Ricky and let him have that experience. I want to teach him how to masturbate the correct way, so he can blow off some steam. The main goal is to find a girlfriend for him or at least someone who likes to have sex with him and you are equally important. You should feel free to run naked from your room to the shower or feel free to walk around in your underwear. Helping Ricky means helping you."

    "Oh, now I see. I am willing to help you and him. I trust the process. If I can do anything, please let me know."

    "Great, thank you so much."

    The doctor raises her shirt and shows off her tits in her bra. Ricky continues to be clumsy and he is amazed at the same time. He feels like a kid in a candy shop who is invited to a chocolate factory. Ricky continues to touch her tits. Ray asks him to touch himself, to see if he is hard already. She suspects he is hard as a rock.

    "Fiona, do you want to help us here?"

    "With what?", she asks suspicious.

    "Just place a hand here on his leg."

    Fiona hesitates, but finally she does it.

    "See? There is no harm in helping your brother."

    Ricky's eyes are open wide. He is still not sure if everything he does and feels is ok. But when Ray pulls her tits out and she starts stroking his dick, he finally begins to relax. But Fiona freaks out.

    "I am not sure I wanna see this."

    "Fiona", Ray says in a stern tone. "The reason he is struggling is that you are against all this. He needs your approval. Your brother wants to impress his older sister. He has urges, but cannot act on them, because he seeks your approval. He never told you anything about his feelings and his urges, but we are gonna fix that right now."

    "But -"

    "Do you want him to go back to the panty-sniffing?"

    "No, of course not."

    "Then let him know that he is ok."

    Fiona does her best to support her brother. She encourages him to suck on the doctor's nipples and explore them further. The next step is to get Ricky naked. He stands up.

    "Should I help him", Fiona asks.

    "Yes, that would be great."

    Fiona helps to remove his shoes and trousers. Dr. Rayveness teaches him how to adjust his cock in his boxers and she shows him a masturbation technique. After this step, she helps Ricky to get fully naked.

    "Oh wow, this is a nice erection. Fiona, do you want to say something nice about his dick?"

    "Your cock looks really hard right now ... nice and hard. I like it."

    Ray teaches Ricky some other techniques. But now is the time to get Fiona involved.

    "Fiona, do you want to help him?"

    "Stroke his dick?"



    "You have a boyfriend do you? You have done it before, right?"

    "Not to my brother!"

    But Fiona cannot resist her brother's hard cock. She grabs his dick with her right hand and his balls with the other. In the meantime, the doctor talks about how normal everything is and that Ricky just needs some pointers. It doesn't take long and Fiona sucks Ricky's rock-hard cock. The young girl likes the size, because she can learn to deep-throat with it. Fiona just needs to practice with it ... at home.

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    PervTherapy: Braylin Bailey and Shay Sights - Regression Therapy

    Nade and Braylin are two stepsiblings who can barely look at each other. Therapist Shay listens to them carefully to see if she can help the two work things out. After a little digging, she finds signs of a past incident in which the stepsiblings shared an intimate moment they couldn?t talk about. Convinced that this can help them patch things out, Shay invites them to relive that hot situation in order to face it. To ensure the best outcome, the therapist participates in the event, pushing Nade and Braylin?s boundaries to the limit.

    They do not act like siblings, they act almost like enemies. They talk about Shay, then Braylin, and then Nade. Their parents suggested a therapy session. Dr. Sights assures them, nobody will see the footage. She has just set up all the cameras for herself.

    Shay: "So, you do not have a girlfriend. Do you have female friends?"

    Nade: "No. She scared them all away."

    Braylin: "That's because you are the most annoying person in the world."

    Dr. Sights gets a lot of feelings from both of them. This exchange is her first clue. There were girls in Nade's life, but Braylin somehow managed to get rid of them. What if Braylin wants her brother for herself?

    "Nade claims that you are intercepting his love life a little bit ..."

    "He does the same with mine."

    Nade just snorts in disbelief.

    "Is that acurate, Nade?"

    "Well kinda, but she dates a bunch of loosers or douchbags. No job, no prospect in life ... they don't even treat her good."

    "Chad is a quarterback."

    "Chad is the backup quarterback on J-Squad ... and I do not know what J-Squad even means."

    "And you are so much better? Didn't you see how your >precious< Veronica was talking to mom? That skank has no manners. And she is not even pretty!"

    "Just because you qualified for Miss Teen USA -"

    "Yes, I did!"

    "Well, it doesn't make you perfect."

    "Wait one second ... you participated in a beauty pageant?"

    "Only the qualifier ... some of his stupid friends said >Your sister is ugly< ... and I wanted to prove him wrong."

    "And I punched him in the face for saying this. And I got suspended from school for two days."

    Braylin looks at him.

    "I did not know that."

    "Why did you punch the guy, Nade?"

    "Because he was talking trash about my sister and he was wrong obviously."

    "Because she qualified for Miss Teen USA?"

    "No ... well yes ... but look at her ... she is one of the most attractive girls on this planet."

    Braylin opens her eyes wide. Dr. Sights is stunned as well.

    "Did he ever told you that, Braylin?"

    "No. And I don't think that's the truth. He just says it because we are here."

    "Of course it's the truth. Everybody knows, you are beautiful."

    Dr. Sights sees two very honest and open people sitting in front of her. There must be a deeper root cause for this problem. She senses jealousy between the two. She reminds both siblings that they once were very connected with each other, playing games and spending time together.

    When asked about this, Nade mentions a costume party and Braylin immediately attacks him for wearing the same costume as her BF. But something tells Dr. Sights, it's not the copycat issue here. Shay wants to dig deeper.

    At first, none of them wants to talk about what happened.

    "Braylin, please tell me what happened. You seem to be very upset by it."

    "You won't tell anybody, right?"

    "No, this is a safe space."

    "What was supposed to happen: I was supposed to have the most romantic night with my BF. And since my stupid brother wore the same costume ... well ... he tricked me into having sex with him."

    "That's all wrong, that's AAAALLLL wrong. First of all ... she saw me ordering the costume. She made fun of it until she found out her boyfriend had ordered the same."

    "Yes, but ..."

    "Please let me finish!"

    Braylin crosses her arms and looks away from him.

    "They had a fight. She was drunk and he told her to stop drinking. They argued and I quote >You are not my father! I can drink as much as I want< ... and her BF left in that moment. She knew he left ... and my voice is different."

    "What has your voice to do with anything?"

    "Well ... it was dark, I give her that and my eyes and forehead were covered under a mask. Whatever ... she came onto me and kissed me."

    "What happened next?"

    "Can I speak freely?"

    "Of course."

    "She straddled me and we kissed passionately. I grabbed her ass and she was not wearing any panties and I touched her vagina from behind. My sisters started to moan and I was out of breath."

    "But you did not say anything?"

    "No, not at first. I lifted her up and put her in doggy on the couch. I was too drunk to find her vagina, so I licked her asshole. She went crazy and made small fucking motions. I know I had her consent."

    Braylin has given up her "Don't-Talk-To-Me" posture. Dr. Sights assumes her vagina is wet right now.

    "She said something like >Fuck my asshole with your tongue ... YEAH, just like that ... put two fingers in my cunt< ... and I asked >Really?< ... so she clearly could have stopped it right then and there."

    "Did she have an orgasm?"

    "Yes, I think so."

    "Braylin, did anybody eat your ass out before?"

    Braylin gets bright red and shakes her head NO.

    "Nade, do you like to lick a girl's pussy?"

    "Yes, very much."

    "And you have your tongue in her ass, two fingers up her cunt ... your words, not mine ... and your sister is about to cum. Do you really believe any girl would have stopped you at that moment?"

    "Yes ... ehm ... no ... if you put it like that ... then NO."

    "Good. Yes, your sister came onto you, but you could have clearly said something when she started kissing you. But you didn't and it was your idea to eat her out, wasn't it?"


    "What happened next?"

    "She was out of breath after her orgasm, so I removed her clothes and mine. She just lay there panting and I gently pushed my dick inside her. But I had not the right angle, so I sat back on the couch. Before I could say anything, she was between my legs sucking my dick. Slowly at first, but then she deep-throated it and started to jack me off with her hand, too. I did not want to, but I came into her mouth. It was too good."


    "I stayed hard, what rarely happens. My sister straddled me again and pushed my cock into her cunt."

    "Braylin, that's not exactly tricking you into anything, is it?"

    "Well ... no."

    "Nade, did you cum?"

    "Yes and no. We heard a noise, grabbed our stuff and we ran to our old highschool, which is nearby."


    "Sis, why don't you tell what happened?"

    "We went to the old oaktree, undressed again, used our clothes and his large costume as blanket and we kissed again."

    "Don't forget, you sucked my dick ... and it was pretty awesome, and you shoved my face in your pussy ... and after that ... she wanted me inside of her and I wanted to cum badly."

    "Did you cum inside of her?"

    Both nod at the same time.

    "That's all what happened?"


    They never talked about it and Braylin says their parents are the reason. To never talk about it makes sure, their parents never will find out.

    "So you did not talk about it and now you are risking your happiness for it?"

    "I do not follow", says Nade.

    "Well it's simple, you could talk about it, you could even do it again, but because your parents could find out, you chose a path that separates the two of you. That does not seem logical or fair."

    "Well, it's wrong to fuck your sister."

    "Is it. We are in California. She could be your cousin ... by blood and it would not be illegal for you to have sex. But you are step-siblings ... not related. If sex makes you happy, brings you closer together ... it's nothing wrong with it ... not in my book."

    Dr. Sights pauses a moment to let it think in.

    "Let me ask you a question ... how was the sex? Was it good sex?"

    "The best", Braylin says.


    "The best I've had, too."

    He chuckles.

    "Why are you laughing?"

    "I remember now. I was fucking her from behind and I came down to be near her. I asked >Do you like it?< and -"

    "Please, let your sister answer that question."

    "It's embarrassing, I am not lady-like when I have sex."

    "No judgment! Everything is normal in this office."

    "Ok. I said >Fuck my cunt! Ram your hard cock into me!< ... which he did."

    "And she said >You fuck me so good brother, nobody ever fucked me that good< ... that's when I came. I think I could have an orgasm from minimal touching with her talking to me like that."

    Braylin smiles for the first time.

    Dr. Sights wants to reenact what happened, to live through the moment again, and - very importantly - talk about it. She suggests pretending they are not brother and sister anymore. Dr. Sights ensures them, that they did nothing wrong.

    "You are each other's dream date ... look into his eyes and re-create that kiss."

    "You think all of this will resolve our issues?"

    "I don't think so ... I know so. That's what I went to school for. You trust me, right?"

    Braylin nods heavily, and Nade does, too.

    Dr. Sights asks Braylin what she likes about her brother. She answers, that she likes his face, his lips ... and his cock.

    "Oh my ... his cock ... is that so?"

    Braylin turns red and looks away.

    "What do you like about your sister? Name one thing ..."

    "Just one?"

    "Oh, you have a list ... go on then."

    "I like her gorgeous face, her wonderful blue eyes, her nipples, her tittes, and how her pussy tastes."

    Dr. Sights suggest reenacting things further and to get naked.

    "But it's not dark in here", Braylin protests.

    Shay goes first and takes off her shirt and her bra. Braylin follows, but both of them look away. Being drunk, horny, and in the dark is something completely different than this. With the help of Dr. Sights they slowly find their way to have sex again and when his huge cock is pounding her tight teenage-cunt, all things and all shyness are forgotten.

    Download this scene ...
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    FreakyFembots: Tiffany Watson - My Sex-Ed Fembot!

    Oliver isn't having an easy time at school after his Ex-Girlfriend spreads rumors about a less than exceptional sexual experience. Brock has just the solution and purchases sex-ed Fembot Tiffany to help Oliver with his woes.

    Brock orders the Fembot, and after a few days it stands right there in his living room. Brock is alone at home when the Fembot arrives. She is fully equipped for sexual intercourse and she was built to help with sex education. The middle-aged StepFather reads the instructions, installs the app and finds out about the Fembot's name: It's Tiffany. Blood rushes into his penis, when Brock touches Tiffany for the first time. He checks out her amazing tits. Her ass feels very good, too. Brock is amazed at how real she feels ... her hair, her tits, and even her shaved cunt. It says "Make-Out-Mode" and "Blowjob-Mode" on Brock's phone and he starts the first one. They make out and Tiffany is an excellent kisser. She pulls closer to him and uses her tongue on his.

    Brock gets excited and he tests "Blowjob-Mode". Tiffany squats down and takes his limb cock in her mouth. Brock feels it growing in her mouth and in no time, he has a raging hard-on. Tiffany bobs her head up and down, sucking his dick all the way into her mouth. Brock wonders, if she has a "Deep-Throat-Mode", but Oliver will be home soon.

    The menu on his phone says "Missionary" and he tries that. The Fembot lays down on the couch and she spreads her legs wide. Brock forgot to remove her panties first and it is a little difficult, to remove them, with her spread legs. He finally manages to pull them off. Her cunt is shaved completely and he shoves his penis in, with one mighty stroke. The Fembot does not wince or even blink, so Brock turns on "Moaning" on a low setting.

    Brock is amazed at how real her pussy feels and the freedom to fuck her any way he likes is the cherry on top. When Oliver's father is about to cum, he hears a sound outside. Brock removes his cock from Tiffany's pussy. His penis squirts a little bit of sperm on the Fembot's shaved cunt.

    Brock sees Oliver talking to a neighbor. He stuffs his hard penis into his pants. In the meantime his son who goes towards the main entrance.

    'Oh fuck! That was close. A few seconds more, and Oliver would have surprised me,' Brock thinks.

    Quickly he dresses the Fembot and himself.

    His son is skeptical at first, but his father explains everything about the Fembot and encourages his son to touch it. Oliver likes to touch her hair and her skin, but he is shy, too. As Brock's wants to leave the room, so Oliver can test every hole and every mode, his son asks him to help with the app. Brock takes Oliver's phone and installs the app. Afterwards, he suggests testing "Make-Out-Mode". Oliver is more of an "Open-Mouth-Kisser" and Brock is happy to see, that the Fembot adapts real quick to the new situation. Brock is so glad, to see their tongues touching and kissing. He tries to exit the room a second time.

    Oliver: "Could you help me with her?"

    Brock: "Like a sex talk?"

    "No, not like >The Talk< or the >Birds and the Bees< ... it's more like ... ehm ... I really don't know anything about sex and maybe you could show me with her ..."

    "Ok. How about this ... I will show you the parts of a woman, how to touch them, how to get a woman excited and wet and we will go from there ..."

    "YEAH! Great idea!"

    "Normally you would need consent, but luckily we have a robot here to practice on. So we have to take this belt off ... ehm ..."

    Oliver opens the belt at Tiffany's back, not on her front, like his dad tries.

    "I am proud of you, Oliver, you already do better than your old man."

    "What's next?"

    "It's really cool. She responds to basic voice commands ... watch this!"

    Oliver is really concentrated and excited at the same time.

    "Fembot 2.0 ... ehm ... Tiffany? Raise your arms above your head!"

    Tiffany instantly raises her arms. Her huge tits are shifting position and now both men can take off her white top. Tiffany wears a beautiful black bra, that holds her massive breasts in place.

    "Tiffany rotated 90 degrees to your left!"

    Now Oliver has access to her bra and he can open it. Brock gives him tips if he fumbles it and cannot open it right away. Showing confidence is the most important thing.

    They remove her bra and both of them fall in love with her perfect fake-tits. They are big and firm. Brock shows his son how to touch them and how to play with the nipples. Tiffany's nipples are extra-hard, like pencil-eraser-nipples and Oliver cannot wait to suck on them. A moment later his dad sucks the left nipple and Oliver licks her right one with his tongue. It feels so real, having her nipple in his mouth. Oliver is so happy.

    They take off every piece of clothing and Oliver gets an erection when he sees Tiffany's shaved cunt for the first time. Brock opens up her cunt and explains terms like "labia" and "clit".

    "The clit looks like a little bean ..."

    "That is exactly right. I don't think you will ever see a more beautiful pussy in your life, Son."

    "Yeah, it's really amazing."

    "What do you think ... should we lay her on the couch and explore her pussy a little bit further?"

    Brock continues his sex-education by showing the basics of cunnilingus. He spreads Tiffany's legs, so he can access her sweet Fembot-Cunt with his mouth.

    "Do not go for the pussy directly. Play with your hands on her inner thigh, and kiss her skin. Kiss your way up to the >main event< ... if you know what I mean. Eye contact is key. You will know when she is ready. And then start with a kiss on the clit."

    "The little bean."


    They talk a little bit more about how to please a woman, but Oliver is mainly curious about intercourse. So his dad decides to show him. Brock removes his trousers, strokes his dick a couple of times and then he positions himself in front of Tiffany. The Fembot has her legs spread wide and both men have a good view of her tits and cunt.

    Since Brock did not cum earlier that day, he is actually happy, he can fuck Tiffany again.

    "This model comes with an automated lubrication system, but with a real girl, you might need to talk more or eat her out real good."

    "What does that mean?"

    "Eating out is a term for cunnilingus."

    Brock rubs his dick on her pussy lips.

    "If you are not hard enough, most girls will suck your dick or you can ask them to >help you< understand?"


    "When it's nice and hard and she is wet, you just push it in like that ..."

    Brock inserts his huge cock into the Fembot's vagina. Again Tiffany does not wince or even blink.

    "You should not push it in all the way at first. Most girls need a little time to widen and accept your cock completely. Then you fuck her with long strokes ... back and forth ... nice and consistent."

    "Do you change your speed at all, dad?"

    "You should do, what you like, but ... and that is an important BUT ... you should also pay attention to the woman as well. If she says >faster<, you go faster. If she says >deeper< and >harder<, you go deeper and harder."

    Brock starts to breathe heavily and moan. He really enjoys Tiffany's wet, juicy cunt. And since his son still asks questions he gives the Fembot a good pounding, too.

    "Is a real girl that quiet?"

    "No. You can turn on Moaning in the app. I tested ... ehm ... I heard >Medium< is the best setting to start with."

    Oliver finds the right setting within the app and Tiffany starts moaning, like she is enjoying Brock's cock for real. Oliver smiles. What a great gift by his dad.

    "Ok, son. Are you ready to jump in? Step up the plate, Son!"

    "I don't know ..."

    "Come on, try it, Son. Nobody is watching, nobody is judging. I know you got this, Son, I know you got this."

    They fist-bump each other and Oliver takes off his shirt and then his trousers. Since he is already rock-hard, he puts his glans on Tiffany's clit and rubs it up and down. Then he massages her labia with his penis. When he inserts his cock into her wet cunt, a small moan escapes Tiffany's mouth.

    "Oh, I put it in and she made a noise ..."

    "Yeah, she is learning."

    Oliver shoves his cock in all the way. He tries to copy his dad's fucking motion and the young boy is in heaven.

    "Dad, this is the best present EVER!"

    More pics:

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    PervTherapy: Another Hole in the Wall - Pristine Edge and Jasmine Wilde

    Jasmine Wilde has been having naughty thoughts about her stepdad, Mike Mancini, especially after making a hole in her bedroom wall to watch her step-parents fuck. Luckily, Perv Therapist Pristine Edge is there to save the day. Pristine can get Jasmine and Mike in a much better position using unconventional methods and a little hands-on action.

    Dr. Edge introduces herself. She has been practicing psychology for 10 years now. With two additional degrees she cemented her specialties: couples therapy, sexual coaching and special family dynamics. They start to talk, but nobody gets to the point. So Pristine decides to take a more aggressive approach in her questions.

    Pristine: "What is the competition between you and your mom? Do you feel jealousy or is she jealous of you?"

    Jasmine: "Maybe a little bit of both. I mean ... I see what she has and I'm jealous of that and she sees this younger version of her, bigger tits -"

    Mike: "JASMINE!"

    "We do not judge here, Mike! This is a safe space, your daughter is allowed to talk about everything, in her words and in any way she likes to talk. No judgment!"

    "Ok, dad, no problem ... she might be jealous of my breasts and my 18-year-old body."

    "You talk about >What she has< ... what do you mean by that? Independence, adulthood, money, education? What is it?"

    "My StepDad."

    "Oh, your relationship with your StepDad?"

    "Yes, we like to flirt sometimes", Mike says.

    "But it's just fun, innocent banter."

    "Yes and no. It was innocent until we caught her. She used a hole in the wall to watch us having sex."

    "A hole in the wall?"

    "Yes, she created a hole and watched us having sex the last couple of month."

    "It started like a year ago", Jasmine admits. "Their bedroom is next to mine and the walls are pretty thin. One night the started to have sex ... very loudly. I put my headphones on and tried to ignore it. But the next night, I was drifting off to sleep and I heard my mom screaming in ecstasy ... like >Yes, give it to me< and >Fuck me hard< ... so I listened to it."

    "You listened to your dad and your mom have sex. And it woke you up at night?"

    "Yeah. And I promise at first I tried to ignore it, but when she said >I'm close< and >Just like that ... I'm gonna cum< ... well, then I started to masturbate."

    "You did WHAT?" Mike asks.

    "Mike, please respect the rules: No judgment. You masturbated. I assume you did not picture your naked mother in your head?"

    "Oh God! No! My mother looks very much like me and vice versa. I just pictured myself getting pounded into the bed by my StepDad. Is this wrong?"

    "No, not at all. These fantasies are very common."

    "What made it so interesting is the fact, that I heard noises and sex talk, which I never experienced in my personal life."

    "Like what?"

    "Apparently my dad would go down on my mom. Boys do that to me, too, but not for very long. If they think I'm wet enough for penetration, they mount and start to fuck me. My dad licks my mom what feels like hours. My mom is a very verbal person, so I have a pretty good idea of what's going on."

    Mike denies knowing about the hole in the wall. Jasmine claims he knew everything. Dr. Edge wants to know the reason for the hole. The young daughter explains her behavior with curiosity and her desire to learn more about sex. But then her father started to perform for her.

    "I did not perform for you. It was a tiny, little hole in the wall. Even when you know, it's there, you barely see it."

    "You totally look at that point of the wall."

    "So you saw this hole and you immediately knew it was for you daughter to watch through?"

    Pristine's tone is skeptical and Jasmine nods in agreement.

    "No, not right away, but at one time there was a flash of light and then it was blocked."

    "What did you do then?"

    "I stormed to her room, opened the door -"

    "Without knocking!"

    "Whatever ... and there she was ... in all her glory."

    "She was naked?"

    "Yes. Her nipples were hard and her hand between her legs. The whole room smelled like sex and pussy juice."

    "Like you can smell my pussy ... it's not fishy or anything!"

    "I didn't say that. But I have a good sense of smell. And if a woman is really horny, I can smell it."

    "Through her clothes?"

    "You were butt-naked!"

    "Ok, can we talk about the other incident?"

    "What incident?"

    "They were fucking ... as usual, but I managed to fall asleep anyway. Then suddenly in the middle of the night I woke up. Everything was quiet. I went down to the kitchen and I saw him there ... naked and his dick was semi-hard."

    "How did you feel when you saw your father naked downstairs?"

    "I was like kinda nervous, but also excited ..."

    "Did it change your perspective of your father?"

    "Yes and No. I never seen him as a father figure. But when I saw his beautiful cock, he was no longer my father. He is now this cool older guy, who lives in my house and fucks my mom."

    Mike rolls his eyes.

    They discuss Jasmine's interest more and how to explore it. It's hard for Jasmine to admit it, but she has a crush on her dad. Dr. Edge starts to believe Jasmine. She makes a good case against her father. Even though Mike caught her red handed a few weeks ago, his wife never mentioned anything to Jasmine. But yesterday her mother found out about the hole and one day later both of them are in therapy.

    "I want to try an experiment. Have you heard about exposure therapy?"

    "Exposure?", Mike asks.

    "Yes. In this case we expose Jasmine to a certain situation. We re-enact the incident."

    "Do you think it will help? Is this for the best?"

    "I mean, you are the doctor", Jasmine adds.

    "Ok, Mike, please stand up. I will pretend to be your wife."

    Mike stands up. He smells Pristine's perfume. It's subtle, but he likes it. He realizes what an attractive woman she is.

    "What could you see, Jasmine? Is this the right angle?"

    "I am very uncomfortable to watch like this ... I mean in the open ... like a Peeping-Tom ..."

    "A little bit of discomfort is normal in these kinds of scenarios. Therapy is work and you have to put in the work. You will only gain from therapy what you put in to it."

    "Ok, I trust you. Often times they start with oral sex. My dad moans when she blows him and she make slurping sounds."

    Pristine rubs Mike's cock, which already creates a tent in his trousers.

    "What are you doing, Doc?"

    "Trust me, I am a professional."


    "So you would see your mom performing oral on your dad."


    "Ok, we will re-enact this. Are you comfortable with this?"

    "What will you do exactly?"

    "I will re-enact the sequence of events, that your daughter sees, when she watches through the hole. So I will perform oral on you, strictly for medical reasons."

    "Wait, wait, wait ... is this legal?"

    "Of course it's legal. I am certified for this kind of therapy. I am a trained professional."

    "This is highly unusual."

    "I said in the beginning and I will say it now: My methods are unusual and for some people extreme, but the good results will proof me right. Trust me and trust the process."

    "Okay, Doc! Whatever you say."

    Jasmine nods in agreement. She cannot wait to see her dad's cock again. And this time it will be in brought daylight.

    Dr. Edge unbuckles her Mike's belt. She keeps talking to Jasmine, so everything is in the right angle and in the right position. When Pristine pulls down Mike's boxers Jasmine immediately tries to get a good look of her father's penis.

    Pristine licks the shaft and kisses the tip. Then she takes it in her mouth and sucks it up and down. After her mouth gets accustomed to his dick, she deep-throats it.

    "I have never seen my StepDad's cock so close."

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    PureTaboo: Christy Love and Codey Steele - Intro To Impregnation (Determined Lesbian Teacher Makes Male Teen Student Impregnate Her)

    Lillian Broundness (Christy Love) is at home on the phone with a fertility clinic. She is upset that they haven't been able to get her pregnant and that her options are dwindling. The clinic suggests that she considers being impregnated by a ONS, which outrages her.

    "Some random dude? Y-you... How DARE you?! No, I HAVEN'T >considered insemination by any man I know personally< ... I'm a LESBIAN, you homophobic PRICK! FUCK you, I'm done with you AND your SCAM of a clinic...!" Lillian says angrily.

    Hanging up the phone in disgust, Lillian collapses, breaking down and sobbing.

    Lillian is a teacher, so the next day, she goes to school. Sitting at her desk, wracked with uncertainty about her situation, she finally spots a yearbook and gets an idea: Getting semen from a trusted man in her life ... or at least someone she knows. Lillian looks through the yearbook, considering seducing a male faculty member, but the options disgust her. She then decides on seducing a male student, Codey. If she is going to fuck a student, it might as well be a young stud who can fuck her as long and as hard as her favorite dildo. Doggy style should not be a problem ...

    Lillian calls Codey. Claiming that there was a problem with the last test he took, she asks him to come to see her the next day. He agrees.

    The next day, Codey (Codey Steele) arrives at Lillian's classroom as per her request. Lillian tells him that, due to an unfortunate glitch, he needs to take the test again.

    As they chat, Lillian starts assessing Codey in person, praising him. Codey is flattered but also weirded out, unsure of what is happening. Normally his teacher wears tight long dresses or some kind of business suit. In Codey's opinion, Lillian is a perfect model, with a perfect face, athletic, and a perfect body. She cannot hide it, so she does not try, but she does not dress very sexy either ... no cleavage, no short skirts, and sometimes no skin at all. But today she is dressed like she wants to go to a club: sexy nylons, garter belt and she shows more skin than ever. He even got a short look at her panties.
    Codey thinks about it but then tries to shake off these strange emotions and thoughts. Finally, he sits down at a nearby desk to retake the test.

    Lillian finds Codey extremely attractive and she actually looks forward to getting his penis inside of her.

    As he takes the test, Lillian starts seducing Codey, who is surprised.

    Codey: "I feel strange, Mr. Broundness ... can I speak freely?"

    Lillian: "Of course."

    "You look at me the whole time, you smile a lot, you unbuttoned your shirt ... is something going on?"

    "Can't you tell by the way I look at you?"

    Lillian stands up and walks towards him.

    "If you would be a cheerleader, I would say >Yes< ... but you are my teacher, so I am not sure."

    "It's been a long time since I have been with a man ..."

    "Ok, what has that to do with anything."

    "I want your genes."

    "My jeans? Why would you want them?"

    "No, not your jeans, your genes, your sperm."

    "Ok, that was blunt ... I have to say >No< because the school would not like it ... me having a relationship with my teacher, I mean."

    'That is not a real >No< ... I think he finds me attractive, but he does not want to get into trouble. What a cute boy.'

    Lillian comes on even more to Codey, who seems tempted. However, Codey is afraid that having an affair with his teacher will ruin his future.

    Lillian insists that she's not looking for a relationship -- she just wants him to get her pregnant.

    "You see ... I want to get pregnant. I tried everything ... really everything and I ran out of money. So I really need you."

    Codey is shocked and tries to deny Lillian, not wanting to be a father. Lillian assures him he won't have any further involvement --- she WANTS to be a single mom.

    "I don't know ... I have college coming up, and I cannot deal with a kid right now."

    "There are no strings attached. I just need your genes. I want to be a single mom and I would not tell the kid, who is his father."

    "I have a girlfriend and I do not want to cheat on her. There are adopting agencies or invitro stuff you can try. Best of luck with your future baby."

    Lillian grabs his shirt. She is getting desperate.

    "I tried everything. You are my last and only hope. I need your help!"

    Codey tries to find other solutions and excuses. He still hesitates and he really wants to get out of this situation.

    "Listen ... my girlfriend will cut my dick off when she finds out. There MUST be other options. You hear me?!"

    Lillian does not like his tone and she will go to any lengths to get what she wants.

    "If you do not follow through, I will ruin your life. I will delete all tests and all your homework."

    "You wouldn't."

    "Is this a test? There is a computer right there ... ok ... let's delete all your work from last week."

    She turns around and goes to her desk. Codey jumps up and grabs her arm. She turns around. They are the same height and their sexual attraction to each other is so thick, that you could cut the air with it.

    "You know I can click this button any moment ... right now you have the decision to either do as I say ... or ... not go to college."

    Codey squirms and tries to get out of it, but Lillian, desperate, threatens to ruin his future by sabotaging his chances of getting into college. Codey finally reluctantly agrees to impregnate Lillian.

    She strokes his penis through his pants and after is it hard, which does not take long, she removes her panties, showing off her shaved cunt, and Lillian bends over the table. Codey can see her perfect ass and her gorgeous pussy, which is glistening because his teacher is sopping wet.

    "I am ready for you."

    Even though Codey likes to banter with his girlfriend, this situation was not at all stimulating for him. His cock is not hard at all.

    "Miss Broundness ... ehm ... this is not how it works. Most of my girlfriends would suck it and get it ready."

    "Ok ... okay."

    Now it's time for Lillian to hesitate. She never sucked a man's penis before. Codey feels her second thoughts, but since his cock is out in the open and his teacher is on her knees, he wants to feel her mouth and her pussy. That she is wet for him is a huge compliment for him and it made him a little horny as well.

    "Would you please ... I mean ... suck it ... I mean it was your idea and it needs to be hard to enter your vagina ..."


    She touches his dick with her right hand, not really knowing what to do. At first, she just opens her mouth and lets his glans touch her tongue. It tastes weird, totally different than her girlfriend's pussy. She retracts her mouth instantly. Even though his penis is now semi-hard, Lillian knows she has to do a good job. The more Codey will enjoy her BJ and their fucking, the more sperm he will shoot into her cunt. So she gives his penis another try.

    After sucking just the tip a few times, interrupting the process over and over again, Lillian get's accustomed to the taste. And she starts to like sucking this young boy's dick. Not breaking contact anymore, she relaxes her jaw, opens wide, and she takes half of his cock into her mouth. Codey starts to moan and his penis unloads the first drops of pre-cum into her mouth. She feels his cock hitting against her throat, but she manages not to gag. She really wants it to be good for him.

    She takes away her mouth again since spit is running out of her mouth, drooling on the floor.

    "Take it in your mouth again, keep sucking!"

    And she does. A little spit won't hurt if the boy gets her pregnant and fills her pussy with cum. She needs his semen and wants to provide him with a strong orgasm.

    Lillian does not know how hard it has to be, to penetrate her. She sometimes stops the BJ, feels his hardness and then continues sucking. Codey's teacher gets accustomed to his penis hitting her throat and she tries something, she saw in a lesbian porn movie ... one girl had a strop-on the other was sucking the fake-dick. The girl pushed her head up and down, fucking the dildo with her mouth. Lillian tries this fucking motion and Codey's cock grows another inch in her mouth. She can taste his pre-cum and she actually likes getting fucked in her mouth.

    Codey does not dare to move. He is about to cum in his teacher's mouth, but he can hold back. He wants to fuck her sweet, wet pussy so bad ... but this blowjob is so unbelievably good, he cannot stop looking at her beautiful face, fucking his dick. Lillian keeps thrusting his penis in and out of her mouth.

    When she finally knows, he is as hard as he can be, she says: "Why don't you taste me?"

    She lays on the table, spreads her legs wide, and offers her perfect, shaved cunt to him.

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    PureTaboo: Kenna James, Mindi Mink, Jake Adams
    Title: MIXED SIGNALS -- Slutty Sister takes pity and fucks her nerdy new StepBrother

    A beautiful woman named Mindi steps out of her car. She looks around, breathing in the fresh air and smiling, happy to finally be home after such a long drive. She pops the trunk and takes out some luggage, pausing cautiously before walking back to the passenger door. She raps on the window and it slowly rolls down to reveal an uncomfortable looking young man sitting inside. Mindi has driven her 23-year-old son, Jake, home from college for the summer. Jake is really shy. He is his normal self online (Teamspeak, Discord), but he is very quiet around people.

    It will be the first time that Jake visits his mom at her new house ... and with her new family. The woman recently re-married a man with a 19-year-old daughter who still lives at home. Jake never grew up with any siblings and has certainly never spent any time with teenage girls. He is still a virgin. A very awkward virgin. His mom asks if he is ready to come inside. Jake looks pensive. She assures him that no is going to bite. It means a lot to her that he's agreed to spend the summer getting to know everyone. Jake asks if he can just go to his room. Slightly frustrated, Mindi opens the door and pulls her son to his feet.

    "No! It's not okay, Jake!" she says. "Today is a big deal for me. Will you please just play along?"

    Jake takes a deep breath and says OK. Mindi smiles and gives him a big hug.

    Jake sits rigidly on the couch while Mindi talks in the background, showing her son her husband's art collection and bragging about his sophisticated tastes. Way nicer than Jake's deadbeat father! Suddenly, the back door opens and Kenna bursts in the house. Bright eyed and perky, the scantily-dressed StepSister runs over to Mindi and gives her a big bear hug before turning her eyes to Jake. Jake takes one look at her and flushes red.

    Kenna: "Is that my new big brother?"

    Mindi: "Yes, that's Jake."

    Jake: "Hi!"

    "I love him!" Kenna says flirtatiously. "Mom, you didn't tell me your son was so adorable?!"

    She slides in beside Jake to give him a hug. Jake doesn't know where to put his hands. She giggles and slides off, introducing herself and welcoming him to the family.

    "Sorry, I can come off as a little hyper!" she apologizes. "I'm just so happy to finally meet you!"

    She kisses his cheek and tells Mindi that she'll be in her room before running out. Mindi smiles.

    "Kenna is a sweet girl. Where was I?"

    Mindi gets back to her tour. Jake covers the bulge in his trousers. Kenna smelled really good. Her hug and her kiss gave him a raging hard-on.

    A few days later Kenna wants to go for a run or at least walk around the lake. She stretches in front of Jake.

    "So, how old are you?"

    "I'm 23."

    "And I know you mentioned school. Which one do you go to?"

    "I'm, uh, at Northwestern."

    "You ... you read a lot. Why?"

    "Just graduate school and stuff."

    'That answer doesn't make sense ... well ... whatever!'

    "Yeah, I just turned 19. I'm not really quite sure what I'm going to do with my life, but I'm sure I'll figure it out."

    Kenna looks at him. She is trying to connect with him, but he really makes it hard on her. Since he does not answer, she continues stretching. Kenna bends down, grabbing her ankles trying to get her forehead near her leg. She is not aware, that her ass presents itself to Jake. The outlines of her butt-cheeks are clearly visible. Jake cannot help it, he stares at his StepSister.

    The young girl catches his gaze, but she is not upset. She likes to tease men with her perfect body. Jake is so innocent. Kenna wants to comfort and take care of him. She feels for him like a puppy. Kenna sits next to him.

    "You, uh, you don't get out much, do you? Well, maybe if you're not too busy one night, we can go catch a movie."

    She leans over and gives him a kiss on the cheek.

    "Think about it, ok?"

    Later that day Kenna prepares for a date. She studies her lines in front of a mirror. It's not about giving a performance, it's about self confidence. In her first relationship, she had a hard time, talking about her wishes. Her Ex helped her with that. When Kenna said: "Eat me out! Lick my cunt!"
    ... he was really surprised. Kenna was terrified for a moment, but then he had gone down on her. He spent more than half an hour between her legs, making her cum three times. She was exhausted afterwards and literally could not walk.

    "That's my gift for you, because you gave me the gift of honesty earlier," he said.

    'That was easier than I thought.'

    Since that day, she practices sexual stuff in front of a mirror.

    Kenna runs through her lines one last time. What she doesn't know: Jake just entered the hallway and he listens to her.

    "Hi there, big man!"

    Kenna tries not to break eye contact with her mirror image.

    "And, would you fuck me? Cause I'd fuck with you!"

    Kenna changes her tone.

    "From the moment I first saw you, you made my pussy so wet," she says. "I need you. I'm going to fuck you tonight."

    Jake takes a look inside. Kenna is butt-naked. The image of her breasts is burned into Jake's brain. He hides behind the door.

    'A real man would enter her room and fuck her right now. I mean, she is begging for it.'

    But Jake just looks down, walks by her door as fast and as silent as he can.

    It's Friday night and Kenna was busy the whole week. She just want to hang tonight. Mindi prepares to go out.

    "I am heading out for the evening to the theater with Julie. We should be home around midnight."

    Mindi checks her purse and her keys.

    "Do you guys need anything? Before I leave?"

    "No," Kenna says.


    "Everything is fine."

    "Good. Well, it's great to see you guys hanging out."

    They say their goodbyes, and Jake finally decides to make his move.

    "Hey, uh, Kenna?"


    "Um, do you mind to come into my room for a minute? I, uh, I want to show you something."


    Kenna goes to his bedroom in front of him. Her ass wiggles.

    'I hope she stands still. It's so hard to concentrate when she moves.'

    Kenna turns around.

    "So, uh, what did you want to show me?"

    His mother's voice is ringing in Jake's head. "Be a little aggressive. Grow some balls. Women like that. Act like a man!"

    Jake pushes Kenna to the bed, moves over her body and kisses her. Kenna's returns the kiss for one second, then she tries to move her hand to his shoulder, but his arm is blocking her. Finally she fends him off. Jake stumbles against the wall, crashing a vase.

    "What the hell?" Kenna screams.

    "What did I do?"

    "What was that?"

    "I thought that's what you wanted."

    "Why would you think that's what I wanted?"

    "You're the one coming on to me."


    "You're the one who's wearing those clothes and touching me, I ... I ..."

    "And you think that means I want that?"

    "I heard you in the bathroom."

    "Are you spying on me?"

    "No, that's not, no, no, no, no, no, no."

    Jake is so embarrassed.

    "You were talking and I could hear you."

    "You mean the day that I was in the bathroom and had the door closed?"

    'You were completely naked and the doors were NOT closed!'

    "That, by the way, was for somebody that I'm fucking. Which is not YOU!"

    Kenna also made a video for her fuck-buddy that day, but Jake does not need to know that.

    "Okay, okay, okay, you're right, you're right, you should just go. Come on ... c'mon!

    "What are you? Some kind of pervert? You're my StepBrother! This is disgusting!"

    "Stop, stop, stop! Please go, please! I'm sorry."

    Kenna catches a shiny object with her eye.

    "What is that?"

    "That's nothing."

    Jake is one step ahead of her, but she yanks her photo out of his hands.

    "Give me that! Oh my god, are you really masturbating to my photo?"

    Jake sits down and hides his face behind his hands.

    "Oh, oh, that's disgusting. Oh god, that is gross."

    Kenna wanders around the room. She is upset and grossed out. She looks at her brother, but she is so upset, she better calm down before she speaks. Kenna sees a are bulge in her brother's pants. Jake has a massive hard-on.

    "Oh my god, are you hard? Oh my god, that's rich."

    Jake tries to hide his erection with his hands, but the bulge in his pants has been spotted and it's not going away.

    "And what's that down on the floor? That is your cum rag. How disgusting! Oh my god!"

    Jake wishes he would vanish from the face of the earth. He goes into a fetal position on his bed, hiding his face behind his hands. Kenna looks at her brother, as he starts to shiver all over. Suddenly she feels sorry for him. Kenna sits next to him and touches his back. Careful she carcasses his back and his hair.

    "Are you still a virgin?"


    "That explains a lot ... actually."

    Kenna's mind is racing. She loves sex. She loves everything about it, especially giving head. Kenna knows her brother needs sex to build confidence, but it can't be her that ...

    "Look, I know you're my stepbrother, and this is really gross, but I'm gonna help you out."

    "Help me out?"

    "Yes, being a virgin and all ... I'm gonna teach you sex and how to please a woman."


    "Yes, really."

    Kenna gets up and put his knees apart. Jake is very tense.

    "Relax, relax!"

    "You're gonna have sex with me?"

    "Yes, I'm going to have sex with you."

    Kenna looks at his hard cock. Her brother's penis is massive. She will need two hands to stroke it. His erection turns her on. Kenna starts to cream in her panties. She is sopping wet just thinking about sex with her brother.

    "But ... Hey Jake! Look at me."

    Jake looks into her beautiful eyes.

    "You don't cum inside of me. We are not dating. This is a one time pity fuck. Got it?"

    "Uh, really?"

    "Yes, really. Do you understand?"



    She unbuckles his belt, opens his pants and starts to suck his cock.

    "I can't believe I'm doing this."

    On the one hand Kenna almost wants to dislike it. Pitty sex should not be good sex. On the other hand Jake is in heaven. His penis is so fucking hard, his eyes are so transfixed on her face ... Kenna begins to loosen up. Jake mumbles compliments like "The most beautiful girl in the world" ... "You are gorgeous" ... "That feels so good" ... Kenna start to get into it. Her pussy is sopping wet.

    'My Ex was right ... I am a pleaser.'

    The sex scene plays out like a typical first-time sexual experience for Jake, who tries his best not to cum with every new move that Kenna makes. At a certain point, Kenna stops the sex and asks if Jake just came inside of her. He says no and so she keeps going, enjoying the control she has over her nerdy StepBrother. She tells him what to do all during the sex, including when to pull out and cum on her stomach. He does obediently.

    After they've finished, Kenna uses some tissues to wipe herself off before hurriedly putting her clothes back.

    "Come on," she tells Jake. "I don't want any of your cum in me. Let's go back to watching TV before mom gets home. And don't you fucking tell anybody about this!"

    She runs out, leaving Jake alone. He slides his boxers on in a daze before collapsing back on the bed ... ecstatic.

    SIX WEEKS LATER: Jake is studying in his bedroom when Kenna barges into the room, yelling his name.


    "What is it? What's wrong?" he asks.

    Furious, she holds up a pregnancy test.

    "This!" She yells.

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    BangBrosClips: Isabella Nice - Use The Special Hole

    A few weeks ago, Jay woke up because someone in the next room was shouting. The ruckus was over before Jay was fully awake. He quietly sneaked to her room to spy on his StepSister and her boyfriend.

    Isabella: "Sex like this is boring, Steve!"

    Steve: "I like doggy, you like doggy ... I don't see the problem."

    "Yes, I like doggy, but it's the only way you wanna do it. There are so many great positions. I really would like to try them all."

    "I don't want you to see my >orgasm-face< ... my last girlfriend told me it looked ugly."

    "I am not your last girlfriend!"

    "Yes, I know. Ok, I have an idea. We could try missionary and cowgirl next time."

    "Oh, really?"

    "We just have to turn off all the lights."

    "But I want to see you. You are ripped, you are gorgeous."

    It goes back and forth like that. Jay walks down to the living room to watch some TV.

    A couple of weeks later, Jay heard them fighting again. Isa wanted to be tied up, but her BF is not into BDSM. "You are a freak!" he shouts while slamming the door behind him.

    Today the next incident occurs. Isabella is fuming ... again. She is on the phone with her boyfriend. Jay tries to study, but it's hard not to listen.

    "Are you fucking kidding me? You are ignoring my needs ... constantly. I'm breaking up with you because you won't put it in my fucking asshole."

    Isabella walks over to the pool. She needs to breathe fresh air. Her BF does not understand the situation.

    "You don't get it? It's unacceptable. I told you a million times. We have been together for this long, and you still won't fuck me in the ass. I bet your friends would love to fuck me in the ass. I'm sure anyone would love to, but you don't want to, so I'm breaking up with you."

    Jay overhears the word "disgusting" on the other end.

    "I will give you another chance if you use all my holes. No? Then it's over."

    Frustrated, Isabella hangs up. She leaves the pool and goes to her room.

    Jay brings his books to his room. Afterwards, he goes to check up on his sister.

    Isabella looks up at him when Jay knocks on her open door.

    "Are you still upset? Do you want to talk about it?"

    "There is not much to talk about. I broke up with my boyfriend."

    "Well, I heard everything."

    They talk about her situation. Isabella loves anal, but she has to trust the person who licks and fingers her ass.

    "You know ... I need to warm up before someone can fuck me in the ass. It needs sex, kissing, licking, and fingering my asshole, you know?"

    "I understand. In my humble opinion, the >warm-up< is as good as anal itself."

    "You think so?"


    They discuss the benefits of dating apps, but Isabella thinks they take too much time, and the Warm-Up-Argument stays the same with "Tinder-Strangers" or other random hookups. Jay offers to introduce her to some of his male friends, but "they're all idiots" or even kanus.

    "What's with me?"

    "Like I already said, your help is greatly appreciated, but I don't wanna fuck your friends."

    "No. I'm talking about me, about my penis. I could fuck you in the ass. I always liked your booty, and I often wondered what you would look like naked."

    "You are my StepBrother?!"

    "Yes, the word >Step< is key here, isn't it? It would be like sex between roommates."

    "Have you fucked a girl in the ass before?"


    "Tell me about it."

    "I start with the second story. My second time was with a 30-year-old woman. We hooked up a couple of times. Anal became our thing. She taught me everything I know. She made me fall in laugh with >anal-warm-up< and anal itself."

    "And your first experience?"

    "The first time was with an ONS. I was pretty drunk, and the girl had a few shots as well. We had no lube, but she really wanted it. The sex started in the shower, so I had no problem licking her asshole."

    "You licked her asshole in the shower?"

    "No, I fingered her ass in the shower and played with her cunt. I think licking her asshole drove her to the decision to try anal."

    "And did you do it?"

    Isabella feels her pussy getting wet. Jay's story turns her on.

    "Yes, it went in. The girl told me to take it slow, and my cock went in halfway. But I soon lost control fucking her real hard. She screamed but said I should continue. When I saw tears in her eyes, I stopped."

    "And you fucked her pussy again."

    "Yes. And I came pretty quickly. I wanted to get her off as well, but she did not want it."

    "Why not?"

    "She was disappointed in herself. She was determined to take my whole dick up her ass."

    "Some women are strange."

    "Some men, too ... like your boyfriend."

    Isabella laughs. They look at each other.

    "There is no shame in your desires, Sis. I bet every guy has tried anal."



    "Do you like it?"

    "I love it, but only if the girl enjoys it. I think you might like it, too."

    "I know, I like it. I put stuff up there before, so ..." Isabella hesitates. "I am looking forward to my next >anal-warm-up< as you would call it. So hypothetically speaking - first, we would have to wait for our parents to leave, and no one can ever find out about this."

    "Oh, they are gone for the day. And nobody will ever find out."

    "You promise me you won't tell your friends?"

    "Of course! Why would I tell them?"

    "Ok. Can I see it?"

    "See what?"

    "I want to see what you are working with - what is going up my ass if this does happen."

    "Oh?! You mean, you wanna see my dick?"

    "That's what would be in my ass, right?"


    "I want to see if it's bigger than my anal toy."

    Jay opens his pants and removes them. Isabella instantly grabs his cock.

    "Well, it's not hard right now."

    "Oh, don't worry. I actually like seeing it soft so I can see what a cock grows into. That's the fun of it, you know?"

    "It will get there."

    "It's growing in my hand right now. You do have a nice dick. It looks like it could be a good fit for that kind of hole."

    "I bet your ass will stretch since you have experience."

    "Oh, didn't I tell you? It will be my first time having a real dick in my ass."


    "Yes. I was saving my anal virginity for my boyfriend. What a waste."

    "His loss, my gain."

    Isabella starts to suck her brother's cock. At first very gently and slowly.

    "You have a really nice cock. I like it in my mouth."

    Jay's little sister gets more daring, getting more and more of his huge cock in her mouth. At one point Isa is so horny, she wants to feel his penis insider her. In a swift motion she sits on his cock and takes it all in.

    When her brother starts to play with her asshole, Isabella knows she made the right decision. It was a very good idea to let her brother take her A-Card.

    To be continued ...

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    PureTaboo: Ashley Adams - Daddy Diddler

    It is evening and Rachel (Ashley Adams), an 18-year-old virgin, sits opposite her StepFather (Steve Holmes) at the dining room table. They are eating their meal in relative silence, with only the occasional exchange of pleasantries. She thinks about her boyfriend, Ethan (Logan Pierce) and how sweet he is.

    Her dad says something, and she gets pulled back into the here and now. Both dad and daughter are dressed modestly and use proper manners while eating. You get the feeling that it is a very conservative household. After he has finished, dad wipes his mouth with his napkin and offers to put the plates away. It's time for Ashley to get ready for bed and he'll be up to tuck her in shortly. She stands obediently, kisses him on the forehead, and leaves the room.

    Ashley enters her bedroom. Nervously, she removes her clothes and pulls a mirror out from under her pillow. She uses the mirror to check her vagina, spreading her lips to see up inside herself, before hearing her father coming, quickly hiding it and slipping on her nightgown.

    When her father enters the room, he smiles at his daughter.

    "Are you ready for your nightly check?" he asks.

    She nods and smiles back. As her father pulls back the covers and she lifts her nightgown, the father asks Ashley to reiterate why she thinks it's important that they do this every night, even now that she's 18 and an adult woman.

    "Because you are my StepFather and it is your responsibility to keep me safe", she says.

    While saying that, her legs are spread wide open. Steve can see Ashley's beautiful teenage-cunt. Over her shaved cunt-lips, Steve sees her bush. It's shaped like a triangle and it is not trimmed. He does not want for his daughter to look like a 12-year-old, but hairy pussy-lips would distract his view and make his task more difficult.
    Seeing her cunt like that, often times makes him hard. Ashley's willingness to spread her legs this far, plays tricks on his mind, too. He would never say or do anything, but when he was drunk one night, he gave in. He stroked his cock, thinking about his little girls virgin cunt and her hot, tight asshole. He imagined to fuck both holes until his cock exploded. Steve never came so hard in his life. Streams of sperm flew high in the air, making a mess everywhere.
    He felt shame for a whole month. Steve confessed his deadly sin to a priest and went to church every day, praying and begging to be forgiven.

    Steve nods and tells her to continue.

    "And ... keeping me safe means that I remain unspoiled."

    Looking at her vagina, he asks what he must do to keep her unspoiled. She spreads her lips open and looks back at him.

    "You must check my womanhood. That is what mom would want. Please daddy, please check to make sure I'm still a virgin."

    The father, spreading her legs open even further, smiles as he sticks his fingers up inside Ashley, wiggling them around while she squirms silently. It only takes a second, but Steve recognizes her wetness. That first happened when she was 13. One time - with 16 - she was sopping wet and since then, her father ignores it. He would prefer it, if she would not get wet, but she is 18 and Steve assumes, her hormones are acting up.
    His wife would get wet just by kissing him. He often times, just shoved it in without foreplay, because she would get wet so fast.

    ?She is her mother's daughter.?

    She looks quite nervous and studies her father's face to gauge his reaction. After a few awkward moments, he pulls his fingers out. He has her turn around, spread her ass cheeks, and show him her anus as well. He inspects and puts a finger on it and patting her ass-cheek. He looks at her asshole and her shaved cunt longingly. Steve is rock-hard now, but he will not act on his primal instincts again. Smiling in satisfaction, he tells her everything looks good and kisses her on the forehead.

    "Goodnight my darling," he whispers and leaves, the camera lingering on her blank face as he turns out the light.

    The next day Ashley walks home from school when an older boy named Logan drives up alongside her and stops his car. The pair have been secretly dating for a few months and today they are supposed to go back to his apartment to hang out. He rolls down his window and asks why she didn't meet him at their usual place?

    Ashley is very hesitant. She likes Logan but knows he wants to fuck her. She's even promised that she wants to do it too. But, now that the day is here, she is panicking. But, not wanting to disappoint her boyfriend, she gets into the car.

    They arrive at Logan's apartment, talking about school and one thing leads to another. Soon they are making out on the couch. After a few minutes of kissing, Logan goes to remove Ashley's clothes when she asks him to stop.

    "Logan ... if you really love me, you can wait."

    He is disappointed, but she doesn't think she can do it. Logan stops respectfully and asks if there is something they should talk about. Ashley begins spewing various excuses about coming from a traditional family, wanting to wait until marriage, and not wanting to catch any diseases. Logan ensures her that sex is natural, it's normal, and his family goes to church too. It's the 21st century -- attitudes have changed. Besides, he promises to go slow and pull out. Ashley is still unsure ... will she look different after? Will people be able to tell? If you looked at her privates, could you tell something had happened? Her questions tiptoe around her real concerns, without ever actually revealing the truth, and Logan just writes it off as his girlfriend being naive. He laughs and tells her that no one will ever be able to tell they had sex. Finally, she agrees, and this descends into the first BG sex sequence, where Logan takes Ashley's virginity. At first physically uncomfortable with the new sensations, Ashley gradually begins to like it and by the end is begging Logan not to pull out ... even when he says he's going to cum. He ends up cumming inside of her and the semen dribbles out of her quivering pussy. Logan holds her and tells her he loves her, while she looks off in the distance very conflicted. It felt so good -- but now she must go home. CUT to Ashley sitting opposite her StepFather at the dining room table that evening. They are eating another meal in silence, except this time Ashley looks very anxious. Every time her step-dad asks her something, she clams up and he clearly notices. It is very awkward. Finally, she asks to be excused for bed. He nods, and she stands up, leaving the room quickly without kissing him. CUT to Ashley curled up under the covers in bed when her StepFather enters. He asks her if she is ready to be checked. She doesn't respond.

    "Ashley," he repeats himself.

    "I asked you a question. Are you ready to have your nightly check?"

    Releasing the covers and slowly pulling up her nightgown, she nods. As he spreads her legs open, she nervously asks how it is that he can tell if she is a virgin. Smiling at her innocence, he replies that he is her StepFather, the man she grew up with, the man who stood by her side throughout all their family's hardships. Father knows best. She nods in agreement before closing her eyes.

    "Are you ready for me to check you now?" he asks.

    She says yes, spreading her lips. He puts one finger inside of her, then two, then three. There is a long awkward pause, as she anxiously awaits his reaction. Slowly, his expression grows confused then extremely disappointed and angry.

    "What have you done?" he begins to yell, as he slides three fingers inside of her to confirm his findings.

    "Ashley, what in god's name have you done?!"

    He pulls his hand out and stands up in disgust. Ashley scrambles after her StepFather, begging him to calm down. He is in a rage, yelling at her for betraying their family and for spoiling herself. He demands to know who has done this; what disgusting man has stolen his daughter's virginity. In desperation, she turns herself around and shows him her asshole.

    "But ... I'm still pure here! I'm still technically a virgin, daddy. He didn't get my special hole! I wouldn't give that away!"

    The father looks away in disgust, telling her he can't even bear to look at her anymore. She continues to plead with him, asking for forgiveness.

    "I'm still just like your real daughter! Please, just look at me. I wouldn't give it all away, I promise. I .... was .... saving it for you!!"

    This makes the StepFather stop. He slowly turns around and looks at her, seething.

    "What did you say?"

    Work in progress ...
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