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    PervTherapy: Bikini Treatment - Laney Grey

    Laney is a teen girl with a serious issue of body dysmorphia, and she is about to go on a family trip to Florida. She doesn't like the way she looks, and she is insecure about her body, so she goes to see Dorian, her therapist, for some guidance. To overcome her disorder, Dorian asks her to wear a skimpy bikini. The experiment seems to work, but Laney is also convinced that she can't get any boy to like her. Dorian quickly discovers the root of Laney's trauma and takes a rather unorthodox approach to reassure her patient's self-esteem: a hot fuck session.

    Dr. DelIsla meets a shy girl, who is very well educated. All questions he ask are answered right away with honesty and clarity. To open up, Dorian suggests to be on a first name bases. Laney agrees. Her first "Dorian" instead of "Doc" needs some getting used to, but she is getting there.

    She was a chubby kid. Laney lacks self confidence and wears wide dresses, which hide her body. She doesn't feel well looking at herself. Her mother suggested counseling after the "Sauna-Incident". Her mother had to babysit a house for two weeks. She found out it had a sauna in the basement. Laney never did something like that, but she was curious. Laney researched everything in the internet, set up the sauna and waited for her mom. Her mom texted her, she would be 10 minutes late and Laney should start without her. Laney put on her black bikini, went in the sauna and tried to relax.

    "What are you doing?" her mom asked.

    Laney opened her eyes and there she was: her mother ... butt-naked. Her huge and perfect tits right in Laney's face. Without a word Laney left the sauna. She started to cry, when she heard her mother screaming out her name.

    "You are so perfect, Mom, why can't I look like this."

    "We talked about that a million times. My breasts are big, yours are medium, but boys will love them ... I'll guarantee it."

    "I'm so ashamed."

    "I'm so sorry, Baby. I didn't expect, you would wear a bikini in the sauna ... In a million years I would NOT have guessed that ... not with you own mother. I'm female and I love you. Please undress and step into the sauna with me. You have nothing ... NOTHING to be embarrassed about."

    Laney excepted, but she made her mother look away when she undressed. After a while Laney felt comfortable in the nude.

    Dorian makes notes about this incident. This seems like a severe case of "body dysmorphia".

    Dorian: "Please stand up!"

    Laney: "Why?"

    "I want to see your body. I'm a man, I think I can tell, if you are attractive or not, if you are chubby or not."

    She stands up.

    "I'm not hot. The main reason I came here is because ... ehm ... my family wants to go on this trip ... with a beach, the ocean and other stuff."

    "A nude beach?"

    "Oh Hell No! I would rather die before strange people see me naked. If I would show my boobs all people would run away."

    "That's also not true. But you are afraid of something. What is it?"

    "Yes, I am afraid. I wanted to buy a burka, but my mother told me to wear a bikini at a public beach. That is insane. She bought me sexy-lingerie. I am wearing it right now, because my mother told me so. But I wear this dress over it, so nobody can see anything."

    "You got a bad vision of yourself. To be frank: You opinion about your looks is false. You are a beautiful girl. If we would go on the street right now and we would ask a 100 men if you are beautiful, 95 of them would say >Yes< ... I promise you."

    "95? Really?"

    "You are hot! And I don't tell you as a therapist, I tell you as a man."

    Dr. DelIsla got a black bikini from her mother. Dorian did not know if they would use them, but now he is impressed with the mother and her foresight. He pulls out the bikini and tells Laney to put it on. She insists that he turns around. The young girl triple-checks, that he does not look. When she is ready and Dorian turns around she immediately starts to push herself down.

    "That's ugly. My belly is fat, my arms don't look good, my breasts are too saggy for that kind of a bikini. I should get a boob job as soon as possible."

    "STOP! That's all utter nonsense. You are very attractive and you are easy on the eyes."

    "My legs look chunky, I have cellulite everywhere ... I can't go out like this."

    "Look in the mirror. Don't you see a beautiful girl?"

    "No. I'm uncomfortable. Maybe this therapy thing wasn't such a good idea."

    "Trust me, it is. Wanna know a secret?"


    "My penis is hard. Nature doesn't lie. My penis is hard because you are gorgeous and sexy."

    "You have a boner?"

    "Yes. The penis tells no lies. That's a rule!"

    Laney complains about her boobs. Dorian figures out quickly, that Laney's breasts are her major concern. He encourages her to show off her tits. It takes some explanations and persuasion, but she finally reveals them. Dorian likes them and he is genuinely enthusiastic about them. He even grabs them at some point. For the first time Laney smiles as Dorian's hands make contact with her tits. It felt good being touched by a man. She felt wanted and an unknown sexual desire surges through her body.

    "Show me that ass, please!"

    "I don't know ... it's so chunky."

    "No, it's not."

    Laney removes the bikini.

    "Laney, it's the most perfect ass, I have ever seen."

    "No, you have not."

    "In real life it is, trust me."

    "But you have seen better butts in Playboy, right?"

    "I don't count photoshopped butts at all. Your ass is real, it's juicy, cute and perfect."

    "You are just saying that ..."

    "What do you think will happen, if a man sees you naked like this?"

    "He will run away."

    But Laney smiles. Dorian is not sure, if she is joking or not, but it would be a good sign. But to make a positive reinforcement for Laney, that will stick, Dorian decides to go to extreme length. He stands up and puts Laney's hand in his lap.

    "If a man sees you in the nude, he will get hard, just like me."


    Laney takes her hand away almost instantly, but Dorian puts it on his cock again.

    "Feel it! You did that, with your amazing body."


    "What do you think? That I get hard for every woman in the street? I do not."

    "It's hard because of me? Isn't that the ultimate test?"

    "It's more like a statement. It says the man really likes you. And that he feels sexual desire for you."

    "I'm still not sure."

    Dorian sits down again and pulls his cock out.

    "I am hard because of you. Please take a closer look. See how hard you made me."

    Laney kneels down, she puts a hand on her pussy rubbing her clit for a second. She looks at Dr. DelIsla's impressive penis.

    "Can I touch it?"

    "It's yours. You made it like that."

    "Do you say this to all the girls?"

    "It's really you. I promise you ... with all my heart."

    Laney smiles and her face lights up. Here is living proof she is sexy and attractive. Joy rushes through her body. She is so happy.

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    PervTherapy: Ryan Keely & Nina Nieves - Moving Past Masturbation

    Nina and Jodie are StepSiblings and clearly have a thing for each other. They masturbate together, which lands them in perv therapy with Ryan, a certified perv therapist, and a total MILF. Nina and Jodie express their connection, and Ryan knows right away that she needs to get the stepsiblings to fuck. Ryan helps ease Jodie into it by showing Nina how to be intimate. It doesn't take long for the sweet teen babe's desires to climax, and soon, she's getting her pussy pounded by her stepbrother. The sex is unbelievably kinky, and it feels so right. Using the practices that Ryan has taught them, Nina and Jodie know precisely how to handle their strong sexual urges in the future.

    Jodie and Nina enter Dr. Keely's office. They were sent by their parents. Ryan has practiced psychology for 10 years now. She specialized in family therapy and special family relations.

    Ryan: "What is the reason your parents sent you here? What do you think?"

    Nina: "We masturbate."

    Jodie: "A lot."

    "That's totally normal."

    "Yes", Nina adds. "But it's not really normal that we do it together. Jodie likes to look at my naked body and I like to see his hard penis ... and his muscles."

    "So he watches you, when he masturbates?"

    "And I watch him. I like it very much."

    "For how long are you masturbating together?"

    "I am not sure", Nina answers.

    "It started a few month ago. It was a summer holiday. We were in Hawaii and our house had a pool. Our parents were gone and we went skinny dipping in the pool. That was the first time I saw her bush."


    "What? I guess this is a safe space. I can tell Dr. Keely everything."

    "Yes, you are absolutely right. Everything here is confidential. Nobody will ever know."

    "After we went skinny dipping, my sister stepped into my shower, because she could not wait for me to get out."

    "And I wanted to show off, too."

    "I did not know that. Anyway, she was fully matured by then ... with tits and everything."

    "And after the shower ... no bush anymore."

    "After we have seen each other naked, we started masturbating together."

    "I see. I have a question: Were you ever intimate with each other?"

    "No. It's just mutual masturbation", Jodie answers.

    "Are you attracted to each other?"

    "I am. I like his face and his hair ... and I really ... ehm ..."

    "You can say it."

    "I really, really love his big dick. When my Ex was fucking me I never came, and even when he licked my clit, it took me 10 to 20 minutes."

    "And that's different with your brother?"

    "Yes. Totally different. When I see his hard cock, I have to avoid touching my clit, because touching my clit means Instant-Orgasm."

    "I remember ... one time she had 3 orgasm's in one session."

    "And the next time I tried to cum with my brother, just using my fingers in my pussy."

    "Yeah, but she still beat me to it. When I said >Sis, I'm close< she touched her clit and came instantly."

    "I came so hard. It was the most intense orgasm of my life."

    "And she squirted for the first time."

    "Very interesting. Two horny teenagers growing up together, masturbating together ... I understand your hormones are acting up and you start developing this feelings for each other. I am very pleased, you found a way to express your sexuality and you do not suppress it. But I am a little concerned about the fact, that you express these feelings for each other in a way that is so separate. I think it's very important that you show affection for each other and possibly being intimate with each other. If you are open with that idea."

    "You mean, having sex with my brother?"

    Nina is strangely turned on, but her parents would kill her, if they would find out.

    "I would suggest intimacy. It could be a kiss or a massage, but I think a sexual experience would be the most beneficial. I want you to sit with that ... sit with that idea. I am not here to judge, I am just a therapist and I -"

    "But mom and dad would judge as and they would be mad at us", Nina objects. "I thought you would yell at us."

    "I am a therapist and yelling would be totally unprofessional. I think your parents are wrong and I think, the society has created walls for you. We need to tear these walls down for you, so you can be truly happy. And if this means kissing, petting or having sex, then so be it. Your happiness is all that matters to me."

    Dr. Keely suggests to begin at a familiar starting point: mutual masturbation. But the kids do not react. They have further questions. Since their parents caught them naked and masturbating with each other, they have not done it. So it's been a while. Dr. Keely asks about this incident. The StepSiblings share their feelings about the incident and finally Dr. Keely knows what to do.

    "We should re-enact this incident. Why don't you get naked and start masturbating."

    "Here? Right now?"

    "What makes you uncomfortable?"

    "What about your cameras?"

    "The matirial is highly confidential and there are just for my notes."

    "So our parents won't see this?", Nina asks.

    "No way. I would loose my license if I violated the doctor-patient-confidentiality. In severe cases we talk about jail-time, too. I would never show those tapes to anyone."

    "How do you use these tapes?"

    "I sometimes do not get everything with my notes or I write something down, which is unclear to me after a few weeks. Then I watch the tapes and clarify my notes or watch for micro expressions. Oftentimes I find mistakes I made, not asking a follow-up for example and I can correct my mistakes in the next session."

    "I have never been naked in front of a woman besides my sister. I think I will feel uncomfortable, so what will I gain from this."

    "I see, that you both want to resolve this issue ... maybe come to a place of love and understanding and confidence. But therapy isn't easy, it's not a walk in the park. You have to do some work. If you want to come out of this as better people, with a stronger relationship, we have to try new things. You have to step out of your comfort zone and most important: You have to trust me."

    "And get naked?"

    "And get naked!"

    Jodie is nervous and he asks for a porn tape or magazine. Dr. Keely denies that request, because it's very important Jodie can get hard over another human being. But since she is here to help, she will provide the visual stimulation. Ryan strips down, until she only wears her red (bordeaux) bodysuit. She poses for Jodie in different ways, showing off her huge-tits and her ass. When she reaches back and spreads her ass-cheeks for Jodie, his eyes widen and he feels blood rushing into his penis. Dr. Keely is very sexy.

    "Nina, why don't you expose your breasts. It seems Jodie can't get hard without visual stimulation, so let's help him."

    Nina cannot wait to get naked, but she is also shy.

    "Should I take everything off?"

    "If you could get completely undressed, it would be very beneficial to the therapeutic process."

    Seeing both girls nude gives Jodie a raging hard-on. Nina intently looks at her brother's dick. Her pussy gets wet.

    "His penis looks so good."

    "What would you like to do with it?"

    "I would like to put my mouth on it."

    "Would you like that, Jodie?"

    "Very much."

    Nina takes his penis into her mouth and sucks it gently.

    More pics:
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    FamilyXXX: Smitten Britney Rose Falls Deep For Her StepDad

    Beautiful sunny blonde stepdaughter Britney Rose has deep tingling feelings for her new stepdaddy Dorian and really wants to feel exactly what her mom feels when he is deep inside her hot tight wet pussy too! Britney once again is rubbing her hungry pussy watching him in the pool and finally gets the nerve to go meet him outside, totally nude and suck his fat hard cock. Dorian summons her cock craving mouth onto his cock watching and enjoying her pretty face swallow every inch. Now on her bed he can enjoy the taste of her sweet tangy pink pussy before squeezing in his throbbing cock and fucking Britney to her satisfaction and then finally using her hot mouth to face fuck the cum right outta him!

    Britney always had a thing for older guys. Her StepDad Dorian is definitely her type. His charisma and charming personality also helps. He treats her well, is the perfect gentlemen, makes her laugh and listens to her stories. Britney tried to fight it, but it was love at first sight for her. And with every day she falls for him even more.

    Today Dorian strips naked outside taking suntanning in the nude. Britney watches him and starts dreaming about her dad. She wants to touch his muscles and puts his cock in her mouth. Her hand slides into her panties, rubbing her wet cunt and clit.

    Finally she makes a decision. She gets rid of her top and panties. Then she walks to the pool ... in the nude. Her dad watches her. His cock gets rock-hard. Dorian read his daughter's diary. He knows what she's been up to. He is the most beautiful woman he has ever seen.

    Britney gets into the water. They kiss and she grabs his cock. No words, just passion.

    Download: Britney Rose - Smitten Falls Deep For Her Stepdad 12/15/23 - 538 mb, 187 pics, 5760x3840 px
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    PervTherapy: Threeway Breakthrough - Pristine Edge and Apryl Rein

    Apryl and Elias come to Pristine's office for guidance. These two step-siblings feel uncomfortable around each other since Apryl accidentally gave her StepBro a blowjob at a party. The gorgeous therapist decides to try immersive therapy with them, with both standing face to face to speak nicely to each other. Pristine takes things up a notch by stripping down and asking them to do the same. Therapy starts working when Apryl and Pristine grab Elias? cock and suck it passionately while the session is being recorded. Apryl feels liberated, tasting the therapist's pussy while Pristine continues to blow Elias. The step-siblings are now fully comfortable together, especially while Elias fucks Pristine while Apryl touches her.

    Elias: "I think it all started with the party."

    Pristine: "I would love to hear the story behind the party."

    Apryl: "It was embarrassing."

    They talk about the party. Apryl wanted to hook up with Kevin, a hot quarterback from a nearby college. They were supposed to meet in a specific bedroom, but Apryl chose the wrong one. She thought there was only one bedroom, so she went upstairs, and instead of going into the master bedroom, she opened the wrong door. In this room, her brother was sleeping. He had a little much too to drink and took a quick nap. It was dark, and Apryl could not find the switch to turn on the lights.


    And the only answer was a small grunt. Since Apryl and Kevin had some heavy mouth actions just minutes before, she was horny as hell. She got under the sheets, opened his belt and his trousers, and started to suck his dick. It was a nice size, and she could actually deep-throat it all the way. Apryl loved every second of it, and she was impressed by how hard his penis was. She fucked it with her mouth real fast. The young girl tried to push it in deep, because she enjoys the feeling of a man taking her head and forcing it down her throat. Normally men instantly shoot their load, if she does that, but not Kevin. Apryl was impressed how long he lasted. But it wasn't Kevin, it was her brother.

    Some other couple came in, turned on the light, Apryl saw her brother, Elias saw his sister, and it all went south from there.

    "They call me >Penis-Boy< everywhere now."


    "Because my penis dangled from left to right and up and down, like in comedy porn or something like that."

    "It was so embarrassing," his sister adds.

    "How do you feel today? Do you want to leave the country, or will you get over it ..."

    "I did enjoy the blowjob, but overall it was a bad experience."

    "Even before people were relentless ... calling me a >whore< and >slut<. And now I'm the bitch who blew her StepBrother."

    Dr. Edge sees shame on both sides. She suggests immersion therapy. Pristine tries to bring them back to the moment, when Apryl's lips touched her brother's penis for the first time.

    Apryl is stuck in her head and conflicted. She gives rational answers like "But it wasn't my crush, it was my brother" to avoid telling the truth. And the truth is, she enjoyed the blowjob tremendously. Pristine lets her off the hook and turns towards Elias.

    "You have soft, warm lips wrapped around your cock, sucking on your shaft. What do you feel at that moment?"

    "It was awesome. The best blowjob I've ever had."

    "Thank you", Apryl says, blushing a little.

    Pristine asks how they would feel if they did not know each other. Two strangers who met on the street. Both of them have trouble imagining this situation, but both of them can agree on one thing: they would not know each other if their parents never would have met. And both think the other one is attractive. Elias goes a step further and says: "I would ask her on a date."

    They stand up to start the immersion therapy. Apryl has trouble giving her brother a real heartfelt compliment. But finally, she does it and Dr. Edge leaves it at that. She asks both of them to remove their shirts. Again Apryl is hesitant because she does not wear a bra. Pristine removes her bra and shows off her perfect tits. Since the therapist handles nudity so easily, Apryl takes off her top. She reveals her perky little tits. Her nipples are hard, and they are pierced. The next step is to remove their pants.

    "How do you feel?"

    "I feel a little bit awkward."


    "My brother has a boner ... or at least his penis is showing."

    They talk about being nude and about their feelings.

    "So we see your brother's dick and it's a lot. Adventure? Excitement?"


    "Excitement as in sexual arousal?"

    "Can I be honest?"

    "Of course."

    "I am dripping wet right now, not only because of my brother's dick but because of you as well. You have a perfect body."

    "Oh thank you, that is so sweet of you to say."

    The next step is to remove their bottoms. Apryl asks Elias to turn around. When he is allowed to turn again, he sees his sister's bush. It's a beautiful full-grown bush. He has never seen one in real life before.

    Dr. Edge asks Apryl to re-enact the party scene. Since they have no sheets, she asks Apryl to do exactly the same, which she did at the party, just not horizontally, but vertically.

    "I don't understand, what I would gain from touching my brother's penis."

    "There is something going on between you two. There is shame, and I want to get rid of the shame. What you did was not wrong. If your parents would not have married, you could have all the sex you'd like. Society tells us, it's wrong, but you are the ones who will suffer, not society. I give a crap about society, I give a lot about you. I think, if you touch and suck your brother's penis, you will enjoy it again. And with my guidance, you will allow yourself to feel the joy and forget about the shame and forget about society."

    Pristine persuades Apryl to touch her brother's dick. She strokes it up and down. Elias is fully hard now.

    "Now both of you let go of the shame and the guilt ..."

    "Can I touch your tits? It's like you are left out ...", Apryl asks.

    "You can do whatever you want with me. I am here only for you."

    Apryl puts her left hand on one of Prestine's breasts. Meanwhile, she strokes her brother's dick in long sensual strokes.

    "Good Job ... Maybe you want to wrap your lips around it ... hm?"

    "Ok", Apryl whispers.

    She goes on her knees and takes her brother's hard cock in her mouth for the second time in her life. She feels watched, but at the same time, it's like a weight has been lifted from her shoulders.

    "You have the most perfect cock, brother. It fits in my mouth so well", she says.

    "Oh my, Apryl! What a compliment! Well done!"

    This is going to be a great session.
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    PervTherapy: Kallie Taylor - Kallie's Safe Place
    Released: February 24, 2024

    Kallie has been a very rambunctious babe as of late, and her antics have landed her a session with the Perv Therapist. Chad analyzes Kallie's behavior in an attempt to get to the bottom of what makes her tick. It isn't a big mystery - ever since Kallie was reprimanded for Shoplyfting, her life changed. Kallie was now a bad girl with sex on her mind 24/7. Getting fucked by that loss prevention officer opened up a new side of Kallie, one that she never wanted to go away.

    It was thrilling, and the rush of getting fucked and submitting to someone lingered in her mind. So much so that Kallie even landed a sugar daddy afterward. Kallie's new behavior was like a superpower to her. It allowed her to get what she wanted whenever she wanted it. As their session unfolds, Chad is getting a better sense of Kallie. He wants her to know this is a safe space to explore her underlying feelings and what she's really seeking when she's being bad. The entire time their session is going on, one of Kallie's tits keeps finding its way out of her top. She notices Chad check her out, and she immediately knows the power she has over him. Chad shows Kallie just how much of a safe place Perv Therapy can be and leans in to kiss Kallie on the mouth. The young troublemaker is excited. She was hoping Chad would give her a good dick down, and it looks like he is another man captivated by her newfound sexual prowess. Chad doesn't want to feed her addiction, but she assures him she wants his cock of her own volition. The sweet blonde babe sucks Chad's cock, and he realizes that she may like sex so much because she sucks and fucks like a pro. While Chad's Perv Therapist tactics are anything but typical, this blowjob from Kallie is easily the best he's ever had. She slobbers all over his shaft and sucks his balls. After Chad is satisfied, he moves Kallie to the couch so he can eat out her pussy and taste all of her sweet juices. When she's nice and wet, Kallie leans on the couch arm so Chad can fuck her from behind. Her pussy is out of this world, and Chad hopes this session never ends. The two fuck in various positions until Chad is about to bust. Kallie takes Chad's load to the face, letting him coat her in his hot sticky cum. She can't wait for their next session, although Chad is unsure if they've made any breakthroughs.

    Work in progress ...

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    OopsFamily: Alexia Anders and Charlie Forde in "Oops that's a family thing"s

    Story and quotes: Every morning Alexia Anders wakes up, her stepfather is the first thing on her mind. She can't help but masturbate her tense clitoris looking at pictures of her StepDad because he's an example of a real man she'd like to be with. Today, her escapades are interrupted by the sound of the front door opening. Her stepfather and stepmother, Charlie Forde, are finally back and cuddling in the hallway. The stepmother tells her husband to wait for her in the bedroom while she takes a shower. Alexia realizes that this is the chance she can't miss. While her stepfather is stuck in the kitchen, she goes to her stepparent's bedroom, removes her clothes, and covers her back with a blanket so that only her legs and ass can be seen. Alexia is sure the drunk stepfather will not even understand that this is his stepdaughter's pussy. Before she had time to think about it, her stepfather's fat dick entered her hole and began pounding her vagina. Unexpectedly, Charlie walks in the room after a shower and finds her husband and stepdaughter in the middle of their fuck fest. Though angry with Alexia, she remembers that she has long wanted to diversify her sex life and finds it's a perfect chance to do it. Charlie gets on her knees and coaxes Alexia into joining her in a double BJ, giving stepdaddy a nice cocksucking before letting him in for a pussy feast. Enjoying a lusty threesome, Charlie feasts on Alexia's pussy while being fucked by her husband. With Charlie and Alexia taking turns riding stepdad's fuck stick, they don't care about holding the moans. As Alexia rolls on her back, stepdad finally gets to bang his hot stepdaughter and then his curvy wife into her slippery snatch from behind. He keeps it up until he bursts into their faces with an endless cumload.

    Mike and Charlie adopted Alexia when she was 12. A few years ago, her dad took a shower. He forgot to close the door properly. Alexia could spy on him. Mike washed and stroked his cock. It got semi-hard. The Asian girl was mesmerized. Her young shaved cunt got dripping wet, and she started to touch herself. The image of her naked father never left her. Since this day, it feels like an imprint in her brain.

    Alexia lost her virginity when she was 17. It was with a college frat boy, and it wasn't great. The guy pumped into her a couple of times and then came. In the following month, she tried boys her age and older men. She would think about her StepDad while getting fucked. It was the only way for her to cum.

    After a hard study session, Alexia took a nap. Her parents went to a party. Alexia wakes up. Sunlight streams into her room. Since her parents are away, Alexia takes out Mike's photo. She starts to masturbate. Suddenly, her parents are back.

    Mike: "Oh, wow, that party was fun. I have to admit... I'm a little bit tipsy."

    Charlie: "So am I. And you know what? All I could think about was how much I wanted to fuck you. The entire party, I couldn't stop thinking about you."

    "Oh, yeah?"


    "When you're down ... I am ready. Do you feel like some fun?"

    "Of course I do. Let me just go grab my juice from the fridge, and I'll meet you upstairs, okay?"


    Charlie turns her back on him and lifts her skirt. Mike can see her bare ass.

    "Don't take too long."

    "You either."

    Alexia listens to her parents from above. She is on a balcony, trying to hide. The young Asian girl has an idea.

    'My dad is horny, so this is the perfect opportunity to fuck him. How I would LOOOOOVVVVVEEEEEEE to feel his cock inside of me.'

    Alexia strips down in her parent's bedroom. She shaved her cunt earlier that day, so both "girls" are ready.

    Her dad enters the room and sees his "wife" presenting her ass. He can see everything ... her juicy pussy, her asshole ... everything.

    'Of course, she presents her ass like that. She loves taking it from behind.'

    Mike kneels on the floor and licks his daughter's snatch from top to bottom. He doesn't stop at her asshole, and Alexia never had a man licking her other hole. She tries to suppress a moan but is not very successful.

    'OMG! His tongue feels so good on my pussy.'

    Mike enjoys licking her young asshole and her sweet teenage cunt. After a few moments, he realized: It's Alexia! His wife's ass is much bigger. But he does not care.

    'This is my moment. I can fuck my daughter's snatch for the first time.'

    Mike gets up, puts a little spit on his penis and inserts it. Slowly he pushes his cock into Alexia's tight, wet cunt. He puts his hands on her ass and fucks her with long hard strokes. Alexia looses all her modesty and starts moaning loudly.

    Meanwhile, Charlie is done showering. When she enters the bedroom, she cannot believe what she sees.

    "Alexia!" Charlie shouts.

    Mike removes his cock from his daughter. He will play dumb, and act surprised.

    "What the fuck?"

    Charlie believes her husband. Mike's surprised look on his face feels genuine.

    "What is this about?"

    "Oh my gosh. I'm so ..." stammers Alexia. The young girl can't help it: She looks at her dad's rock-hard penis.

    "What the fuck are you doing, fucking our stepdaughter?"

    "You said you were going to be up here."

    "Yeah! I was in the shower! I told you that!"

    "I mean, I didn't expect her to ..."

    Mike is lost for words. It's hard to concentrate because Alexia is butt-ass-naked. She doesn't even try to cover her tits. Mike involuntarily touches his dick looking at his nude daughter.

    "Stop looking at her!"

    Mike's hungry looks infuriates Charlie even more.

    "Stop it, Mike! I mean it!"

    "But she's gorgeous! How can I not!"

    'He thinks I'm hot, oh my!'

    Alexia feels a rush of joy rushing through her body. He never said something like this before. She wants to fuck him even more now.

    Charlie catches her StepDaughter's look.

    "You have some fucking explaining to do, young lady!"

    "Oh my god. I'm sorry!"

    "You're not sorry! Tell us what happened! And stop looking at your father's penis! Watch!"

    Charlie makes a gesture with her hand and fingers. Her daughter should look into her eyes.

    "I didn't know. I didn't know that it was Dad."

    "You're all bull****. You knew exactly what you were doing. What were you doing?"

    "What the fuck is going on?", Mike mumbles quietly in the background.

    "I didn't know that was Dad. I thought it was someone else."

    "No one else lives in this house! You've gotta be fucking kidding me!"

    Charlie looks at her husband again.

    "You know what? I found a picture of you in her bedroom the other day."

    "What? I mean ... why the fuck is that?"

    Alexia arches her back so her dad can get a better look at her tits. Without thinking about it Mike touches his penis again.

    "You planned this."

    "Because, Mom, I've just been hearing you guys the past couple of nights, and you guys sound so hot."

    Alexia got out of bed last night and walked toward her parent's bedroom door. She heard stuff like "Yeah, fuck my cunt", "Take it", "Harder", "Use my little pussy" and when her father yelled "Yes! Suck my cock! I'm gonna cum! I will flood your hot mouth!" ... Alexia came, too.

    "Alexia, you can't fuck your father! Like, come on!"

    "Yeah, peanut. What the fuck?"

    "So you get under the blanket, show off your treacherous little ass and your father is dumb enough to put his penis inside your vagina."

    "Hey!" Mike says.

    "It's ridiculous. I don't know what to do about this."

    "I'm so sorry, Mom."

    "You're in so much trouble. You're not getting out of this house for at least a week."

    "Are you serious? I can't go out with anybody?"

    "No, you can't! You're locked down!"

    "But ... Mom ..."

    They all take a breath to calm down. Mike looks at his daughter's tits again and starts to stroke his dick.

    Charlie is thinking. Her husband's cock fucked her StepDaughter's pussy just a few minutes ago.

    "Hang on. But, I mean ... Hear me out. We did talk about ... That thing. Like, you know, bringing someone into ..."

    "Yeah, I remember. We said somewhere else, like a vacation."

    Alexia smiles. Charlie sees it and raises her finger at her daughter.

    "You're still in trouble. You're not a part of this conversation."


    Mike looks at his wife.

    "3some, yes, but I mean, not our daughter."

    "But, I mean, you've already fucked her now, so, ****'s hit the fan anyway."

    "That's true. Daddy already fucked his little princess. So why don't you join us, Mom?"

    "I mean, I guess you're both right. I mean, I already kind of fucked her, and I want to fuck you as well."

    Mike grabs Charlie's towel, pulls on it, and throws it away. Charlie is now naked, too. And she lets out a little surprising noise. She did not expect her husband to take charge like this.

    "Well, it's why I fucking sent you up here."

    "Let's go," Mike says, horny as hell.

    "But, you're in trouble." Charlie reminds her daughter. "So you have to do everything that we say."

    "Yes, I'd love that."

    "Okay, baby?"


    "I wanna kiss you."

    Mike puts spit on the tip of his penis and inserts it into Charlie's hot juicy cunt. While the girls kiss, he picks up the pace fucking his wife.

    More pics:
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    FilthyFamily: Renee Rose - Family Strip Pool

    Pool is a great game ... especially when there's something of value on the line.

    Renee and Chris are about to play a game of pool and he wants to put some money on the outcome of the game.

    Since she has no money Renee will suggest that they play strip pool.

    Chris isn't too sure about that ... what if her dad catches them?

    Renee tells Chris that Peter is her StepDad. They play strip pool all the time.

    With that issue resolved the game progresses and eventually Peter will arrive home.

    Seeing that Chris and Renee are playing his favorite game he'll join in on the fun.

    The stakes are raised and sexual favors are now the currency for betting on the game.

    The game however is quickly forgotten as the three of them go to a bedroom and engage in the following: blowjob, missionary, doggy style, cowgirl, reverse cowgirl, and sideways sex.

    Peter will give Renee a fake vaginal creampie and Chris will cum in her mouth thus ending that rousing game of strip pool.

    I guess everybody won that game.

    Renee invites Chris over to her fourth date. The young boy desperately wishes to get lucky tonight. Their first date must have set a world record. It lasted 36 hours, but nothing sexual happened.

    On the last date, they went to a party together, got drunk, and snuck out to the neighbor's pool. They talked in a hammock for a while. Then Chris suggested to go skinny dipping. Renee was naked in no time. She jumped into the pool. They both looked at each other longingly. Chris felt like 14 again, but then he pulled all his courage together, and they started kissing ... finally. Renee's naked body, her beautiful face, and her smile gave Chris a raging hard-on. She touched it under the water and even stroked it a little bit, but then she took his face in both hands and kissed him. Chris grabbed her ass, lifted her up, and she hugged him tightly. When they heard a rumbling sound from the main building, they grabbed their stuff and got the hell outta there.

    Renee is a size queen. She got a good look at her boyfriend's huge cock that night. The young girl was ready to fuck him right in that pool, but Chris was too shy to make a move.

    Renee masturbated that night using her hand. The young girl reached climax within seconds. But her pussy kept oozing juice, and her twat was still itching. She borrowed her mother's huge dildo, fucked her cunt with it, frigged her clit and came again. Renee thought about a third orgasm when she put a finger up her ass but decided against it.

    'Next time, I'm just gonna ask him to fuck me.'

    Finally the day of their fourth date arrives.

    Chris: "Give me those balls over there."

    Renee: "Here you go."

    "Thank you."

    "You ready to get me?"

    "Yeah, right."

    "What, you think you got it?"

    "Yeah, I could definitely reach it."

    "Let's put some money on it. Make it more interesting."

    "What? I don't have any money."

    "Just a little bit."

    "No, I have a better idea."


    "We should play strip pool."

    "Strip pool?"


    "What if your dad comes home?"


    "If he sees us naked in here, he's gonna kill me."

    "No, he doesn't care. We play all the time and he's really good. I always lose."

    "Strip pool with your dad?"

    "Yeah, don't be weird about it. He's not even my real dad."

    "I guess. I mean, if you say it's fine, I mean, it'll make it more interesting."


    "All right, but I'll break."

    Chris hits the white ball with enough force to score on his first try.

    "Boom look at that first one in all right. I guess I'll be nice. Take your sandals off."

    Renee smiles at him, while she takes her shoes off.

    "It's my turn again."

    Chris tries to impress Renee with a skill shot, but he fails miserably.


    "Haha! My turn!"

    Renee smiles at him. She is so gorgeous, when she smiles. Hell, she could wear a garbage bag to Prom and still would look hot.

    "Yeah, I guess it's your turn."

    "I'm solid, right?"


    Renee makes her next shot. Her smile turns into a mischievous grin.

    'I want to see his cock so bad. And I want to feel it, too.'


    "Now it's your turn to take off your shoes."

    "I guess you are right. And it's your shot again, so go ahead."

    Renee scores again and Chris looses his shirt. It goes back and forth, both of them making shots. Chris wants to see her tits, but Renee takes her pants off instead. He will see her naked soon enough.

    Then there is some noise. It's coming from the front door.

    "Oh my god, my StepDad is home."

    "Hi. How are you?" Peter says.

    "Hey, how are you? This is my boyfriend, Chris."

    "Hi, Chris."

    "Hi, nice to meet you."

    "How are you doing?"


    "It's a pleasure to meet you, Chris. So, I see you guys are playing strip pool."



    Peter suggests playing 1on2: old vs young. Renee's StepDad undresses, so he doesn't have an unfair advantage.

    "Let me rack them up," Chris suggests.

    "Yeah, there you go. That's the spirit."

    Peter claps his hands.

    "Alright, you ready to play?"

    "Alright," Renee answers.

    "Let's do it."

    Chris sets up the game.

    "Alright, Chris, why don't you go ahead and break?"

    "Okay, yeah, cool."

    "Guests first."

    Chris doesn't score, but Peter does. Renee removes her bra and reveals small, perfect titties. Peter tries not to stare at his daughter's breasts, but it's hard to resist temptation. The old man misses his next shot. Renee sinks the 15-ball. She smiles looking at her dad.

    "Well StepDad, I guess you have to take your boxers off."

    "Well, those are the rules."

    Like always Peter is rock-hard. Renee loves to look at it. It's a view which never gets old.

    "He's always hard when he plays this with me."

    "What do you expect? Look at that beautiful body."

    Peter convinces the couple to keep playing.

    "I don't want to see you get naked in front of your stepdad," Chris whispers to his GF.

    "I hope he misses," she whispers back.

    "Me too."

    Renee's dad makes two shots in a row. Renee removes her panties, showing off her shaved cunt to the world. Chris feels his cock getting extra-hard. He fantasized so much about the skinny-dipping-naked-pool-scene. Chris loves Renee's naked body.

    "Oh my God, you're hard too."

    "Same problem, seeing you naked. It's gotten me hard."

    'Today is my lucky day. Two huge cocks, and both of them belong to me. I hope my StepDad likes sharing, because I need to get fucked ... hard.'

    Peter suggest to play a new game: sexual favors.

    "How about if we just continue to play this game and whoever misses a shot, then the other team has to give them a oral."


    That was a quick respond from his girlfriend. Renee is beaming and almost glowing. Chris doesn't like it.

    "Whoa, whoa, whoa! Oral? What oral, WHAT?"

    "Relax, Chris, let me explain to you. So if I make the shot, then she has to give me a oral. If you make the shot, then I'll give her a oral."

    "I'm up for the challenge."

    "You are?"


    'It's always the quiet once,' Chris thinks.

    Chris misses and Peter scores.

    "There it is, guys."

    Peter lays the stick on the pool table. He walks over to his daughter with his massive hard-on. He points towards his cock, saying: "Ok, sweetie. Winner's luck ..."


    Renee gets down on her knees. She licks the tip of her father's cock and then engulfs the glans. At first she just sucks the the tip, but after a few seconds, Renee's mouth gets used to Peter's massive monster cock. She is able to put it halfway in her mouth. The young girl tries to deep-throat it further, but she has to gag. Renee spits on her StepDad's dick.

    Chris is not amused. He knows, he should respect Renee's dad, but right now, that's is not the easiest thing to do.

    'How can I respect a guy, who fucks my girlfriend's mouth. It's my own fault, I guess.'

    Chris should have never agreed playing strip pool.

    "So ... how long is this oral going to take?"

    "Just a few minutes. Keep playing, you need the practice."

    Peter smiles and Chris knows it's a joke, but he feels insulted at the same time. The young boy is annoyed. Annoyed with the situation, annoyed that his dick is still hard. Seeing his GF sucking cock should piss him off, but instead it makes him even more horny.

    'I bet daddy's little girl is in the mood for a 3some today.'

    Renee tries to deep-throat her StepDad once more.

    "Oh, that is so good, baby girl."

    Peter slows down his own movements. If he contributes too much to this amazing blowjob, he might shoot his load in his daughter's mouth. He picks her up and says: "You could do this all day, baby."

    "What should I do?" Chris asks.

    "You go ahead and take a shot."

    Chris scores: "BAAAAAAM!"

    He moves towards his GF.

    "So what? It's my turn now, right?"

    "No, no, no."

    Chris looks puzzled.

    "That means it's his turn to give me head."

    'And my father is excellent at licking my pussy.'

    "Yeah, I mean ... That's the rules of the game, Chris."


    "Just hang out over there."

    "What type of fucking game is this?"

    Peter helps his daughter to hop onto the pool table. She spreads her legs. Her father looks at her young shaved cunt and starts licking it up and down.
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    FamilyStrokes: Sarah Lace - Ass Hypnosis

    Sarah asks her stepdad Eric for some money to buy stuff. When he refuses, Sarah pulls out her mesmerizing ass and instantly convinces him of giving her the cash. The next day, the naughty girl requests permission to go to a party. As Eric says no again, Sarah tries the same trick: a flash of her juicy butt. The plan works once more, with Eric fixing his eyes on Sarah?s bouncy butt cheeks. After she?s gone, the guy starts reflecting on what happened and realizes something: his stepdaughter is using a magical buttplug to hypnotize him! Determined not to be fooled again, Eric rejects Sarah?s new request, and this time, he averts his gaze from her delectable booty. The girl realizes her stepdad has discovered her plan and now she?ll have to pay. Eric won?t just ground her, he will fuck his stepdaughter?s mouth and asshole to teach her to respect him.

    Yeah, like, I really want to go out, but like, I don't know if I have enough money for that though.
    Mmm. I mean, yeah, I guess I can just ask my stepdad. I can't tell him what it's for.
    Maybe I can just tell him it's for girl stuff.
    But, I'll see you later babe.
    Alright, bye.
    Hey dad, can I borrow a hundred bucks?
    A hundred bucks for what?
    Um, girl stuff?
    You have to tell me what's going on.
    Every time you just ask these vague things,
    it always leads to no good.
    Well, I can't tell you what it's for.
    The answer is no.
    What about this?
    What about now, Dad?
    Can I have a hundred bucks, Daddy?
    Thank you.
    You're so sweet, Daddy.
    Thank you so much.
    For what?
    Well, for the 100 bucks.
    100 bucks?
    Thank you.
    You're welcome, I guess.

    Work in progress ...

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    PervTherapy: Kallie Taylor - Kallie's Safe Place

    Kallie has been a very rambunctious babe as of late, and her antics have landed her a session with the PervTherapist. Chad analyzes Kallie's behavior in an attempt to get to the bottom of what makes her tick. It isn't a big mystery - ever since Kallie was reprimanded for shoplifting, her life changed. Kallie was now a bad girl with sex on her mind 24/7. Getting fucked by that loss prevention officer opened up a new side of Kallie, one that she never wanted to go away.

    Kallie opens the door. She is very young, and she never had a therapy session before. She greets Chad with a handshake. Kallie finds him very attractive. A muscular, bear-kind of man.

    Chad: "Come in. Hello. Nice to meet you."

    Kallie: "Likewise."

    "You're my two o'clock. What is your name again?"


    "Kallie. Yes. You are her by court-order. Last name?"


    "Kallie Taylor. Pleasure. Go ahead and have a seat."


    "How was the drive here?"

    "It was pretty good. It was pretty simple and easy. So, here I am."

    Chad points towards the cameras.

    "A little warning. I record the whole session. I hope you don't mind."


    "To be prepared for our next session. Oftentimes I review material, especially if my notes lack cohesion. So what I do is I use this camera as kind of like an extra eye because when I'm writing stuff down, you know, sometimes I might miss something. And then I might need a little bit of a backup, and that way I can study your body language. I can get to know you a little bit more in-depth by watching you over and over and making sure."

    "Yes. I understand."

    "Does that sound good?"



    "But again, my name is Chad White."

    "Nice to meet you."

    "I've been a therapist now for about eight years. I went to a couple of different colleges back in California. Pretty good medical programs there. So I've been specializing in a lot of addict recovery, high trauma responses, and now I'm trying to work towards some new goals where we try and broaden people's horizons on potential things that they can do."

    "Okay. Awesome."

    "Would you like to tell me a little bit about yourself?"

    "Yes, I am Kallie, um, recently had a little bit of an issue, I guess you could say."

    "An issue? Well, let's get back to you first. How old are you?"

    "I'm 20."


    "And I am living in California."

    "California, okay."

    "And I was a straight-A student. I love school a lot, it's very fun."

    "So did you go to college?"

    "I did, yes."

    "What was your major?"

    "It was psychology."

    Kallie shakes her hair back. Now her left nipple is exposed. It's hard like it says "Suck on me, please". Chad feels a stir in his groin.

    "So ... um ... I'm sorry, your dress is ..."

    Kallie looks down and sees her nip-slip.

    "Oh, oops."

    "It's okay, safe space, safe space."


    "Rather tell you about it than have a bit of a distraction."

    "So my nipples distract you?" She asks smiling.

    "Of course, you are gorgeous and your nipple is sexy. I'm just a man, but my job is to be your therapist. It's important to be close to you, but to keep a professional distance as well."

    The doctor's compliment is music in her ears and Kallie almost blushes. She pulls her dress up.

    "There we go."

    Kallie looks at him with her beautiful, blue eyes. Her eyes are so bright, they might even glow in the dark.

    "Where were we?"

    "Go ahead what was your major?"


    "What kind of psychology?"

    They talk about college and the boys she is dating.

    "Did you live in a dorm?"

    "I lived in a dorm."

    "You lived in a dorm?"


    "And where are you living now?"

    "Now I'm living in a nice part of town, and I mean, I'm seeing a couple of guys right now."


    "So it's been very fun, but I don't know, it's kind of crazy."

    "So what are you doing for work right now?"

    "Um, you know, I'm not employed at the moment. I'm just going back and forth, like, seeing some people."

    "So your parents are paying for everything?"

    "Essentially, yeah."

    "Essentially? So no help from the boys?"

    "I mean, the guys are kind of like buying me gifts and stuff."

    "Okay, so was the parent thing a lie?"

    "Yeah, I mean ..."

    "Again, this is a safe space. I'd like you to be honest with me."

    "So tell me how you're paying for your rent, how you're paying for food and ..."

    "I mean, the guys are kind of like getting me gifts and they're like housing me and ..."

    "So they're giving you an allowance?"

    "Yes, and I mean, I guess they're ..."

    "Is there an exchange of something, of some kind?"

    "Yes, yes."

    "Okay, well, I understand that one."

    "And I guess I just, I love the attention and I love going on these dates and I just kind of learned that I could get whatever I wanted and I could do things my way. You know what I mean?"

    "Yes, I do know. So you are a Sugar-Baby?"

    "Essentially, yes. I mean I feel like I'm pretty qualified for the job and technically it is a job. I mean it's like a full-time thing so yeah."

    "I mean, well, how many guys are you seeing at the moment?"

    "Like three or four. Yeah, it's a little ..."

    Kallie's nipple is showing again.

    "Seems to just want to keep saying >Hi<."


    Kallie smiles at her therapist.

    "It's just a little crazy."


    "Three or four."

    Chad takes notes. "Three or four."

    "Like five."

    "Maybe five?"

    "Maybe five," Kallie answers.

    "Okay. What else?"

    "Sometimes I do ONS, too."

    "Oh, interesting."

    "But that's just occasionally when I feel like it and if it's easy to win them over, you know. Married men are the most easy targets."

    "So let's go back to your parents real quick yes so do they know what you're doing now and do they approve."

    "No, they don't like it. They're, I mean, I sort of lied to them a little bit, but I would say it's too crazy. I mean, I used to be so good. Like, I was getting straight A's, I was good at school, and I loved school. I loved it a lot. And then I kind of just found the world of being a Sugar-Baby. And I was like, why not use everything that I have?"

    "Do you still have a plan to go back to school to finish your degree?"

    "I mean, I guess. But I'm having so much fun now."

    "Okay. So how are you getting these gifts?"

    "Let's touch on that a bit. Are there specific things that specific guys are asking for? Again, it's a safe space."

    "I understand. Sex for money. No judgment."

    "First of all ... I meet a Suggar-Daddy three or four times. I choose them wisely. And yes, sometimes the sex is work, but mostly the costume or learning to smoke for someone. The sex is always fun, though. I like it rough, I like it soft. I like to dive into the sexual world of my Sugar-Daddy. It's really, really fun. And yeah, but I get to buy whatever I want, so I don't see like it's a big problem."

    "So go through a date with me. Let's describe a typical date."

    "So we just start with dinner, drinks, and then we kind of just get to know each other more. And I mean, some of them I see on a regular basis, so it's not crazy, but then we get a little naughty, we go back to their place."

    "To their place or to, like, a hotel? Are these married men?"

    "I mean, technically, some of them are married, but I don't think about it. I just think that they love a young hot girl and we're just having fun, we're all having fun and I just..."

    "Are they wearing a condom?"



    Kallie laughs. It's her typical, insecure laugh, but this time it's louder than usual.

    "We're just having so much fun and it's crazy. It's like I can do whatever I want and get whatever I want and it's really fun."

    "So let's start shifting a little bit, okay? Tell me about this. So I still have notes from when we talked on the phone because you're coming here to try and avoid ... you know ... jail or particular issues ..."


    "Avoid jail and other issues with breaking the law ..."


    "So let's talk about the shoplifting and let's talk about the main shoplifting event that kicked everything off."

    "Just shoplifting. I mean, it was so much fun to me. Like I just got such a rush. I mean, the first time I felt so guilty."


    "I felt guilty, scared, a little bit scared, a little bit anxious about it, but then I realized, it is so easy. And it came to me like an adrenaline rush. I felt like I could just do anything. So after that, I just kind of realized I to keep chasing thrills over and over and over and then I just found a different way to chase some other thrills."

    "So let me understand the timeline here. We started where you were taking a particular item and there was a reason for you getting this item, right?"

    "I mean yes like I was trying to impress boys in my high school but I mean they're not even attractive at the end of the day. Older guys are so much more attractive and they're so sexy."

    "And so what was the item that you had taken the first time?"

    "It was a dress."

    Chad writes that down: "A dress."

    He looks at Kallie again.

    "I remember also on the phone we had discussed how you got out of that event and how it started all of this. So can you touch on that a bit?"

    "I mean ..."

    "He brought you in the back room ..."

    "He did."

    "And then?"

    "And then we had sex."

    "What led up to this?"

    "Well, I was just trying to get out of my whole shoplifting situation."

    "So was it your idea or his idea? Or was it a mutual idea?"

    "I mean, it ended up being a mutual idea, but I mean, at first I was like really scared and I didn't even want to do it. I mean, I just kind of felt like it was something that I had to do in order to get, you know, out of the situation and not put myself in jail. But the more I did it and the more we got used to each other and then, you know, we had sex, then I was like, oh, this is kind of fun and I kind of liked it."

    "And so when was the next time that you shoplifted? What was the time frame between that event and the next one? Because you said that you were a little bit traumatized from that one, and it took you some time to go to the next one. How long was that?"

    "Say at least like a couple of weeks, so ... for a little bit."

    "A couple weeks, two weeks, five weeks, three weeks?"

    "Three weeks, about three weeks."

    Kallie pauses. Chad gives her time to think.

    "And then I was just like really curious about other things I could get myself into, and I figured it out."

    "What exactly?"

    "I like money ... which I get from men, and I like stuff."

    "What kind of stuff?"

    "I mean, now it's like more dresses and jewelry, sometimes like lingerie and that kind of thing."

    "So nothing that has a permanent impact on your life, like a car. It's more like it's just a temporary thing to look better, to feel better. The stuff you steal is not necessary for your survival, like food."

    "I mean in my whole life I've just been, you know, the outcast, I didn't have that many friends and I was dressing like a nerd all the time, I mean that's basically my entire wardrobe at that point and now like I get to go out, I get to look hot, I mean I wear short dresses, as you can tell, and I just get to like wear whatever I want and it makes me so much more attractive now."

    "So, how can we get this to slow down?"

    "Because again, you're here today on a court order, so I want to make sure that our sessions start going in the right direction. So the ultimate question then comes down to, would you like to continue with this way of life, or would you like to stop? Because if you continue, jail is a real option. If you stop, we need to work together as a team to try and figure this out."

    "I mean ..." Kallie hesitates.

    "I understand it's very fun, but again, jail or you stop?"

    "I mean, I definitely want to stop, but it's just so fun. And I just have a lot of good times with it, and I just want to, you know..."

    "Why don't you just get the men to buy you the stuff instead of stealing it?"

    "It just gives me a rush of adrenaline, I guess.

    "And that makes you want to have sex."

    "Yeah, I guess it's like a bit of an addiction."

    Even for a trained professional, that is a lot of input. Chad has to think about what has been said. To let it sink in, he will try a Rorschach-Test with Kallie. He shows her different pictures. He holds up the first card.

    "I mean, it kind of looks like a sex position."

    "A sex position?"


    "So, what if I turn it upside down?"

    "No, it looks like cum splatter."

    "A cum splatter. Oh my goodness."

    "So we have a few things on the back, right?"


    "Valerina's, a tarantula, cutting shears, a bird-of-paradise, the Hamel camel."

    "That's not what I saw."

    "No, you saw a sex position and cum splatter."

    Now it's Chad's turn to smile.

    "Let's go on to, let's actually, let's pick a few here."

    The doctor holds up the next card.

    "Oh, that's easy. It looks like a vagina."

    "A vagina?"

    "Yeah. Don't you see it? Look right there."

    "It looks just like it."

    They go over a few other pictures. Chad will analyze her reactions and body language for the next session.

    "Let's go back to your first shoplift. We have a traumatic incident that at first was horrific to you, scary, you thought you were going to go to jail, he was very threatening, he gave you an ultimatum, he almost badgered you into sex, then you decided, you know, you made the smarter choice of going to jail and having it on your record and ended up enjoying the sex in between. So then afterwards you started shoplifting more and then you got excited about getting caught and having sex to get out of it, right?"

    Kallie nods.

    "Then you started getting excited to talk to other men. Men that you've never met before that are just a bit overpowering, stronger, meaner, just taking advantage."

    "Better," Kallie adds.

    "Sure. Everyone's perspective is different. And this started going down a specific path where you started to really enjoy sex with strangers. You were saying also that you had enjoyed the one-night stands. And this isn't guys from bars, this is meeting men, we'll call them escorts, because that's essentially what it is. You're hooking up with strange men for money."

    "Yes, like a Sugar-Baby."

    "And so, the sex is really what gives you this rush, and it's just with older men? Is it men your age?"

    "No, it's just older men."

    "Okay, let's let's try a few exercises. Go ahead and sit here."

    Kallie stands up and sits in front of the doctor.

    "Hands here and look at me."

    They hold hands.

    "Say I'm in a safe space."

    "I'm in a safe space."

    Kallie gets very close to his face. She would love kissing her therapist.

    "I'm okay to say whatever I want to say."

    "I'm okay to say whatever I want to say."

    "I'm okay to do whatever I want to do."

    "I am okay to do whatever I want to do."

    Kallie goes in for the kiss. Chad is surprised and pulls away.

    "Oh ... ehm ..."

    "You said it's a safe space!"

    "I'm sorry ... ehm ... no ... no you're you're right, you're right it is a safe space ... um ... I just didn't think that you would kiss me.

    "Why not?"

    "Well, I'm your therapist I'm supposed to be helping you not -"

    "Technically you are helping me. I mean we're getting through this together so ..."

    "Well, I'm not trying to feed your addiction for sex with strange guys ..."

    "But maybe I'll get over it then."

    "If I would have sex with you?"


    "Let's, let's go back to an exercise."

    They repeat the exercise and Kallie kisses Chad again. The doctor tries to get out of the situation. He knows it's wrong, but he would really love to fuck this young, gorgeous girl. To makes things even worse, she touches his penis.

    "Whoa! That's uh ... that's ehm ... that is my cock."

    "Here it is."

    "There it is! Um, I don't think we should do this."

    "Why not? It doesn't matter."

    "I really want to help you."

    "You would be helping me with ... you know."

    Chad would lose his license if any of this would get out.



    "You're still massaging my cock. I'm not sure that's a good idea. You can do what you want to do -"

    "Safe space!"

    "Yes ... um ..."

    Chad's mind is racing. He tries to keep his mind out of her pants.

    Kallie is horny beyond anything she has ever felt. This prolonging is frustrating, but hot at the same time.

    "Again, you can do whatever you want to do."

    Kallie removes her dress, revealing her perfect nipples,

    "Aren't you gonna look?"

    Kallie strips in front of his eyes, getting completely naked. Chad looks at her bush and her cunt. Her labia is clearly visible.

    "You have a very nice body. I do like what I see. "

    She smiles at him, beaming.

    "Is this an oopsie I drop my dress moment?"

    "Yeah. Kind of."

    Kallie pinches her nipples right in front of his eyes. Chad loves small boobs and hard nipples. Kallie has hard pencil-eraser-nipples. The doctor's cock is throbbing.

    "Do me a favor. Go ahead and turn around and sit there."

    Kallie kneels on the couch, presenting her tight ass. The young girl grabs her ass and spreads it. Chad can see, that both holes are neatly shaven, despite her huge bush covering her crotch.

    "I just can't help it."

    The therapist needs all of his self-control not to jump her bones right away. He would love licking her cunt and ass up and down. Chad would love to eat her out.

    "So how about this? We'll turn this into an exercise."


    "Put me in the place of one of those guys that you hook up with and explain to me and show me typically what happens. What do you typically do?"

    "Let's try."

    Kallie stands up and straddles Chad.

    "Oh, you want to jump straight into it?"


    "Let's, let's go back to an exercise."

    They repeat the exercise and Kallie kisses Chad again. The doctor tries to get out of the situation. He knows it's wrong, but he would really love to fuck this young, gorgeous girl. To makes things even worse, she touches his penis.

    "Whoa! That's uh ... that's ehm ... that is my cock."

    "Here it is."

    "There it is! Um, I don't think we should do this."

    "Why not? It doesn't matter."

    "I really want to help you."

    "You would be helping me with ... you know."

    Chad would lose his license if any of this would get out.

    ZIP: You can download the full story below ...
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    MyPervyFamily: Macy Meadows and Filthy Rich in "Dont Cheat On My Mom Maybe I Can Help"

    Getting caught cheating is humiliating. Especially by your stepdaughter! Filthy Rich tries to hide his infidelity, but Macy Meadows is just too smart. She's not buying his lies about 'the real estate agent' and when she finds pictures of another woman's titties on her StepDad's phone - it confirms her suspicions; her StepDad is cheating on her mom! But Macy is a problem solver by nature and she just wants to fix the situation. She offers her StepDad her perky little teen tits - that way he doesn't have to cheat outside the house. Rich is nervous, but Macy promises it'll be their little secret. She shows her StepDad her cute panties and lets him rub her pussy from behind. Then Rich puts his thick dick down his stepdaughter's throat. Macy sucks him real good before letting her StepDad poke his fat meat in her tight hole. Rich stretches out his teen stepdaughter's wet pussy as he pounds her from behind. Macy gets so horny from being pumped by her StepDad that her little pussy squirts everywhere! Rich fucks his water park of stepdaughter until he busts a load all over her pretty face!

    Mr. Rich has an appointment with his Realtor. She is his secret affair nobody knows about. He enters his home to get ready when he sees his StepDaughter Macy on the couch.

    "Macy! What are you doing here? I thought you were supposed to be at the university."

    "Oh, um, my teacher cancelled today. She just gave us some homework to do and said that she might feel better tomorrow."

    "So you're home early too, I see."

    "Yeah, why are you home early?"

    "The power went out at my work, so I had to come home early."

    "Oh, it did?"


    "I didn't hear anything about the power outage."

    "We had two call somebody. There are electricians all over the place. They're trying to fix it right now."

    Macy is very smart. Her StepDad's story sounds very unlikely.

    "Oh, well, there was a lady outside, like knocking at the door."

    "A lady?"

    "Yeah, I didn't go look at it, but were you expecting someone?"

    "What color was her hair?"

    "Red, I think."

    "I just saw her through the window. She stood there for a while."

    "A red-headed lady?"

    "Yeah, do you know who that is?"

    "Yeah, I think that's the Realtor that I've been talking to."

    "The Realtor?"

    "What do you mean?"

    "Are you selling the house?"

    "Well, I don't know, maybe."

    Filthy starts to stutter a little bit.

    "God, um, I'm just ... I was talking to a Realtor. Maybe, maybe, I don't know. Consider maybe getting us a bigger house."

    "A bigger house?"

    "It's a surprise your mom doesn't know, so please don't say nothing to your mother."

    "Why doesn't mom know?"

    "Because it's a surprise. So please don't say nothing. You keep that between me and you, Macy."

    "So we're gonna get a new house?"

    >This doesn't make any sense.<

    Macy's mind is racing. She doesn't know, her mom doesn't know and a Realtor would normally come to this house, to sell it.

    "But why would she be here? Don't we go to the other house? Can I come?"

    "Hey, listen. Don't get too excited, please. It's just a maybe."

    "But like, don't we have to show you the house at the other house? Like, why was she here?"

    "Um, I'm talking to, let's, look, she's doing her job. Hey, Macy, you know how your mother is about putting your feet on the couch? Could you please take your feet down off the couch, please? If your mom seen that, she would have a fit. I got some more things I need to do, okay?"

    Macy feels cut off but nods.

    >He stutters again. My dad is a terrible liar. Something is wrong here.<

    A few hours later, Macy's mind can't let go. She has to solve the mystery. The young girl tries to study, but her StepDad's phone chimes all the time.

    >I told him a thousand times to mute his cell. Is that so hard?<

    Macy walks to her parents bedroom and picks up her dad's phone. She sees a message saying: "Hi, Sexy!"

    "What the fuck is this?" Macy mumbles to herself.

    She tries to read it, but her dad's phone is locked. Macy suspects her father uses the same PIN everywhere. Since she knows the code for the House-Security-System, she tries the same numbers.


    It works. Macy is thrilled, that she "hacked" his phone. She is less thrilled, what she is about to see. She clicks on a message from "Cheryl". The young girl gasps. The pic shows a vagina and a woman rubbing her asshole. In the next image the woman penetrated her asshole with her index finger.

    Macy uses the search function with "Cheryl" and a whole image gallery pops up. The redhead seems to take pictures almost everyday; selfies most of the time.

    Filthy hears "OMG" from his bedroom. He walks over and find's Macy lying on his bed.

    "Macy, there you are. What are you doing on my bed?"

    "Um, nothing?"

    "What are you doing with my phone?"

    "Well, who's Cheryl?"


    "Yeah, the redhead."

    "Cheryl's the, that's the Realtor I'm telling you about."

    "Um, I don't think it's the Realtor because I saw titties."


    "I saw her titties."

    "Macy, listen, um, you aren't supposed to see any of that."

    "Yeah, well you're not very good at hiding it."

    "Well, you're not supposed to be on my phone!"

    "Well, it was buzzing and I wanted to know what was going on."


    "You're cheating on mom!"

    Macy feels the impact of her own statement.

    >You are not going to cry. You should be angry.<

    "I'm not. Listen. Me and your mother's having problems, Macy."

    "That doesn't mean you get to cheat!"


    "I know you're young and you haven't been through some of these things in life yet, but let me explain to you how this works, okay?"

    "Me and your mother haven't had any physical attention with each other in like a couple of months now."

    "So? What does that give you the right to cheat?"

    "And why is she showing up at the house?"

    "Well, she's a Realtor. She's trying to sell a house."

    "Is she even a Realtor?"

    "Macy, listen. Yes, that's what she does for a living. She's a Realtor."

    "Are you actually buying a house?"

    "Macy, listen. Like I said, your mother hasn't ..."

    "Did you lie?"

    "Look, you're a little young to be asking some of these questions, Macy. Look, this is something that is between me and your mother."

    "I mean, you're cheating on her, so what?"

    "You don't say nothing to your mother, you understand me?"

    "I have to tell her, why would I hide that from her?"

    "Macy, listen to me. If you tell your mother, you know what's going to happen?"


    "She's going to get mad, and then you guys are going to have to move, and she doesn't have a house, and you guys don't have a place to live, and this is my house. You guys are going to be homeless, you can't tell your mom. Or you guys are gonna be out of a place to live."

    "But what if she finds out by herself?"

    "She's not gonna find out by herself."

    "Just don't tell her, because I don't want you guys to move out. It's just one of these things that we're going through."

    Macy is really sad now.

    "But what if you get caught?"

    "The only way I'm gonna get caught is if you tell her, Macy. So let's keep this -"

    "It's all over your phone."

    "If I can see it, she could see it."

    "She's not, she doesn't go through my phone."

    "How do you know?"

    "Because I know your mother,"

    "And she doesn't go through my phone."

    "What if she gets curious?"

    "That's not for you to decide."

    They pause for a moment, looking at each other.

    "You just keep that little trap of yours shut, you understand?"

    "I guess."

    "Man's got needs in this world. And you got to understand that."

    "What kind of needs?"

    "Um, attention, sexual desires and needs. I mean, don't you ever get horny?"

    "I mean, yeah."

    "Okay, well, don't get too weirded out. I'm just your stepdad here. So adults grow into this horniness. So it's a big thing in a relationship."

    "Well, what if we can like take her out of the picture so that way you don't get caught ..."

    "And what are you getting at?"

    Macy loves her dad very much and she likes sex ... a lot. Her StepDad is very handsome.

    >He is trained and ripped and everything. My daddy is a hottie.<

    Macy smiles.

    "I mean what if I can like help with those needs?

    "Oh," Filthy says surprised. "You mean like ..."

    "I mean it can be our little secret."

    "And then you won't say nothing?

    "No. But you got to delete all that off your phone so mom will never find out."

    >Macy is the most attractive woman in the world. And she looks so hot naked. And she is so young!<

    Filthy spied on his daughter in the shower a couple of weeks ago. He had a hard-on for at least ten minutes.

    "I'll delete it. I'll delete it, if you will take care of my needs."

    "Oh, I will take good care of you, Daddy."

    "Hand me the phone. Hand me the phone. I'll delete it right now give me that and done."

    "All deleted?"

    They're gone. All pictures are gone."

    "Oh, Macy. Oh my goodness."

    Macy goes into doggy.

    "So pretty."

    She pulls her thong away to give her daddy a good look at her holes. Her last boyfriend told her: "Both of your holes are spectacular."
    ... and since she knows her dad is into assholes, she pets hers with a finger.

    "Speaking of pretty ..."

    The old man gets hard. His erection is uncomfortable in his pants. He has to adjust it.

    "Macy, I do have needs."

    Her StepDad rubs her pussy with his left hand and his cock with his right. Macy moans.

    >Her assholes opens up, when I'm touch her pussy. I bet I could fuck her in the ass.<

    "No more Realtor," Filthy mumbles.


    Filthy inserts a finger into her teenage-cunt. His mind goes blank.

    Macy pulls her ass away. She wants an answer. "Promise, right?"

    "Yes, yes, I promise. Listen, listen. Don't get too weirded out. I'm just your stepdad here. So don't get ..."

    Macy spreads legs and shows off her juicy snatch and tits.


    Her dad takes a deep breath.

    "And keep quiet, okay? It's not really that wrong. Oh my god, you're doing it to me."

    His daughter starts rubbing her clit in front of his eyes.

    "Oh, Macy."


    "Just between us, right?"


    "Yeah, you touch yourself, I'll touch myself. I love that."

    Macy enjoys her fingers rubbing her pussy. She closes her eyes. When she re-opens them, she sees her dad's cock for the first time. It's rock-hard and about 6 inches long. Its definitely above average.

    "Oh, you're a team player."

    Filthy strokes his dick slowly. He is determined to fuck his daughter as hard as she can take it.

    "I always loved how you were a team player."

    Macy moans.

    "That's right. Touch your pussy."

    Macy smiles at him.

    "Are you looking at it?"

    "You want me to look at it?"

    Macy shifts her position and goes into doggy again.

    "Yeah, look at it."

    "Look at it?"

    The young girl brings her face near his penis.

    "Yeah, touch it."

    Macy strokes it a couple of times, then licks the head. While her tongue swirls around the tip of his cock, she looks up to him. Pre-cum ejaculates into his daughter's mouth.


    Filthy watches his girl, when she takes his cock into her mouth for the first time. She sucks the tip and strokes the shaft never breaking eye-contact.

    "Oh my god."

    Macy's ass is high in the air which looks very hot, too. Some woman have trouble breathing sucking cock. They break contact from time to time. Not so his daughter. Daddy's little girl continues to slobber his dick up and down.

    "Good girl."

    Filthy touches her hair. Macy licks the side of his penis and spits on it.

    "Just like that?"

    "Just like that."

    "Our little secret."

    Macy starts to suck again, moving faster and deeper. Her dad pushes forward instinctively. She gags a little but tries to deep-throat it even further on the next try.

    "My god all the way back there ... all the way back ... just like that."

    Filthy puts his right hand on his daughter's head stroking her hair and gently helping her movements.

    "That's deeper than your mother goes."

    "I don't like the hand on my head, Daddy."

    "Okay, no problem."

    He takes away his hand and as a reward Macy goes down all the way. She opens her throat and takes the whole thing. Afterwards she fucks him with her mouse. The room is filled with slurping and gagging noises. The blowjob goes on for a couple of minutes.

    "Daddy? I want you in me."

    "Tell me exactly what you want, describe it."

    "I want your big hard and old cock in my cunt, Daddy."


    "Very old, but especially nice and hard. Please fuck me good, Daddy."

    Macy kneels on the edge of the bed. Her StepDad removes her panties and rubs his penis all over her pussy.

    "Stop teasing me."

    Filthy inserts the tip and slowly pushes his hard cock inside his daughter's vagina.

    "OMG!" Macy moans.

    Her dad starts fucking her with small, gentle strokes.

    >Oh my goodness, it feels so fucking good. My dad has the best cock ever. He is stretching me out so much.<

    "Do you like my pussy, daddy?"

    "Yes, very much. I will never call that Realtor again."

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