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    PervTherapy: Julia Robbie and Ava Davis in "Perv Therapists Know Best"

    Mike isn't the happiest about his stepdaughter, Ava, being an influencer. He finds her online presence borderline inappropriate. He had seen some bikini photos and was mad about it. But he'd be lying if he said it didn't turn him on. Ava and Mike seek the help of PervTherapist Julia Robbie, who helps them get to the core of their tension.

    Julia's fuck-buddy is on vacation with his wife. This leaves Dr. Robbie horny all the time. She masturbates and is about to cum, when there is a knock on her door. After the doctor pulls her panties up and her skirt down, she greets her next two patients. Mike is her type, and she is immediately attracted to him.

    Ava's mom left her and her husband (Mike) for a guy in Nebraska. They never saw her again. Mike has taken care of Ava ever since. The young girl talks about her job: influencer. Julia asks questions about being an influencer. But Dr. Robbie is on the wrong track, and Mike quickly points out the difference. Ava's modeling is more daring than fitness videos on YouTube. Mike is very open about his concerns.

    Mike: "Since her mother left, Ava has been acting out slightly."

    Ava: "That's not true. I didn't set the house on fire. My dad has only one problem with my behavior: He is unhappy with my current job. He thinks I should get into accounting."

    "You are so good at math, Honey."

    "And what do you think about her current job?"

    "In my opinion, Ava is on a road to hell."

    "Oh no! Not THAT again."

    "A road to hell? That sounds dramatic ..." Julia says

    "I bit my tongue. I assumed Ava did some lingerie pics for her JustFans -"

    "OnlyFans, Dad."

    "Whatever ... pics for her OnlyFans, but then I walked in on her."

    There is a long pause.

    "Yes, Mike?"

    "She was butt-naked in the living room. Kneeling on the dining table, her ass high in the air ... and I ... um ... I could see everything."

    "And? Did you like it?"

    That question surprises Mike. It takes him off guard. And his answer takes a little bit too long.

    "Let me put it like that ... My daughter is lovely, but I do not need to see her private parts."

    "What is your major concern?"

    "Well, that she might get involved with the adult industry."

    "And that would be bad?"

    "Very bad."


    They talk about the situation. Since Julia is on Ava's side, Mike gets defensive. He threatens to throw Ava out of his house. He says stuff like: "Not on my watch" or "My house, my rules."
    Ava smiles for the most part. She suspects her dad is just jealous. He acted hostile towards her first boyfriend. Now, he is jealous that millions of men look at her naked pictures.

    "Mike, what is your job?"

    "I work for sanitation. Pick up garbage around the city. A good, safe city job."

    "Boring!" Ava whispers.

    "It's not -"

    "Let me cut you off right here. Both of you." Ava says. "It will lead us nowhere if I let you continue to fight about opinions. No job is better than the other. Even the payment is irrelevant as long as an employee is happy. Mike, can I be honest with you?"

    "Of course," Mike answers.

    "Your daughter is not a prostitute Ava sells -"


    "Yes, Erotica ... a fantasy. Mike, close your eyes."


    "Trust me, please. Trust the process, close your eyes."

    Mike closes his eyes.

    "You are not familiar with Ava, you don't know her. You see her naked body on the kitchen table. She presents her ass and her sweet juicy pussy to your hungry gaze. Would you like to lick her young teenage-cunt?"

    "HELL NO! Of course not."

    His dick betrays his words. It got hard in his pants.

    "And if a million other men would stroke their cocks day-dreaming about fucking your daughter."

    "Doc, stop it!"

    "So you desire her? You want to have what you see every day?"


    Dr. Robbie always seeks for her patients little lies. When Mike says "No" he touches his erection at the same time. Julia caught Mike lying.

    "But you don't want other men to see or have it."

    "Yes ... um ... no. Of course, a boyfriend could 'have' her, I guess. It makes me uncomfortable talking about it."

    "Do you find your daughter attractive?"

    "Not in that way, no. She is pretty, of course, but not in a sexual way."

    They talk about Mike's love life, which is non-existent. Ava walked in on him, masturbating in the shower. She was impressed with the size of his penis. And it was the most beautiful cock she had ever seen, but joining him was out of the question. Her dad is way too uptight, to let her play with it.

    "Ava, let me get that. You would have joined him in the shower?"

    "Yes. For two reasons. First, I love it when somebody else washes my hair. Second, I feel free when I'm naked, and I want my dad to feel the same."

    "What do you mean?"

    "A year ago, I was in Europe. I went to a naked sauna. Everybody was naked there. Girls, boys, men, women, grandpa, grandmother ... everybody. Nobody cared about being naked. It was totally normal."

    "I have a question, Ava. Please answer it honestly."

    "Of course."

    "Let's make an assumption. Your dad would shower with you, and he would suggest doing some pics for OnlyFans, with his hands on your boobs. Would someone buy those pics?"

    "That would be wrong, wouldn't it?"

    "No, but that's not what I asked. How would these pictures sell."

    "They would sell very well. BG content always sells better than solo stuff."

    "BG?" Mike asks.


    "Mike, how did you find out about her OnlyFans?"

    "I had a co-worker bring it up to my attention while we were working our route together. I had no fucking clue when I saw her, and I was like, what the fuck."

    "And it pissed me off."

    "It pissed you off?"


    "What was most upsetting for you?"

    "She's doing these answers - very intimate answers. And bending over and slapping our ass and stuff.

    "But, Dad! I'm not actually gonna do the things to the guys I say I am. It's just to sell."

    "It's a money-making thing." Dr. Robbie explains.

    "Yeah. It's just flirting with them. I'm not actually gonna have sex with them like I say I am."

    "It sells a fantasy."

    "Exactly. It's not real."

    "Well, not under my roof."

    Dr. Robbie sympathizes with Ava's position, and she thinks she can help her daddy relax and free his mind. Father and daughter just need the truth and some exercises.

    "I want to summarize our session so far. Your dad got hard when he thought about licking your vagina, Ava."

    "Doc, I - "

    "Please do not interrupt me! Your dad wants to protect you, and he feels a desire for you. You wouldn't mind getting touched by him, and you spied on him in the shower. Let's face the truth. Ava is horny all the time, you are secretly horny in the shower. It's not black and white with you two."

    They do an exercise. Dr. Robbie clarifies that some of her suggestions will make them uncomfortable, but they must trust the process.

    Dr. Robbie asks Ava to give her StepDad a lap dance. Mike is very uncomfortable. But the hot MILF sees his hard cock twitching.

    >If Mike fucks his daughter today, I won't be neglected. I want his penis in my pussy, too.<

    "Mike, please bear with me. Trust the process. For the next 30 minutes, you will walk in Ava's shoes."

    "What does that mean exactly?"

    "For the next 30 minutes, you become a peeping tom. You are a fan of strippers, you like to get a lap dance, and you like to have a hot piece of ass in your face."


    "Try to be a liberal man, try to be a little pervert. Pretend. Just for 30 minutes."

    "Okay. I will try."

    "Good. Because it's my turn now to give you a lap dance."

    Dr. Robbie doesn't even pretend to be modest. She puts a hand on Mike's crotch, rubbing his penis.

    Ava frowns. She is not amused.

    "But that's my daddy!"

    >Gotcha! She is jealous, too. I knew it!<

    "No. He is my daddy, now. You had your chance at home. But we are two liberal strippers ... we'll share."

    "Share? WTF?!"

    "Sharing is caring."

    "But you don't have to actually grind on him."

    Dr. Robbie ignores Ava. She strips in front of Mike, rubbing her big-tits in his face.

    "And that is supposed to be helping?" Mike asks.

    "You are happy."

    "I don't know if that is true."

    "Don't lie to me, your dick is hard."

    "So you are not listening to me, you are listening to my dick?"

    "You dick is talking the truth. He likes the attention of two strippers."

    Ava crosses her arms. She is pouting. "Was it hard for me?"

    "Let's find out. Grind your ass on his dick."

    Ava stands up and gives her StepDad another lap dance.

    "Yeah, your daddy likes that. Can you feel it, Ava? He is very hard."


    "Yes. Look at that! There is pre-cum. Your daddy is really turned on by your great ass and your hot body."

    Ava feels a rush of joy jolting through her body.

    "Mike, this must be uncomfortable for you. Just take off your pants."

    Ava's father finally has enough. He pushes his daughter away and says, there is no way in hell, he will get naked in front of his little girl. Dr. Robbie reminds him of his promise. They are on the road to heaven, but there is a large roadblock in the way. To clear the road, Mike has to be a pervert, and Julia has to see his penis. Mike is not convinced, but when the therapist opens his pants and grabs his cock, he does not resist.

    "Am I supposed to look at my dad's cock?"

    "You had a boyfriend ... you have seen a penis before, right?"

    "Yes, of course, but that is my dad's penis."

    "Yes. That makes it all more exciting AND ... more importantly ... it helps your dad to understand your job, to let -"

    "Is this normal?" Mike interrupts.

    "Totally normal. Your daughter looks like your Ex. She is beautiful. It's absolutely normal for you to get hard."

    "And other people get naked here, too?" Ava asks.

    "Last week, two StepSiblings fucked in this office ... for the first time."

    "They fucked?" Ava asks in disbelief.

    "Yes. Their parents met when they were 17 and married a year later. When they all moved in with each other, well ... let's say their 'special friendship' began. They just kissed, snuggled, and held hands whenever their parents did not look. When they entered my office, their physical attraction to each other was off the scale. It was their next step to have intercourse, and I'm delighted I could help them evolve in their relationship."

    "They actually fucked?"

    "Right on that couch."

    "Dr. Robbie?"

    "Yes, Ava?"

    "I feel funny looking at my dad's dick. Don't get me wrong. It's beautiful, but I mean ... I mean, teasing him was fun and all ..."

    "We have to help your dad to understand your line of work. Only drastic measures will help. Look at me. I will show you."

    Dr. Robbie kneels between Mike's legs and starts sucking his hard cock. Julia still wears her black lingerie. Ava is still fully dressed.

    "Doc! That's my dad?!"

    "Yes. Your dad has a magnificent penis. And it's yummy ... it's a yummy cock."

    Ava presses her legs together. Cream is oozing out of her young teenage-cunt into her panties. She is not sure if getting wet is allowed. But seeing Dr. Robbie's mouth engulfing her father's penis is affecting her mind and her pussy. Ava is getting real horny now. When Julia takes Mike's cock in her throat for the first time it vanishes completely. "OMG," and a moan escapes Ava's mouth. Dr. Robbie catches her breath and strokes his shaft up & down.

    "I can feel the jealousy on the other end of this couch."

    "Do you like that, Dad?" Ava asks upset.

    "Yeah, of course. What do you expect? Her nose hit my pubes. Dr. Robbie can take it all the way. Almost no woman can do that."

    Ava whispers: "I bet I could do it, too."

    "What was that?" Julia asks.


    "However, your dad likes it. Now we are getting somewhere."

    Dr. Robbie feels selfish, but she is glad, Ava doesn't give in. So she can suck this rock-hard cock some more. Since Julia loves giving head, she can suck dick all day, Ava can pout as long as she wants.

    "This is a great cock. I bet you wish we could switch places."

    "My dad hasn't even moaned yet. Not once. I bet I could do better."

    "Oh yeah?"

    "Yeah, definitely."

    "Then get down here and show us what you can do."

    "Stop, Dr. Robbie. She is my daughter."

    "StepDaughter. You agreed to trust the process. And you let ME give you a blowjob. So one stripper scores, and now the other stripper should score, too. Now it's her turn. Trust the process, let the healing begin, and let your daughter suck your dick."

    Ava had daydreams about her father's cock, sucking and fucking it. But there is a difference between dreaming and doing it.

    Now the moment she fantasized about is finally here, Ava is nervous and tense. But as soon as her tongue licks her father's shaft up and down, her mind goes blank. She engulfs his penis and starts sucking. Ava is in heaven. Her dad's cock is perfect.

    "Look at that! She gives head like a pro! No hands, no nothing!"

    Ava spits on Mike's cock, sucks on the tip, and goes down all the way. She can make it disappear as well.

    "Look at her sucking her daddy's dick. And I have to admit, she is better than me."

    Ava deep-throats her father again and starts a fucking motion with her head.

    "I'm coming ... ung ... ah ... OMG!" Mike moans.

    He grabs Ava's head and fucks into her orifice. Ava uses her hand on his shaft and sucks just the tip. Sperm floods Ava's mouth.

    "OH MY GOD!"

    Ava is a good girl and swallows everything.

    "I cannot believe it, you came in your daughter's mouth."

    Julia's cunt is itching. Watching this Father-Daughter-Scene was just hot.

    "And my dad is still rock-hard, Dr. Robbie."

    >Yes, Baby. And that's why we need to tag-team your father and take care of his erection together.<

    Ava wants to continue with the BJ, but Mike has other plans. He pulls his daughter up and kisses her. It's a tender, careful kiss, like teenagers would do. Dr. Robbie cannot contain her lust anymore, she starts rubbing her clit. Father and daughter are now heavy-breathing, kissing each other very passionately. Ava goes down on her dad again.

    >It's been a difficult session so far, but this part could not improve. I love it.<

    Dr. Robbie continues to touch her sopping-wet cunt.

    "Do you like that, Daddy?"

    "Yes. I actually think you are better than your mother."

    Ava smiles, and Dr. Robbie comments with an "Uhhhhh".

    "And do you have fun, Doc?"

    "I'm enjoying the show. And I'm so proud of you. You are both opening up. Great progress."

    Dr. Robbie watches one of the hottest BJs she has ever seen.

    "Do you want to help my daughter?"

    Julia shakes her head. "I'm close."

    Seeing the therapist near orgasm makes Mike's cock extra hard. Ava loves it and sucks her dad for what feels like an eternity.

    "Keep sucking, Ava, keep sucking your daddy's dick. I'm cuuuuuummmmmmiiiiiing."

    Dr. Robbie moans and screams. Her climax is intense and she almost passes out. They all rest for a few minutes.

    "Time to get rid of all the jealousy, time for sharing. Get naked, Ava. We'll give your daddy a show, he'll never forget."

    When the girls are butt-naked, Julia straddles Mike and inserts his cock into her wet cunt.

    "Are you playing with your clit back there?"

    Ava played with her nipples, but rubbing her young pussy is a good idea. She looks at her father's penis invading Julia's vagina.

    >Our therapist has a very nice ass.<



    "Since we are honest with each other ... I wanted to fuck you the second you walked into that door. I need your cock inside me so bad."

    Mike fucks both girls in various positions. Ava never came before just by penetration ... until today. She rides her father, looks into his gorgeous face, into his beautiful eyes, and climaxes. Julia comes twice. At some point Mike cannot take it anymore, he needs to cum. The girls kneel in front of him, Ava sucks his cock, and Julia strokes him until he shoots his load all over their faces. They arrange an appointment for next week. Julia is happy with her patients.

    "I think the sexual tension between you two should be better now. It's out of your system now."

    Mike is quiet on his way to his car. He opens the door for his daughter.

    "What's up, Daddy?"

    Mike is not sure, his desire is out of his system now. He talks to Ava about this on the way home.

    "You know, Daddy ... this therapy session is about exercising and experimenting. Maybe we should try some of it at home?"

    Mike is not sure if Ava is joking. He ignores this for a moment and talks about his feelings some more. And he apologizes for being so strict about her job.

    When they arrive at home, Ava hugs her dad. She kisses him, and touches his crotch with her right hand. Her dad turns to escape her grip, but he is semi-hard.

    "I want to take a shower. Do you want to join me?"

    "I don't know if that is appropriate."

    "Dad, half an hour ago, your penis was in my vagina and I sucked your cock until your sperm splashed on my face. And I loved it. Seeing each other naked in the shower is really no big deal anymore."

    They shower together. The first five minutes everything is rated R. But then one thing leads to another. Ava sucks her dad's cock again and he shoves it into her from behind. In the end, they will fuck the whole night. Ava has countless orgasms. She loves feeling her dad's tongue on her clit. Mike collapses onto his back after he has shot his 5th load. He wasn't even sure, he would get it up again, but his daughter is such a skilled cock-sucker she got it hard again. Ava fucked his penis with her mouth until he shot his load all over her face and on her tongue. It wasn't much, though.

    The next day Mike helped his daughter with some naughty pictures. Ava topless, Ava nude on the dinner table, Ava with a finger inside her ass and then Mike couldn't stand it anymore. He got his hard cock out and shoved it into his daughter's mouth.

    "Slow down, Dad. I want pictures of myself sucking your cock. I bet I will get 50 $ each ... maybe more."

    They take some pictures. Mike is a big help since he tells Ava what looks good and what is turning him on.

    "Dad, I have a question in my mind. I've been thinking about it for a couple of days now."

    "What is it, Honey?"

    "How are my blowjob skills?"

    "Off the scale."


    "Your BJ in Dr. Robbie's office was the best I've ever got. No woman could ever take my whole dick down her throat. The way you deep-throat my cock is phenomenal."

    Ava jumps up, hugging her dad tightly.

    "That is the greatest compliment I've ever got. Thank you so much, Daddy."

    Mike thinks about his proposal a week ago. Ava does not want to be an accountant. She wants to do Erotica. He is happy, that his daughter does not want a normal job. And he is even happier, that she makes him cum with two of her three holes for her current job.
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    MyDaughtersHotFriend: Gia OhMy gives her friend's dad a sexy Daddy's Day surprise

    Peter's wife and daughter are away on a trip, on Father's Day of all days. Well his daughter's friend, Gia OhMy, hears about this and decides to stop by with a little gift for Peter. So Peter reads the card that Gia gave him which leads him to the bedroom where Gia has another present for him ... her sweet pussy and big ass.

    Early in June there is a new heat record in Miami with almost 108 degrees (42?). The Fitzwell's have a pool, so Gia comes over to see her best friend, and to cool down. Her bestie is at the ocean with her boyfriend, but Peter invites Gia into his home. She reveals the skimpiest bikini Mr. Fitzwell has ever seen. Gia's ass is barely covered. Peter mixes a few Mojitos, and brings one of them outside. Gia is delighted and she climbs out of the pool. Her bikini is transparent. Peter can see everything. He tries not to look at her partially-shaved cunt and her hard nipples, but it's very hard to resist. The handsome man focuses on her eyes and tries to look at them all the time, while both of them drink their Mojito. They always had good conversations in the past.

    Gia: "Can I ask you a spicy question?"

    Peter: "Of course. I may not answer, but you can ask."

    "Oh, you may not answer. Like what?"

    "You will find out," Peter smiles.

    "Ok, are you ready?"

    Peter nods.

    "Is my ass too big?"


    "Just 'No' ... or is there anything else?"

    "Why do you ask?"

    "My boyfriend left me. He said, my ass is too big. He wants a girl like Vina."


    "Vina Sky. A girl from my class. Skinny body, small ass, but very beautiful."

    "And you were dating how long?"

    "For eight months."

    "Nice guy. Fuck him!"

    "You think he is wrong?"

    "Since we are very open, first things first: You ass is amazing, your whole body is. You are so gorgeous, I can't even really look at you, because I would become a drooling monkey."

    Gia never struggled with self-confidence, but this is the greatest compliment she ever got. Her face turns red.

    "Oh my goodness, what a compliment. Thank you so much."

    "But even if you are the worst girlfriend in world. To wait 8 months is just cruel. Your Ex lacks character. That this Vina has a small ass and you do not ... well, it's not rocket science. I would have seen the difference after 5 minutes. But to compare yourself to anyone is just wrong. You are absolutely beautiful."

    Gia stands up and straddles Peter and hugs him. She lays on him and Peter gets hard. Gia kisses him and Peter returns the kiss. Both are startled when they hear: "Honey, I'm home."

    Gia returns home and it takes a while to get Peter out of her head. She has seen the bulge in his pants. Mr. Fitzwell's cock looks massive, even covered by his pants. She has to find a way to have sex with him.

    On father's day it's less hot, but Gia is not. Her young teenage-cunt is on fire. When she opens the Fitzwell's door, her pussy is sopping wet.

    Peter loves Gia's thoughtfulness. Nobody bought him balloons for any occasion. He appreciates Gia so much.

    "How do I deserve this?"

    "You are my best friends dad, but in recent years, you have become my daddy, too."

    "Thank you. I appreciate that."

    "I have to grab something from your daughter's room, but I'll be right back. Happy Father's Day!"

    Gia kisses Peter on the cheek. Peter reads Gia's card.

    The card: Happy Father's Day Mr. Fitzwell! I know your wife & daughter are away on a trip leaving you all alone on this important day. I thought I would do something nice for such an awesome guy ... come back to the bedroom for your SPECIAL GIFT!!!
    With so much love, Gia!

    Peter finds Gia in the bedroom. He assumes, she is on all fours, but he pulls away the blanket. Gia shakes her big, beautiful ass.

    "Happy father's day."

    "What are you doing? Why are you topless?"

    "My ass is your gift. I know you like my ass."

    "I think I know what you mean, but you are my daughters best friend ..."


    "Well, it's wrong."

    "No, it's not. You got hard when you saw me by the pool. And you kissed me. Please fuck me, Mr. Fitzwell!"

    "Are you sure?"

    "I'm positive. Your daughter and your wife aren't home, it's the perfect opportunity."

    Gia pulls her G-string aside, showing off her pussy and asshole. Boys love to lick both of her holes. She hopes, that Peter won't be the exception.

    "Are you gonna eat it or not?"

    "But you have to promise you won't say anything."

    "I will tell on you, if you don't start licking my holes!"

    "Okay. Okay."

    Peter dives into her ass and starts licking. As he tries to catch his breath, the old man looks at her beautiful behind. Peter can't resist and smacks her large delicious booty. He spreads Gia's butt-cheeks and looks at her asshole. It is gorgeous and it's shaved, so Mr. Fitzwell starts licking it. Gia moans uncontrollably.

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    MissaX: Bunny Madison and Jay Romero in "Sinfully Sweet Mommy #2"

    Synopsis: Another entry in this delicious series finds Nicole (hot blonde newcomer Bunny Madison) teaching her stepson Wesley (Jay Romero) how to overcome his problem of premature ejaculation.

    Story and quotes: Opening has meanie daddy Eric (Dick Chibbles) bossing around both wife and son. This set-up is the price one pays for subsequent mother/stepson bonding, as the kid tells her of his problem at school: his girlfriend Angela dumped him and made fun of him, gossiping about his PE as in "Premature Ejaculation".

    In his bedroom Nicole drops her bathrobe to dance for him, revealing magnificent breasts, testing his propensity to cum then and there, and her incredibly sexy yellow lingerie makes the test even more difficult. But Wesley passes and soon Nicole escalates to mutual masturbation before giving him the full treatment, ever so sweetly (though dirty talk is encouraged).

    Jay had a great childhood. He has become this sunshine, that everyone loves to be around. His father Dick suspects his new wife to be a cheater. Her "slutty" clothes can only mean one thing: She tries to sleep with someone in the office. Dick is cranky and his jealousy increases every day.

    Jay: "Hi, Mom. You look very nice. You look like a model."

    Bunny: "Oh, thank you, sweetie."

    Dick: "Your StepMom doesn't wear panties. And look at this cleavage. She is only one upskirt moment away to dance on a pole downtown to get a new job."

    Bunny gasps. This is a major insult. But she won't argue in front of her son. Bunny tries to stay calm. She lost thirty pounds and her old clothes doesn't fit her anymore. She can't change into some of her old stuff because she donated it to charity. Dick is fuming and stubborn. Bunny slices some vegetables and accidentally points a kitchen knife into Dick's direction. This calm's him down a little bit.

    "Dad, look at her! The dress fits her behind like a glove. She looks very hot."

    "Did you just say, your StepMom is hot?"

    "Dick, stop it! Don't be a pervert. You son is just complimenting me and I appreciate it."

    Things escalates pretty quickly, and Dick threatens to throw Jay out of the house. The young boy wanted to ask his dad about girls to get some advise, but his dad storms off. Bunny offers to help him.

    "Thank you, Mom, but it's just guy-talk about guy-problems."

    "I understand. But remember ... I will always be there for you."

    "I love you, Mom."

    "I love you more."

    A few days later Angela breaks off with Jay on the phone. Bunny accidentally listens to the conversation. Jay is almost crying. Bunny goes to his room to help him.

    "I don't get Angela. You are such a wonderful person. Why did she break up with you?"

    "Angela likes me fine, but there is a problem."

    "What is it?"

    "It's embarrassing."

    "You can tell me. I promise."

    "Angela told everybody in this town I am a quick shooter. I don't last long enough to make her cum. I tried, Mom, but she is so gorgeous and so insanely hot."

    "How long do you last?"

    "I didn't have a stop watch on me, but I guess it's something between 6 or 7 minutes."

    "That's not too bad. But young girls don't know their bodies, so it might take more than 10 minutes for them to achieve orgasm."

    "And dad is such an asshole lately. I can't possibly get any decent advice from him."

    "Have you been inside a girl? Besides Angela?"

    "Yes, but only a couple of strokes. I pulled out, so I wouldn't cum, but her naked body was enough."

    "So you came on her bush?"

    "She was shaved. I came so hard, the first jets of cum splashed on her face and the rest on her tits."

    Bunny feels her cunt contracting. She starts to cream in her panties.

    "You are very beautiful. How can dad last more than a couple of minutes?"

    "Your father hasn't made love to me in a long time."

    Bunny wants to help him. She suggests a french kiss. The hot MILF gives him some pointers how to be a better kisser. They practice and Jay improves.

    "Was that a 5?"

    "Baby Bear, it started with a 5, but that last kiss was a 10 out of 10. You are an awesome kisser."

    To provoke Jay his StepMom starts to dance. At first she refuses to show him her tits, but Jay's erection turns Bunny on so much, she wants to take the next step.

    "Okay. I know I said, I won't show you my tits, but you are such a good boy ... I changed my mind. Do you promise, you won't tell your father?"

    "I promise. What happens in this room stays in this room."

    Jay does not ejaculate in his pants. Bunny is proud of him.

    "Can we take the next step? Can I see your pussy, Mommy?"

    "I don't know."

    "Are you shy?"

    "No, not at all. I ... I'm ... you know ..."

    "You are ... what?"

    "I'm wet."

    "You are turned on?"

    "Yes, Baby Bear. Very much."

    "If you show me your pussy, I will lick it."

    "Oh, I would love that."

    Bunny spreads her legs and her son starts to lick her cunt. It's the most beautiful pussy Jay has ever seen. He touches his dick, but the urge to cum is too strong. He lets go. When Jay sucks on his mother's clit, she has her first orgasm of the night. When her legs stop shaking, she returns the favor. Bunny licks the shaft up and down, and then engulfs the head. Jay moans and groans.

    "Don't cum, my precious boy."

    "Do you really wanna do that, Mom?"

    "I love sucking dick. And you have the most gorgeous cock I have ever seen."

    She resumes with the best blowjob Jay had in his entire life.

    "Let's up the ante. I'll get on my back and you fuck my mouth. If you don't cum then, you'll be ready for my pussy."

    Bunny lays on her back and Jay straddles her. He inserts his huge-cock in her mouth and slowly starts fucking. His mom looks in his eyes and nods "Yes". She encourages him to go deeper. Jay feels a small pressure as his penis enters his mom's throat.

    "Oh fuck, Mom!"

    Jay withdraws his cock, but it's too late. His dick starts to twitch and ejaculate. It's a huge load. Cum splashes on his mother's forehead. The next stream of sperm hits her nose and her cheek. Bunny opens her mouth wide and a big glob of semen squirts on her tongue. Two jets of cum drench the MILF's left eye and her left cheek. Jay pushes his cock in her mouth again and his mom sucks out the rest.

    "Please take a picture with your phone, Baby Bear."


    He takes two pictures. One of her face, one of her whole body, with her legs spread. She looks at her face covered with sperm.

    "That looks hot, Baby. You came a lot and you are still hard. Lay on your back."

    Jay lays on his back. Bunny moves over him and inserts his cock into her cunt. She moves up and down slowly. At the same time, she wipes of her StepSon's sperm off her face and puts it into her mouth.

    "That feels so good, Mom."

    "You have the best cock, Jay."

    "How much do you like it?"

    "Too much, way too much."

    She sits down on his penis and rocks her hips back and forth.

    "Yes, Mom. Grind on it!"

    The fuck in various positions until Jay can't hold it any longer. He shoots his next load inside his mothers hot snatch.

    "That was soooo good, Mommy. I can't wait to do it again."

    "We can't, Baby Bear. I have to be faithful to your father."

    "But I love you so much ..."

    "I love you more."

    More pics:
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    MyBabysittersClub: Ameena Green - Greener on the Other Side

    Story and quotes: Ameena lands a fantastic babysitting gig, and when she sees how rich her client is, she?s green with envy. She knows she must go after his riches immediately. When she sees the place she calls her girlfriend. It's her first lesbian relationship and she wants to provide for her girl. Ameena makes a promise. The first money she "earns" will be spend on a shopping spree in the mall. The young girl hangs up, rings the door bell and meets Ryan for the first time. He invites her in and they start to talk.

    Ryan: "The were a lot really good reviews with you."

    Ameena: "Yes. I was a babysitter for almost everyone in the neighborhood. You have a beautiful home by the way."

    "Thank you. Then I will just say: Welcome to my beautiful home. You should feel free to visit every room, there's food in the fridge ... so ..."


    "My kids have a lot of energy. They are 5 and 7. Just make sure they do not burn down the house, no risky climbing the wall business and make sure they do their homework."

    "No problem."

    "And if the kitchen is untidy, I would invite you to clean it."

    "Of course. I cleaned for all the families I worked with."

    "I have a ton of work, so you won't see much of me, but if you need anything, just text me."

    "I will. Thank you so much."

    Ryan leaves the living room. Ameena wants to clean house and take everything she can in a few short months of work, guaranteeing her future with lavish clothes and endless chill time. But Ameena is not nearly subtle enough. She steals a credit card and a couple of hundred dollars, which Ryan won at a poker game. It was supposed for the college fund of his kids. Within maybe half an hour of her first sitting job, Ryan is on to her schemes.

    When Ryan finds out Ameena has already stolen money from the house, he threatens to call the police. However, Ameena has other ways of reaching her end goal, such as a more ?hands-on? approach, if you will. She gets right on her knees and whips out Ryan?s cock. She's going to give him the best blowjob he's ever had so that he forgets all about the money she took. Ameena knows she can get Ryan to submit one way or another, but now it's evident she'll have to use her sexual prowess to get him to bend to her will. Ryan is immediately smitten by Ameena's cock sucking skills and her cute, sweet, petite body, and her not-so-innocent charm. In the bedroom, Ameena lets Ryan fuck her as hard as he likes. She'll give up her pussy anytime if it means she can live an opulent lifestyle. Ryan hasn't fucked a hot younger chick like Ameena in a long time, and Ameena can tell Ryan loves how her pussy feels. She climbs on top, and Ryan goes all out, fucking Ameena roughly and going in as deep as he can. Ameena thrusts against his cock and rides him until she has an intense orgasm - her voice quivers as she comes to her climax. When he can't hold his load any longer, Ryan cums on Ameena's asscheeks, letting every last drop drip down to coat Ameena with a hot, sticky mess. She revels in the moment, admiring her new boss's ability to provide the dick down and thinking about all the money she's going to make from her new job.

    Ryan calls Ameena and confronts her in the dining room.

    "The credit card is missing and so is the college fund."

    "I feel really attacked right now. I think, I'll just leave and babysit for someone else."

    Ryan grabs her rucksack and all his money falls out.

    "I didn't take it. It was an accident."

    "How can money wrapped in an envelope accidentally end up in your rucksack?"

    "I promise, I didn't take it."

    "Ah, now you are lying to me. I will call the police. Maybe you can explain this accident to them."

    "No, no, no. I have other services I can offer. I will make it up to you."

    Ameena goes to her knees and puts her hand on his crotch.

    "So if I don't call the police, you'll make it up to me?"

    "Yes, I promise. I'll make it worth your while."

    Ryan opens his pants and Ameena helps him to pull them down. His hard cock almost hits her face. The young babysitter wastes no time and starts sucking.

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    PervTherapy: Father Figure Roleplay - Macy Meadows and Tommy Gunn

    Story and quotes: Macy Meadows makes her way to Perv Therapy for some much-needed guidance. Tommy Gunn has been in the field a long time and suggests roleplaying to get to the root of Macy's attraction to older men. Macy is instantly attracted to Tommy and takes the opportunity to suck his dick. But that isn't enough, and she needs Tommy to fuck her hard to be fully satisfied. The appointment goes so well that Macy can't wait to come back for another session.

    Dr. Gunn always takes things slow in his first session. There is a lot of small talk between him and his new client: Macy. Macy is very open and friendly. Macy needs help, because she falls for the wrong kind of men. Men, who take advantage of her, using her love and true feelings to get sex.

    Tommy: "You are 23. When you say older men, which age are we talking about?"

    Macy: "Twice my age, sometimes 50 or 55."

    Dr. Gunn feels a stir in his groin. He turned 56 yesterday.

    'Be professional, Tommy. You can't hookup with a client.'

    "I like them more than boys my age."


    "They are more sophisticated and smarter."

    Dr. Gunn writes that down.

    "Are you sexually active?"

    "Yes, of course."

    "But you have no boyfriend?"

    "Since the disaster with that married guy? No."

    "A disaster?"

    "My last hookup didn't tell me he was married. After the third date I followed him home. I hate liars."

    "Ok, no liars, no boyfriend. Who are you sexually active with?"

    "Older guys."

    "So you meet older men and then what?"

    "What happens next? The whole 9 yards."

    Dr. Gunn is surprised by that answer and he starts to laugh. Macy laughs, too.

    "Please, be more specific."

    She is not comfortable talking about sex and what she does in the bedroom. Tommy lets her off the hook and they talk about her feelings. Macy loves sex and she feels great, sucking dick and having a cock inside her. But after the sex the men leave and Macy feels used, lonely and sad. They continue with a Rorschach-Inkblot-Test. Dr. Gunn looks like he sees and read these cards for the first time in his life, but Macy is too polite to say anything.

    "Next I would try some role-play. I'm your father and you are coming back from school. And you have good news, you got good grades and you want to share it with me ... your daddy."

    "Oh, goody!"

    Macy gets up and pretends to enter the room again. They continue with the role-play. Macy is attracted to Dr. Gunn. When she sits down on his lap, she feels cunt-juice flowing in her panties. She feels guilty and does not know what to do. Tommy thinks she is just shy.

    "This is your role-play, Macy. What you wanna do, you are going to do. What you want to happen will happen next. I'm here for you."

    Images are flashing Macy's mind. Dr. Gunn licks her asshole and her cunt. Then she tries to deep-throat his cock and finally he fucks her young cunt from behind until she screams and has a shattering orgasm. But of course, she does not tell him that.

    The next scenario is a little bit different. Macy crashed Dr. Gunn's car. Nobody got hurt, but it's a big fender bender. Macy got into a street race.

    "And what would your father do in this situation?"

    "I think, he would pull my pants down and spank me."

    "Pull your pants down and spank you?"

    "I really think my daddy would do that."

    Dr. Gunn senses her need for physical touch. So he bends Macy over his knees and removes her jeans. Macy wears a pink thong, which is also removed by her therapist.

    'OMG! This is the most perfect ass I have ever seen.'

    Dr. Gunn spanks her ass and punishes her for ruining his car. First she laughs a lot, but then they get into the role-play. Tommy gets rock-hard.

    Suddenly Macy gets up. She looks Tommy straight in the eyes. Macy wants something, but she does not speak at first.

    "I want to be the next role-play to be on a party, where I meet this sexy, older gentleman. He is a psychiatrist and he is attracted to me."

    "And you flirted with him and talked about something sexy. And now he has a boner."

    "Like you do right now?"

    "Yes, just like me. What would you do?"

    Macy opens his pants and starts sucking his cock without saying another word.

    After one of the best blowjobs he ever had, Macy asks him, what he wants. Dr. Gunn forgets about the role-play and kisses her. It's a long, sensual kiss with eye contact and then kissing again. The whole time Macy's hand never leaves his cock.

    "Ride it!", Tommy whispers in her ear.

    Macy smiles. His dick is so huge, she cannot fit it in right away. Dr. Gunn slides down on the couch, until he is between her legs. He licks her pussy and her clit until Macy has her first orgasm of the day. Afterwards, he bends her over and inserts his cock into her cunt. He tests the waters with small strokes. But Macy feels a little pain.

    "Ok, you will sit on my. So you can control it."

    The therapist sits down on the couch and Macy straddles him. This time she has no problem putting it in. Macy loves everything about Dr. Gunn ... his face, his perfect, well-trained body, everything. She fucks him in cowgirl and forgets everything, the cameras, her life, everything.

    Tommy is 56-years-old, but this is the first time in his life, he has sexual chemistry like that. He loves to have sex with his wife, but it's different. His wife is very quiet, does not talk at all during sex. Macy says things like "I love your cock so much!" or "Yeah! Just like that!" ... It takes all his willpower not to squirt his sperm into her tight cunt right away.

    After several positions and several of Macy's orgasms, Dr. Gunn is ready to shoot his load. He fucks her doggy style and rams his cock in.

    "Can I play with your asshole?"

    "You can do whatever you want with me!"

    Macy's other hole is well lubricated thanks to her pussy-juices. Dr. Gunn puts his index finger in Macy mouth, so it gets lubricated as well. He rubs her asshole, and Macy moans. Then slowly and steadily he inserts his finger into her ass. The therapist fucks her some more. Macy loves the feeling of double penetration. Ramming her sweet little cunt, and the view of her cute little butt with his finger in her ass, is too much for Tommy.

    "I'm close! Where can I cum?"

    "Anywhere you want."

    "Your face?"

    "Yes, Doc!"

    "Will you be a good girl and swallow it all?"

    "Of course. Spitters are quitters."

    "Ok, get down and suck my cock again!"

    In a swift motion Macy kneels in front of Dr. Gunn. She takes his cock into her mouth. At first she uses no hands and Tommy watches her beautiful face, as it fucks his cock. The therapist cannot resist and grabs her head to fuck her mouth real fast now. Macy grabs his shaft with her small hand and strokes it. The first jet of sperm squirts into her mouth. The young girl releases his cock and a big gusher hits her cheek. She opens her mouth wide, so she won't miss a single drop. Two streams of cum hit her nose and her forehead. After the Doc has finished, Macy looks like she had participated in a Blow-Bang. Her face is completely covered with his semen.

    "OMG! You came so much, Doc! I'm drenched in your cum."

    Dr. Gunn's office is on the second floor. On the third floor is a gym, which is currently closed (Corona). Tommy suggests they shower together and Macy is happy to do so. The doctor licks Macy's pussy under the shower. She has her third orgasm of the day. The young girl wants to suck him off, but he declines.

    "Now I feel rejected", she says pouting.

    "My next client will arrive in 10 minutes. I have to get ready ... quickly."

    "Ok, but next week then."

    "Yes, great idea. Go to the front desk and make an appointment."


    One week later Macy comes back. Her pussy is already dripping in anticipation. She never had butt-sex. But when Dr. Gunn played with her asshole last week, she couldn't resist playing with "her other hole" at home. Macy rubbed it and tried to put one finger in, but it felt so much better, when the Doc did it. Macy is very nervous, but determined to ask Dr. Gunn, if he can help her with anal. It will be the first time trying to put a cock in her ass.

    Macy wants to experience all of her sexual fantasies with Dr. Gunn. It all started when her boyfriend wanted to try anal. He did not want to lick her ass or use butt-plugs on her. He just wanted to shove it in, but Macy was too scared it might hurt.

    When she first asked her Dr. Gunn, he freaked out, stood up and ranted all about "ethics", "moral" and other stuff like that. He only fucks his wife in the ass. Fucking a client is tricky enough, but in her ass?
    Macy waited patiently until Tommy calmed down. She asked him again. Finally, he agreed. It was the best decision of her life (and his too). He gently licked and played with her asshole for a long time. He inserted one finger while licking her cunt. After her third orgasm, Macy needed a break. She got down to her knees and sucked his cock until he came in her mouth. Dr. Gunn did not fuck her ass that day, but she admired his restraint and the slow pace he took for her anal approach. Her Ex would have rammed his cock in her asshole as soon as he got the chance. Dr. Gunn wanted her to feel good. He wanted her to enjoy her first anal. That's why she was so determined to try it with him. Macy even would endure the initial pain for him. He was such a good man.

    Today is the next session. Dr. Gunn licks her butt again. She loves that. It feels so good when he penetrates her asshole with his tongue. When she feels stretched enough, they start to use butt-plugs on her. The first size is no challenge: In and out, no problem. Medium is a little bit harder, but with enough spit, it goes in. For the large plug, they decide to use "a sh*t ton" of lube. It takes a long time of probing and trying to get it in. Macy feels so stretched out. Dr. Gunn licks her cunt and her clit, but she can't cum. The pressure from the butt-plug is too much.
    But she is determined to get his big-cock in her ass, so they remove the butt-plug and insert his penis instead. Tommy is very gentle, and he moves very slowly. Inch by inch, his huge fat dick penetrates her tiny little asshole. It hurts a little bit, but it is good pain. Macy loves it. It was the right decision to try anal with the doctor.

    "Are you ok, baby?"

    "I'm just concentrating on breathing. Your cock is sooooo fucking huge."

    In her ass his dick feels twice the size. Finally she gets accustomed to it and Tommy can move a little back and forth.

    'She looks so hot with my cock up her ass. What a perfect ass she has.'

    After a few minutes it feels better, but then Dr. Gunn shoves it in too deep. Macy winces in pain. Tommy withdraws his penis and apologizes.

    Macy puts a finger on her asshole and rubs it. No pain.

    "Try again! Stick it in my ass again!"

    Tommy puts his huge-cock in her ass again. Very slowly, very gently.

    "You can go faster."

    The doctor slowly moves it in all the way. Then he picks up the pace. Macy wants Dr. Gunn to fuck her ass real hard so he can cum. She wants for him to be the first man cumming inside her young, 23-year-old asshole. Dr. Gunn is now pistoning in and out, fucking her in the ass, but finally the pain is too much. Macy guides his dick in her pussy and Tommy comes inside her vagina.

    "I am so so glad, I did not try any of that with my last boyfriend. He would've just fucked my asshole no matter what. But you were gentle and you took care of me. I liked it soooo much, Doc!"

    "And I loved it!"


    "Yes, Macy. Really."

    They made two appointments for next week and fucked every time, but waited with anal. This way Macy had more time to practice with the butt-plugs. Dr. Gunn told Macy he would have a special surprise at the weekend. They went to a fancy restaurant and then to his workplace. The office building was deserted, which Macy liked a lot.

    'So I can moan and be as loud as I want to.'

    This time he just used his tongue and his fingers, to warm her up. After that his dick went in like it was nothing. It was slow sex, but anal slow sex.

    They started in miss (missionary). After a little slow ass-fucking, Dr. Gunn inserted his cock into her asshole from behind. She rubbed her clit and had her first little orgasm. It was so new, but so good with a cock in her ass. At one point Tommy couldn't hold it any longer and he shot his load into her butt.

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    Deeper: Lulu Chu - Cop Shop

    "Dispatch, we have an officer bound..." A police suspect can't say what she's in for with innocent bystanders present, but if a rookie cop cuts her a break they can rack up more indecency charges at her direction.

    Lulu is stripper and prostitute by choice. When she is in need of an orgasm, she walks up to an attractive man on the streets and says: "If you give me 100 $ you can fuck me. 50 % discount, if you'll make me cum."
    That works more often then not. Today she got arrested. She is bored waiting.

    'This young police officer is really hot and he is looking in my direction an awful lot. Maybe I'll get him to talk to me, if I show off my pussy.'

    So Lulu spreads her legs. The young hooker wears a see-thru pantyhose. Officer Parker Ambrose gets a glimpse of her bush and her cunt-lips, while Lulu bends forward.


    The power is on her side. It's like a lion chasing a rabbit. She leans back and keeps her legs spread. Parker gets real nervous, but he cannot look away. Lulu is just too hot and so is her cunt. The young cop tries to focus on his paper, the Los Angeles Times. Lulu is a little bit frustrated. Showing off her twat and her inner-labia wasn't enough. She walks towards Parker.

    Lulu: "Did you get a good look?"

    Parker: "What?"

    "I think you liked it. I bet you are curious what I'm here for. But I can't talk to you without a lawyer. But I could show you."

    "I'm not sure what you are talking about ..."

    "Do you wanna fuck me? I mean your looks were pretty greedy ..."

    "My looks, Ma'am? Where did I look?"

    "You looked at my cunt, so I repeat my question: Do you want to fuck me?"

    Parker nods and in no time he is cuffed to a shelf in a storage room. They fuck in various positions. Every time Parker is about to cum, Lulu gets off his penis and starts sucking it.

    "Mr. Cop, you have the best dick. And I want to try something naughty with it."

    "What do you have in mind?"

    "Do you wanna fuck my ass?"

    "Hell, yeah!"

    Lulu positions herself over his cock in reverse-cowgirl. Since she didn't wear a plug, it takes a little time, but finally it goes in.

    "Oh my god! You are such a good boy."

    "Do you like it?"

    "YES! Very much! You fat cock stretches out my little asshole. It feels so good."
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    FamilySexMassage: River Lynn and Clarke Kent in "Family Practice"

    Story and quotes: Clarke Kent is relaxing at his home when he hears his stepdaughter River Lynn call to him from the living room. Oh dear... what does she want NOW? Clarke sighs and makes his way over, only to be stunned when he notices a large, inflatable massage mattress in the middle of the floor. What's all THIS about?

    River explains that she's been taking massage lessons to boost her sports medicine degree, and she's got some new and exciting techniques she wants to test out on Clarke. Specifically, she'd like to give Clarke a NURU massage... something she's certain he'll enjoy very much.

    Clarke's a little bit hesitant about the idea, especially since it seems like something inappropriate for a stepdad to do with his stepdaughter. But River is persistent, so Clarke eventually relents, taking off his clothes and lying down on the mattress. As the massage gets underway, however, Clarke is soon swept away by forbidden pleasures, much to the glee of his naughty stepdaughter ...

    River: "Daddy? Can you come here real quick?"

    Clarke: "Of course, my dear."

    The fit StepDad comes into a room and sees a large mattress.

    "What's this all about?"

    "Are you ready for a massage?"

    "Um ... No."

    "Oh, come on. StepFather's are supposed to be helpful. I want to give you a massage. I have some new techniques I wanna try."

    "I don't think your mother would appreciate her daughter experimenting on her husband."

    "Look, I told you I took massage lessons to bolster [unterst?tzen, bolster the roof] my sports-medicine-degree. I really have to get some sessions in."

    "You are the most beautiful girl on the planet. Shouldn't you have some male colleagues for this? I bet there would be a line outside our house if you asked."

    "Oh, I'm beautiful? Do you mean that?"

    "You are fully aware, that you are gorgeous."

    "Tell that to my Ex. He left me because I gained 10 [4,5kg] pounds."

    "He is an idiot. Back to the massage ..."

    "All the guys in my dorm said I'm really good at it. And you went to Bangkok, I bet you know exactly what a >happy ending< looks like."

    Clarke's eyes widen. He opens his mouth, but nothing comes to mind.

    "Um ... ehm ... I ..."


    "Fine! I'm gonna help you but PLEASE ... don't tell your mother."

    "Good. Get naked and I can start the massage."

    Clarke unbuttons his shirt.

    "I will keep my underwear on. Could you please leave the room?"

    "Oh, come on. Get naked and put a towel on your butt."

    River leaves the room to wash her hands and give her dad some privacy. Clarke is not feeling comfortable being naked, but he uses two towels to cover his butt and his lower back.

    "Ok, I'm ready," he shouts.

    River comes in with a bowl of Nuru-Massage-Gel. She strips naked. Since Clarke is a little bit nervous, he turns around with his head. He sees River's bush and her tits.

    "What are you doing?"

    "It's Nuru. What did you expect?"

    "Put your clothes on, young lady!"

    River ignores him, grabs his towel, and throws it away. She slaps her StepDad on his firm ass.

    "Oh ... my"

    The young girl straddles her dad and he can feel her pubic hair on his bare butt. Clarke gets an erection. He is ashamed of himself. He will leave as soon as his penis is not hard anymore. But River pours the gel of his and her body. She rubs his ass with her pussy. The feeling is incredible. In addition Clarke can see her naked body in the mirror. Her young teenage-cunt looks good enough to eat.

    ?I should close my eyes, otherwise my erection won't go away.?

    But his StepDaughter is way too beautiful. Clarke can't take his eyes of her. His erection starts to hurt, but he does not dare to touch his penis, because River would notice it.

    "River?! I think I can feel your breasts on my back ..."

    "It's Nuru, Daddy. Just enjoy it."

    "Okay, okay. But don't tell your mother about it. She would kill me, if she knew."

    Clarke closes his eyes. He is still embarrassed about his hard penis, but River does not seem to notice it.

    "Roll over."


    "Roll over, Daddy, so I can massage your chest."

    River felt her daddy's tension. Now she knows why. She sees his hard penis.

    ?That's why he is so uneasy. He is embarrassed, that he is so turned on.?

    "Oh, look at him. Looks like my Nuru-Skills are working. Somebody is feeling it."

    "That is an accident. That was not supposed to happen."

    River grabs his penis and puts gel on it. She strokes it up and down.

    "I'm just teasing you. It's actually good that it happened, so I can work on my techniques."

    "This will actually help with your homework?"

    "Yes, of course."

    "Okay. Carry on."

    River massages his penis with two hands. Clarke looks at it skeptically, but it feels very good.

    "A little slower, please."

    "Am I hurting you?"

    "No, but if you keep it up, I will cum."

    "Oh. No problem. You cum anytime you want."

    "I don't think that would be appropriate."

    'I'm gonna make you cum, Daddy. You don't stand a chance.'

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    NetVideoGirls: Rhae in "Building My Social Media Presence"

    Rhae is 1,70 (5 feet 7 inches), a beautiful ebony girl with dark, long hair and hazel eyes. She talked to Mike, but he cannot attend her audition today. Tyler (the male talent) fills in for him. Rhea shows her ID and takes a seat on the couch. Her first goal with this audition is to build her social media presence. Her second goal is to open a dispensary for weed. She loves weed.

    The hot ebony is on her knees looking up to the camera. Tyler takes her hand and places it on his pants. Rhae can feel the outline of his hard cock. She is turned on and shy at the same time. The young girl doesn't know if she's allowed to touch his cock, so she takes her hand away. Rhae is unsure of herself.

    Rhae: "Do you want me to touch it a little?"

    Tyler: "Yes."

    The horny woman slides over it with her index finger. Then she grabs it completely. But her mind takes over again, she loves nervously and looks up to Tyler.

    "What do you think about this situation?"

    "Well, it seems very exciting. I mean, I definitely wouldn't mind to ..."

    Tyler retakes her hand and puts it on his cock. Rhae loses her train of thought. She massages his penis through his pants.

    "Can we take these off?" Rhae asks.

    Tyler nods. The young ebony girl pulls down his pants and his hard dick almost hits her face. Rhae grabs and looks at it.

    "Can I?"

    Tyler nods again and Rhae starts to suck his cock.

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    MissaX: Maya Woulfe - Playing The Part

    Maya sits on her bed holding a piece of paper. She has an audition tomorrow, and she goes through her text one last time. Her StepDad Brad comes into the room. They chat a little about her upcoming audition. Brad is dubious, however, about men in the industry who he thinks might try to take advantage of her, the old problem with an actress on the casting couch.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	km8dxf8oyg49.jpg 
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ID:	243

    Brad knocks on his StepDaughter's bedroom door. They talk about her day and other stuff. Maya's StepDad is "touchy-touchy", but she likes that about him. Even though he started it, she sometimes returns the favor by holding his hand.

    Brad: "Your mom is very fond of your acting skills."

    Maya: "She is my mother, she has to say good things."

    "The woman I married is not a person who blows smoke up someone's ass."

    "You're right. She is not."

    "You will be the prettiest there for sure."

    "Stop it."

    "It is wrong to compliment my beautiful, talented StepDaughter?"

    "I guess not."

    "I'm glad you didn't move out yet. I like having you around."

    "You treat me better than any boyfriend my mom had before. You are stuck with me for life."

    "That's a great life sentence."

    They laugh, chat a little more and then go to bed.

    The next day Maya comes home from her audtion. She got the part. They hug. She lets go of her StepDad, still holding his hand. Brad notices her hard nipples poking thru the fabric of her white top.

    ?It's wrong, but I am attracted to my StepDaughter.?

    Maya got the lead part. Since its her first big role the director wants to do some "Privates" as he calls it. Brad is concerned this could be some kind of trick to get in her pants.

    "I can take care of myself, Daddy."

    Maya doesn't want to lie to her dad, but she doesn't know how to tell the truth either. If the director wants to sleep with her ... well ... she is not against it. At least, she is not disturbed by that idea. The director is not handsome, but he's not ugly either. And he's talented and smart.

    "So when do the rehearsals start?", Brad asks.

    "Well, next week, but I'm going to do some one on ones with the director before we start", she notes.

    "What's that?"

    "Well, because it's my first big show and I'm the lead - the director wants to do some privates before we join the rest of the group", Maya explains.

    "And you feel safe doing that?"

    "Of course, why wouldn't I?"

    "Well, like I was saying yesterday, some men might take advantage of a beautiful young lady like you", he asserts.

    "Do you think he'd try anything?", she asks.

    "Maybe, maybe not".

    "I don't know what I'd do if he did."

    "Are you attracted to him?" Brad asks.

    "I mean, he's not very good looking, but he's charming and smart. I just, I want him to like me", she says. "I like a man who can take charge. Boys my age don't really know what they're doing."

    "Is this how you act in your auditions?", he inquires.

    Lisa laughs and says: "No, hardly".

    "That's too bad."

    "To be honest, I'm usually pretty nervous when I go to my auditions. I can hardly speak", she claims.

    "Well, you had me fooled", he responds.

    "I'm a great actress", she says playfully.

    "You're not trying to get me in trouble?", he wonders.

    "No, of course not. I'm just reacting. Acting is reacting", Maya says.

    "Reacting to what?"

    "Your paternal wiles." [wiles = List]

    "My paternal wiles?"


    "Oh, vibes."

    "That is what they are, aren't they?", she asks.

    "Yeah, sure, something like that", he states.

    "I was just reacting to your reacting," Brad says.

    "My daughterly affection?"

    "Precisely", he concludes.

    "Innocent, fawning affections", she teases.

    "Is that what they were?"

    "Very innocent", she claims.

    "I seem to remember you moaned", he says.

    "The moment you told me to moan", she counters.

    "I see, well, the moment tells me to go get some privacy", he says, getting up from the couch.

    "Where are you going?", Lisa asks.

    Sitting down again he asks: "Have you played 'Yes and'?"

    "Yeah, we do that in improv."

    "How's your improv?", he inquires.

    "Pretty good."

    "Why don't you follow me to your bedroom?", he asks, taking her hand.

    "Yes, and...", she begins.

    "You'll see", he leads her away from the couch.

    Arriving in the bedroom he says: "Here, sit".

    They sit down on the bed.

    "Stay still", he orders.

    "I don't know what's going on", she says shyly.

    "Just go with the flow. You remember - 'Yes and', right?".

    Lisa says: "I'm pretty sure, in 'Yes and', I get to decide we're having sex."

    "Are you sure about that?"

    "Yes and, I want you to close the door", she maintains.

    "Okay", he says, getting up and closing the bedroom door.

    "So tell me about this new role of yours", he asks.

    "Well, she's a witch".

    "A witch?".

    "A beautiful witch who's madly in love, with a man she shouldn't be", Lisa says.

    "Very interesting", he ponders.

    "The man knows it's wrong, but when he lays eyes on her, he needs her. He can't control himself around her -she's cast a love spell," she explains.

    "He can't eat or sleep. All he wants is her body", Lisa says.

    "She must be very powerful", her StepDad says.

    "That's her big secret - she's actually very fragile. She's never been in love before, so afraid of losing him, so she casts a spell. She's afraid of a broken heart. She's afraid, very afraid of being rejected by him", she says.

    "How could he reject someone so beautiful?", he asks.

    "He knows better, he knows it's a huge risk".

    "Does he do it anyway?"

    "He does".

    Stepdaddy leans over and kisses her.

    "Does it have a happy ending?"

    Lisa shakes her head No, saying: "It's a tragedy".

    "So her fears come true?"

    "He warns her that he can't be with her, but she doesn't care."

    "But he can be with her. He loves her. He finds her attractive and he just learns about his feelings and his sexual attraction for her ..."

    "Sexual attraction?"

    "Yes." Brad says. "What does she tell him?"

    "She can't help herself, she needs him. She begs him to love her forever."

    "And does he promise he will?", he asks.

    "He does, but he breaks his promise", she notes.

    "I won't break my promise", StepDaddy proclaims.

    "How do I know?", Maya asks.

    "You don't."

    "I'm afraid", she pleads.

    "Don't be afraid. I'll take care of you", Brad promises.

    "Don't make promises you can't keep", she counters.

    "Well, what happened to the man she loves?", he goes back to her story.

    "You don't want to know", she says wryly.

    Brad leans over and kisses her again. Maya spreads her legs slightly and Brad moves a hand towards her pussy. Her panties are soaked. Brad is thrilled that she is wet for him.

    "You are such a good kisser."

    "Thank you", she says.

    Brad kisses her neck and then starts to kiss her whole body.

    "You are so sexy."

    "You're pretty sexy yourself. And I've been thinking about this for a long time."


    Maya nods. "Yes."

    "That really turns me on."

    "Good", Maya smiles.

    "That feels really good."

    "You like the way I stroke your cock?"

    "Yes. Very much."

    After some gratification for each other, Maya spreads her legs wide. Brad instantly rubs her pussy with his whole hand. Both get off kissing each other. Their foreplay involes a lot of touching and kissing. It takes a long time for them to get naked. Both enjoy touching and kissing too much to rush things. After about 20 minutes of foreplay, Maya is so horny, she could cum if she would touch her clit just once. But she doesn't dare to do it. She wants Brad's penis inside her and pound her to orgasm. Her hand always finds his cock again. It's like a magnet. When Brad is down to his undies, Maya kisses his cock.

    "I like when you tease me."



    "That's good because I like teasing you."

    Brad removes his boxers, because Maya asked so nicely. After 25 minutes of foreplay, Brad is rock hard, and his daughter's hands are finally all over his dick. She spits on it twice, because she wants to give him an excellent handjob. Maya looks at her father's penis. It's impressive, amazing and very beautiful. The young girl licks his shaft with her skilled tongue and takes the head in her mouth. Maya tries to deep-throat her StepDad's monster cock, but she gags almost immediately.

    "It's so big."

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    DaughterSwap: Violet Gems, Violet Ray - Keep On Truckin' Keep On Fuckin'

    Violet and Violet miss their StepDaddies with a burning passion. It's been a while since they've seen them, given their stepdads are always on the road, truckin' and living the American dream. When the Violets get to see their stepdads, they set up an outdoor picnic. Juan and Nicky are exhausted but just as excited to see their stepdaughters. As the picnic unfolds, Nicky gets a clear view up his stepdaughter's skirt and admires her panties.
    Nicky picked up a female hitchhiker once, who gave him the best blowjob he ever had. He had to stop the truck because it was so good. The young girl licked the shaft of his penis with her tongue when Nicky came. Jets and globs of sperm hit the girl's face. She instantly took his penis back in her mouth and swallowed the rest. Nicky returned the favor by eating her out.
    But neither Nicky nor Juan fucked a lot on the road, so they're feeling extra horny. They miss getting pussy, and their stepdaughters are incredibly hot. After working on many long hauls, Juan and Nicky's bodies are stiff and tense. The girls offer their StepDad's massages to ease some of the tension. This massage ends up turning on the guys even more, and now they're both hot for their StepDaughters. The crew moves inside, where Juan and Nicky offer to massage the girls as a return favor. Neither Violet is sure about getting a massage from their own stepdad, so Juan and Nicky propose a swap. It's still a little weird for both Violets, having their bodies rubbed and caressed by each other's stepdad. But it feels nice - especially when they get to rubbing their tits. The girls know it's a bit inappropriate and certainly something they'd never be able to tell anyone. But it was also sort of exciting, doing something so taboo. Things get even more intense when Juan and Nicky stand up and pull their cocks out. Each Violet is shocked, unsure of what to do. Still, they're extremely turned on by the situation. They'd never thought about blowing their stepdads, but now, with their cocks in their face, the idea seems all too enticing. So Violet and Violet start giving head to Juan and Nicky. It's a sensation beyond translation, and getting their dicks sucked by hot young chicks who happen to be each other's stepdaughters only adds to the excitement. Things quickly escalate, and the Violets soon find themselves getting fucked hard. Both girls love getting railed but think it would be even more fun to get fucked by their stepdad, so they switch. The sex is even more taboo now, and it's enough to make Juan and Nicky want to cum right away. But they withstand the urge and fuck harder until they can't hold their loads any longer. The men bust massive loads on their stepdaughter's faces. The girls then swap cum and kiss one another passionately.

    After a warm welcome, the Violets get the strange feeling, they might have forgotten something for the picnic. It hits them, when Juan asks for something to drink. Both girls get up, to get some water. Juan and Nicky start to talk about their loneliness on the road.

    Nicky: "I feel like I've had blue balls for years."

    Juan: "I mean, come on, bro, seriously, you've never fantasized about sleeping with your daughter?"

    "I mean, looking at her now, she's just like her mother. Well, if I wouldn't, that would imply I'm not attracted to my wife."

    "I like how you think. That's a good idea. Awesome point."

    "Looking at both of them now, it's like, oof."

    "We got two little baddies."

    [Baddie = A baddie is a girl who is super attractive/gorgeous. She slays (to do something or perform exceptionally well or impressively) whether she wears a tight dress or sweatpants. She has curves in all the right places. A young woman who is highly confident and can hold her own. A baddie remains confident and beautiful whether in makeup, barefaced, tight clothes, or even in sweatpants.]

    "Yes, we do."

    In the meantime, the Violets are in the kitchen.

    "What I always wanted to ask you: Where does your nickname >Gemsy< come from?"

    "It goes back to my childhood when I was a baby. My mom called me that because I had a fascination for stones. She had to keep me from putting every stone in my mouth."

    "Doesn't your mom collect precious stones?"

    "Yes, she does. So it was a full-time job. God forbid I would swallow such a huge thing."

    "I wouldn't mind swallowing right now."


    "It was a joke. Calm down."

    "You wouldn't want to suck your dad's cock or swallow his spunk, right?"

    "Let's change the subject."

    "Okay. Why did your Ex leave you?" Gemsy asks.

    "He likes his freedom, and I'm jealous. I'm working on it, but he flirted with other girls."

    "Looking is okay, flirting is not. My two cents."

    "If he greedily looks at some girl's boobs, it hurts me as well."

    "I'm not the jealous type, but I would feel disrespected if my BF would do such a thing."

    The girls grab the water and leave the house. Back outside, both men are still talking about their daughters.

    "And their legs, their tits, and especially their faces ... beautiful, like angels."

    "I hear you, man, I hear you."

    "I'm just saying, would it be so wrong to wanna fuck my daughter?"

    "I'm not gonna lie. I fantasize about it. Especially when I saw Violet naked."

    "You saw your daughter naked? When?"

    "About 9 or 10 weeks ago. Violet left the bathroom door wide open. And there is a mirror in my bedroom. With the right angle, you can see the shower perfectly."


    "She has a tattoo on her left leg ... covering a small part of her ass, too."

    "I've never seen a tattoo on her before."

    "You only can see it if she's butt-naked."

    "Ah, I see. And the rest?"

    "A firm ass and big, beautiful tits."

    Nicky hears footsteps approaching.

    "Oh, we need to stop. Our daughters are coming back."

    Juan dwells in his memory, and Nicky tries to imagine what Violet looks like naked. Both men are extremely horny right now.

    Both girls like their daddy's stories. Nicky always has something to tell.

    "Alright, well, on Route 69, if you drive down it just the right time at night, there's a hitchhiker on the side of the road."

    "Where are you going with this?" His daughter asks.

    "Oh, the one that gives you the blowjob?" Juan wants to know.

    "I don't want to hear that." Juan's daughter interjects.

    "Not that one, no."

    Violet turns to her daddy. "What do you know about hitchhikers and blowjobs? Do you know that girl?"

    "Not that it's any of your business, but YES, I know her. She sucks some mean dick."


    "You asked me."

    Violet Ray is upset. She doesn't know if it's a problem with her dad's infidelity or the fact that she is NOT allowed to suck her dad's cock. Leaving the bathroom door open wasn't an accident. Violet did it on purpose. She wanted to find out if her dad would look. He did, and he masturbated looking at her. This was the thrill of a lifetime. And when he shot his huge load into the air, Violet's cunt was contracting without even touching it. Jets of sperm were flying through the air, and Violet desperately wished it would splash all over her face.

    "Does mom know about your encounter with the BJ-girl, Dad?" Nicky's daughter asks.

    "Don't think about it, Honey. Could you grab me a bottle of water?"


    Gemsy bends forward, and her skirt is too short to cover her whole ass. Her blue panties barely cover her pussy, and her asshole is even more visible.

    A jolt of jealousy hits Violet. She sees the greedy look on her dad's face, so he punches her StepDad.

    "Why are you looking?"

    "I mean, it's fine. What's the problem?"

    "Don't look."

    Nicky is rubbing his neck. Gemsy sees her dad is in pain. The girls offer their StepDad's massages to ease some of the tension. This massage ends up turning on the guys even more, and now they're both hot for their StepDaughters. The crew moves inside, where Juan and Nicky offer to massage the girls as a return favor. Neither Violet is sure about getting a massage from their own stepdad, so Juan and Nicky propose a swap.

    The bras are in the way, so both men remove them. The Violets do not protest, which indicates they are willing. In no time, the dad's hands are all over their daughter's tits.

    "Isn't that a good massage? How are you doing, Sweetie?"

    "Yeah. It feels good." Gemsy answers.

    "No boy ever massaged my tits before," Violet adds.

    Nicky exposes Violet's breasts so his hands have more freedom. Juan cannot contain himself he has to comment on his daughter's big, juicy tits.

    "Oh my God, wow, your tits are huge."

    "Dad, don't look at my tits, it's weird."

    "But they're bigger than your mom's".

    "I don't care. You got inside Gemsy's dress and have a great pair in front of you, look at them."

    "Let's see them actually, yeah."

    Juan is eager to see Gemsy's tits. He pulls her dress down and takes a good look.

    "Good idea. Taking a look at the merchandise," Nicky says.

    Gemsy is puzzled by her dad's words.

    ?Why would my dad want to see my tits?"

    But since she feels a tingle inside her cunny from being watched by her StepFather, she doesn't protest.

    At some point during the breast massage, Juan plays with Gemsy's pierced nipples. He pinches them gently. Nick's daughter moans softly. Violet opens her mouth in shock, but Gemsy doesn't care. She starts touching herself in front of her best friend.

    "Your dad's kinda getting me a little wet," Gemsy whispers to Violet.

    "Do you think it's time," Nicky asks.

    "It's time."

    Both girls look puzzled when their dads stand up, and even more so with what happens next: Both men open their pants and pull their cocks out, which are already semi-hard.

    "What are you doing?" Violet wants to know.

    "It's time to give us a massage now."


    Violet is so horny, she would do anything right now. But she is not sure if sucking Nicky's dick is the right thing to do.

    "Oh, Daddy! Are you sure it's okay?"

    "Yeah, it's okay, Sweetie."

    Nicky's daughter turns around to him.

    "You don't mind?"

    "Of course, I don't mind. We're already here. Let's have some fun."

    Violet strokes Nicky's cock. She looks up to him.

    "Time for a massage with your mouth."

    With these words, Nicky shoves his penis into Violet's open hatch. Juan does the same. Both girls feel weird at first, but after a few seconds, they love sucking their dad's cocks.

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